What to do to place bet like a pro?


Want to become a speculator, then one must start with soccer. More than 150 soccer leagues from all over the world, there won’t be any shortage of opportunities to start with. Exceptional odds are made available on the day to day basis in football games. With the best football prediction sites in the world, the chances of betting are increased. Before betting one must acquire some skills that can help to predict accurately.

A premier league is a sporting event that brings all the soccer lovers and high-end betting experts together to bet on big sports stars and world-renowned clubs. This makes this event a world-class betting market and best football prediction sites in the world give it widest of coverage. This event provides one with numerous options and markets to choose from. There are many soccer betting odds and one can place bets 24X7 when the league is in full swing. There are teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, and Spanish La Liga which has numerous fixtures on almost all weekends through the course of the season. This league action allows one to bet to their heart’s content. Many people bet on their favorite team or player whereas some peculate the victory and place their bets.


How to predict and place bets


One can place bets by assessing the team’s potential and performance. In soccer, one can consider the following while predicting:

  • Possession
  • Shots on target
  • Location of shots on goal
  • Shots on goal
  • Goal differential

Many best football prediction sites in the world make these data available to its users and provide them with data to help them accurately assess the performance. The data available can also make an accurate assessment of Goal expectancy or the number of goals scored by the team or Poisson Distribution which means the probability of the match. Variables can also be obtained using accumulator calculator. This may give one the information regarding any bet one wants to place. The variables fed to the tab must be correct otherwise it would not produce accurate results.

Data sample size

As randomness plays a crucial role in soccer, that makes predicting scores and developing goal expectancy ratings an important task. In this reference, data made available can be very beneficial to the speculator, but one can never be sure about the size of the data that will help him to make the perfect bet.

  • The more information and statistic one has access to the probability to make accurate decision increases.
  • The data sample can help one to understand the team’s potential in future matches.
  • With the help of the data sample, one can tally the goals scored by the team in past 15 – 20 years, the goal difference between two teams or goal ratio shot over past 10 matches.
  • Another feature of the size of the data sample is considering the value of each match.


Collecting data

Best football prediction sites in the world are offering data on soccer games to their users to attract customers. Some do that for free whereas others charge an affordable price. The Internet has made it all possible and one can use a software known as web scraping to find the data from various websites that can be mine of information. Websites are publishing the advanced football information but charge high subscription fees and those resources are not to be scraped from their sites. The scrapping can be very time consuming and some sites are lenient towards the scrappers.

Technical skills

Technical skills are very much required in a speculator as that determines the extent of accuracy of the prediction. Technically capable speculator won’t waste time in manually updating the spreadsheets but would automatically update the data using a feed and the odds. For collecting data and stats one must have basic knowledge of the computer if not high-level programming. The proficient person can carefully use web scrapping software to get the up to date data of the soccer that can make the speculator bet on maximum value bets. Data manipulation skills and match prediction can help one to become a profitable soccer speculator. The intuitive concept is, however, is easy to grasp but only for those who apply technical skills while placing the bet.


Expert tipster

Many may be new to the world of betting. Best football prediction sites in the world provide their users with expert advice from the tipster. This can help one gain basic knowledge about placing bets without getting into the intricacies of the game. Many fans from all over the world place their bets just on the haunch. This may not be always correct, and this leads to increased risk factors. Advice from a tipster who is expert in the field of betting can help one with one or two bets just for the sake of fun. The tipster makes it easy for one to decide the bet based on his knowledge about the situation. This increases the chances of winning a bet.

Apart from these there are many aspects that one may have to inculcate to become a professional bettor. To make the game of betting profitable one should work hard to reduce the risk involved in betting. There are various markets where anyone can place their bets and selections. It is easy for professionals to make successful bets on these markets whereas only few are for amateurs. The most basic betting market being Winner (1X2FT) is where even an amateur can place bet with knowledge about the game. This market allows one to place their bets on winning, losing of the team or match ending in a draw.

If one has interest in betting, then they can start with the Winner (1X2FT) betting market then move on to other complicated ones. There are numerous opportunities for speculators and fans of soccer by the best football prediction sites in the world. One must grab those opportunities with the game that can make it worthwhile for the bettor.