Soccer prediction – basics you need to know before taking the plunge

Online soccer betting has more advantages than its obsolete counterpart, mainly because of online bookmakers offering legitimate and juice-free wager offers. Also, you can research your games better and stay on top of the latest odds always. Unfortunately, the legitimate websites and tipsters, as well as the betting aficionados, often suffer, not only at the hands of scams and frauds but also because of lack of strong basics.


How to use soccer prediction to your advantage?

Today soccer predictions simply perk up your chances of a successful bet. They are never hundred percent precise, but most of the famous websites generally employ one of the two methods for predicting: general difference in the form of the teams and advanced statistical methods.

  • The first method involves a rigorous and thorough scrutiny of the composition of the various teams, the important players on the ground and their history among the sides and many other factors. Expert tipsters who follow this method generally back up their tip or advice with a detailed argument and seldom get away with explaining the tip as a ‘gut feeling’.
  • The second method, which is more popular option chosen by bettors nowadays, is completely based on advanced statistical methods. Even though there are tipsters who practice this method on their own, they are few and far between. Computer software are available at the tip of our fingertips which can calculate, map and predict wins and losses within seconds. They go through tons of data and some of them even employ artificial intelligence to take into consideration all factors to provide the best today soccer prediction.
  • Although considered highly accurate by most, the only concern about opting for the second method over the first one is the rising number of scam sites.

The basic differentiating factor between the two is that while one relies on the expert’s understanding and logic, the other is based on cold hard mathematical calculations and mapped trends.


Types of wagers in today’s soccer prediction

Today soccer prediction offers tips on all kinds of wagers, unlike the tips posted a day before. Here is a brief description of the popular types of wagers and bet types:

  • The money line is a rather straightforward type of bet. It is comparable to the money line betting on NFL games, and the added advantage is that you can even bet on ties or draws.
  • The favorite team is marked with a plus (+) sign whereas the underdog team is marked with a minus (-) sign while placing bets. Odds for the draw are marked with a plus sign. Suppose we have team A at -250. This means that those who wager in the favor of team A will have to put down $10 to win $25.
  • The over/under is a familiar betting type for most people as well. This type is all about essentially betting on the cumulative goals of both the teams. For instance, if teams A and B are playing and the over/under is set for 2.5 goals, the over bet means you are in favor of the 3 or more goals scored by both the teams together. On the other hand, if your today soccer prediction favors the under bet, it means the teams would only score 1-2 goals. In this case, winners win according to pre-specified odds.
  • Propositional or prop bets are the most interesting type of wagers out there. They include bets on which player would score the first goal, what and when substitutions will be made, which team takes the first free kick or corner-shot, and so on. The types of bets offered in this category completely depends on the bookmakers.
  • Live betting makes the prop bets especially interesting and this is where you can reap the maximum benefits of today soccer prediction. In this case, bettors can continue placing new wagers even after the match has started. Since the odds change depending on the course of the match, even the bookies grow sloppier as the match progresses because they need to churn out newer odds by the minute. Inevitably, you need to be a sharp bettor to make the most of live betting if you want to reap profits. Another option would be to trust an expert tipster providing on the go today soccer prediction.


Do’s and don’ts of soccer prediction and online betting:

The entire sports gambling industry is estimated to be worth around £500 billion per year and it is estimated that 70% of that can be placed on soccer alone. However, this doesn’t guarantee the sure shot success of bets placed by blindly believing in the bookies or online predictions. Here is a set of do’s and don’ts that you can follow at the beginning level of soccer betting.

  • Make knowledgeable bets. Knowing the game and the specific teams is a good start but that is not enough. Stay updated on each dimension of the game as well as the record of the respective teams.
  • Don’t bet on your team or against your main rival, ever. This is not only to ensure you make unbiased and clear-headed bets, but also to add a silver lining to your loss. However, remember that betting in favor of your rival is not a long-term model.
  • Know when to quit. Going long is best left to seasoned bettors and even they sometimes struggle with quitting in the middle of a game when it’s not profitable.
  • A balance of gut feeling, and logic is imperative for making winning bets. Today soccer prediction offers you a mix of both by combining the expertise of tipsters and calculations by mathematical models.


When choosing a tipster site for finding the probable odds of any game, do ensure that the site is verified and has secure payment gateways. You should also check for its online reviews or whether it has been marked as a scam on any listing site. This basic research will help you enjoy a smooth and exciting betting experience.