Exploring Different Betting Markets: Advice from Expert Tipsters

Exploring Different Betting Markets


Football betting is not limited to predicting the match result only. To keep things entertaining and to offer more earning opportunities, several betting markets have been introduced. These markets differ in the risk factor, size of the outcome and a few other factors. Let’s take a look at these betting markets and try to understand why knowing  about these can be good for your bankroll.


Predicting the match winner is the most common bet one makes while watching a football match. However, it is not the only bet available. There are several betting markets that have made their place in the football betting space. These offer easier options to bet upon allowing the players to make more earnings from their betting session. When building an accumulator bet, the punters can make a good mix of these bets to increase their chance of winning. Let’s explore different betting markets and what expert tipsters advise about those.

  • Correct Score: This bet is a bit tough to crack and satisfies the bettors who want some challenge in the betting process. The punters need to guess correctly what the score on the board will be at the end of the match. Prediction has to be accurate to win this bet. For instance, if the bet says 2-2, then the match should end in a 2-2 score only. 1-2 or 2-1 or 1-1 will not earn the bettor a win. This bet requires thorough study of the contending teams’ previous records. How they performed against each other and what the usual score was when both met can help have an opinion about the correct score for the ensuing meeting. Usually, when the middle-ranked teams meet, the draw score makes a safe choice. On the other hand, if the strong team is playing against the weaker one, the correct score inclined in the favor of the strong team may turn out to be true. The experts say that odd size influences the betting decision considerably. The low odds means that the correct score proposed may have a high possibility.
  • 1X2 Bet: 1 stands for home team win, X means draw and 2 means away team win. Thus, this bet allows the punters to win money when they have predicted a draw and the same is the result as well. This bet spreads the risk among three choices. The 50-50 chance of win or loss is reduced to 33.33% possibility, which requires the bettors to analyze the match from various angles. Draw does not cancel the bet in this betting market. One of the variations of this bet is 1X2 double chance. In this bet, the punters have the opportunity to pick 2 from three possible results. So, they can choose both sides to win as a possibility in a double chance 1X2 bet. Other combinations possible are 1 and X and 2 and X, meaning the possibilities are home team win and draw, and away team win and draw. The risk is quite reduced in this bet and it is considered one of the easy bets to go for, the expert tipsters suggest.
  • Asian Handicap: Mostly, the matches in football games turn out to be one-sided especially during the qualifying and group rounds. It can make the betting process quite boring. To give the supporters of weaker of the contending teams a chance, the concept of Asian Handicap is reduced. In this bet, a handicap is assigned to the weak team at the start. The possibilities in the money line look like, for example, -1 for the strong team and +1 for the weak team. So, the stronger team has to overcome the handicap of -1 to win the match. If the teams score 3 and 1 goal respectively, the bookies’ scoreboard will look like 2-2 and the draw prediction will be the result of the match despite the strong team winning the match by 3-1. This betting market requires practice and is suitable for the matches where the possibility of high scores is prominent. The expert tipsters suggest that this bet should be tried only when the knowledge about the teams’ winning capacities and other factors is thorough.
  • Both Teams to Score: This bet requires the punters to predict if both teams will be able to send the ball to the net or not. The scoreboard should not have any zero if the punter favors the odds of both teams to score. It requires taking a look at the attacking side of the teams and their usual possession rate. When the teams with comparable technical superiority face each other on the ground, there will be expert tips favoring the bet. You may find the odd low as well for BTTS when the chances of scoring are high. It is also a comparatively easy bet. Another variation of BTTS bet is Both Teams to Score and Total goals. It is quite challenging as the punters are required to predict whether both the teams will post a goal and also, they need to guess correctly the total goals that will be posted by the end of the whistle. The expert tipsters advise going for this bet only when both the historical records and current situation is assessed.
  • Draw No Bet: It used to be an unspoken rule in football betting in old times. The bet stood cancelled if the match ended in a draw. Bettors get their stake amount back in this case. Thus, it is considered one of the safe bets and proves friendlier to the bettors’ bankrolls. The experts suggest considering this option when the contending teams have had lots of draw results in the past.


Different betting markets feature in the football space. Each has challenges unique to them. The knowledge of betting markets helps pick the options that complement the level of expertise in this field. Some are good for starters, while others should be tried only after practice and experience. The tips on all such bets are available at soccertipsters.net where the matches from all over the world and most of the betting markets are covered.