8 Factors Considered by the Best Football Prediction Website

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You may be a big soccer fan who wants to make money in soccer betting. You may also be just interested in making money from this form of sports betting without having previous experience in watching soccer games or following teams or players. Whatever kind of punter you are, it is important to find the best football prediction website for accurate tips to increase your chances of winning.

If you want to find the best football prediction website, it is recommended to look for sites that take the following factors into account.


1. Head to Head Record

Head to head record of the teams is one of the most important factors taken into account by the best football prediction website.

  • Even when players, coaches, and managers are going to change over the years, the head to head records between two teams show lots of consistency
  • Even when both the sides are close in terms of quality, most of the time one team will have a far better record
  • This may be due to the confidence levels from previous matches or the style of play


2. Home Edge

This is another important factor taken into account by the best football prediction website. There are many contributing reasons why a team playing on its home field is going to have an edge:

  • They don’t have to travel and get exhausted
  • They already know a lot more about the field
  • They will be performing in front of their own fans

It is interesting how this factor can bring out great soccer from even an otherwise weaker team.


3. Current Form

This is another crucial factor that should be considered by a prediction site. Many times, both winning and not losing can become a habit with teams. This can occur due to consistent performance by just a few players. For example, there may be one or more strikers who are in excellent form and have very high confidence levels.

On the other hand, a team may have 3 or 4 players in the defense who may be working efficiently as a team to maintain clean sheets. The right site will include current form as an influencing factor when making predictions.


4. Team Quality

Team quality or strength is another key factor at the top of the list for the best football prediction website.

  • It is reasonable that a match is highly likely to be won by the stronger team
  • There are many subtle points at play when strength is compared between teams
  • The playing style, attack and defense strategies, and other factors also come into play
  • The tipsters will assess each team’s strength based on the data available
  • The assessments are adjusted based on each team’s performance as the season or series progresses

Some of the key factors which are taken into account when evaluating team quality include the flowing:

  • Each player quality
  • Team strengths & weaknesses
  • Depth & balance
  • Team cohesion
  • Coaches
  • Consistency
  • Play style
  • Ability to play under pressure


5. Latest Team News

The right prediction site will also have access to the latest news about the teams involved. This can often include insider information. The best football prediction website has tipsters who can evaluate the news or information to determine their impact:

  • Impact of one or more players being out of the team
  • Impact of player injury or suspension on team’s performance
  • Effect of dispute between coach/team and management

It may be difficult for you to quantify such information, but experts can still make valuable inferences on how they can impact the outcome of a match.


6. Motivation

Experienced tipsters will never take motivation lightly when predicting soccer outcomes. A team playing to find a spot on the final table is certainly going to be much more motivated than a side that has already relegated from the tournament.

Individual player motivation is also an important factor. Players who are entering a match against their old club are likely to perform better. On the other hand, players who will be leaving the club on a free transfer are likely to be less concerned about how their team fares.


7. Weather Condition

Even the weather is taken into account by the best football prediction website. This may seem to be a trivial factor, but weather does have an effect on the outcome of soccer games.

  • Some soccer teams are good at performing in any condition
  • Many will find it difficult to perform in certain weather conditions, especially when things are extreme
  • Experienced tipsters also keep an eye on weather forecasts when making their predictions
  • If a team has as history of performing bad in certain weather condition, it should be a big influencing factor


8. Coaches

It is normal for soccer punters to focus only on the players when predicting outcomes. The best football prediction website will also consider the coaching staff on both the sides. The coaching team plays many roles that contribute to their club’s success in the short and long term:

  • They can do pre-game planning and post-game analysis
  • They ensure that everyone is doing the right things during practice
  • They take the steps require to keep their players motivated

The head coach is going to have a huge influence on how their team performs. The entire coaching team is important to the success of a football team. They determine the style of play to be followed in a match. So the best football prediction website is certainly going to include this factor when making predictions.

Thus, the best football prediction website will take all these factors into account when making predictions. Such sites have teams of expert tipsters who make the predictions based on evaluation of all these factors and more. They have years of experience and have demonstrated consistency in making accurate predictions. You can choose the tips from an expert based on the success rate of their predictions. There are professionals with more than 80% or even 90% of success rate. Following such predictions can help you win consistently in soccer betting.