Guide to betting market in soccer

Guide to betting market in soccer

Soccer prediction has become quite a game. Many people from across the world place their bets on various betting companies online. Being one of the popular sport many people place their bets on matches or the player. England’s Premier League attracts many fans and speculators from Worldwide as it is one of the best football betting markets. One can place their bets with best bookmakers that provide opportunities and offers, free bets, etc.


Plan and strategize

Soccer betting requires extensive strategy and planning. Favoritism does not fetch prize here. People often on their favorite team or players but one must always check with the statistics for insight in the game. Many betting markets provide calculators to check the soccer prediction. From top scorers to league position graph is included in the stats and more stats one has the better chances of winning the bet. Betting is all about predictability and probability so, one must have a thorough understanding of the details of the soccer. Even though there are risks involved but it could be reduced by being informed about the game.

Guide to Soccer betting markets

Being one of the popular sport in the world it has a lot of fan following. So, it’s not much of surprise to have millions of people betting on the game in the time of league. Let’s look at the guide to prominent markets in the game of betting.

  • Double chance

Double chance is a betting market that offers its customer to win the bet in two ways. This market allows one to bet on a teams’ chances of winning or concluding a match on a draw. As long as the team in the question does not lose the speculator stands the chance of winning the bet. The odds seem very tempting when the team is strong. Like for instance, Chelsea playing against small club can one win the bet.

  • Winner (1×2 FT)

This the basic betting market for soccer. If one is planning to bet on 1×2 FT market, then that would involve in soccer prediction on a team winning or the game concluding on a draw. Here, 1 denotes home team whereas 2 is for away side and X represents draw. Being the simplest market of all, it attracts a lot of bettors from all over the World.

  • Draw no bet

Draw no bet is very similar to double chance. Here, the bettor places the odds on a team to win, if the team wins he would win if the team loses then the bettor loses. If the match ends in a draw, then the full stake is refunded to the speculator. That means neither the bettor loses nor he wins.

  • Handicap betting market

For countering the perceived partiality towards the abilities and for providing appealing and balanced odds bookmakers offer handicap betting. In soccer prediction, this market allows speculator to level playing-field considering the difference in identified strength of the team by applying goal handicap to each side whether it is negative or positive. It is applied to the real outcome of the game to grade the bet. The three types of handicap bets are:

  • Level handicap

This handicap bet is placed when there are no recognized differences in between the abilities of the two teams A and B and they have to start with 0 goals.

  • Single handicap

This type of handicap occurs when there is a recognized difference between the abilities of the two team A and B.

  • Split handicap

This handicap bet appears when abilities of the two teams do not differ by much. This allows one to split the stake into two handicaps. This kind of betting is very common in goal-based sports and is often known as Asian betting or line betting. A most renowned form of handicap betting is handicap league betting where one can place a bet through the course of the season on a teams’ performance.

  • Goals Over / Under

This betting market allows one to bet on the goals or points of a match being below or above the number mentioned. The standard goals are 2.5, for any soccer predictions. So, if someone has bet on ‘over’ then the team must score three to win the bet.

  • Soccer point spread betting

It is very similar to handicap betting and goals under/over, but this concept of betting has been taken from the stock market. In this type of market, one can bet on whether a team will lose or win by certain goals. It is gaining popularity in the world of soccer prediction as it allows one to equalize in between uneven teams and for the people to bet on the weaker party.

  • Sure bets

There are this ‘Sure bets’ which is due to the rate gap that arises in betting markets as differences in opinions of the bookmaker on the outcome of the event or the errors. This bet is made by placing a bet on one result with separate betting sites, this way the speculator makes profit irrespective of the result. Also known as arbitrage bets this concept has been taken from the stock market.

Wrapping it up

Matched betting is another form of betting in soccer prediction that can make you win big. Probability and predictability, when mixed, can come up with vibrant results. Same is with the soccer prediction sites. They do not just help you make the right bet but also help you in making huge profits from betting. Soccer being a popular sport has gained a lot of fans. The game also has many speculators from all over the world placing their bets on the game loved and appreciated most. The market must be understood properly, and one must know the odds to reduce the risk considerably. Some people bet for fun whereas others bet for generating income. One can make a lot of profits but with it comes a lot of risks. Lets’ start betting!