Mastering Over/Under Betting: 10 Tips for Goal-Total Predictions

Mastering Over/Under Betting: 10 Tips for Goal-Total Predictions


Over/Under betting means the bettor predicts whether the number of goals in a match will be more or less than a chosen number or not. It does require knowledge of making correct goal-total predictions. The usual trend in a tournament, the finishing style of a team and the attitude of a team during the early minutes of the match are some of the factors that influence the result of Over/Under betting.


Over/Under is considered one of the easiest bets because the bettor is not required to predict an exact score in this bet. However, this bet does require a deep study of the team playing style and the composition analysis. The goals are scored when the front of the team is strong and is filled with strong players. Previous meeting with the opponent and the motivation with which the teams are entering the turf also determine if the match is going to be full of goals or not. Let’s find out the top 10 tips for goal-total predictions that can help master an Over/Under bet.

  1. Half-time game analysis: There are aggressive teams and then there are strong defenders too. As a bettor of Over/Under market, you must analyze the half-time game. The team with strong front center when playing against the strong defenders may end up having no goal or equal goals. The focus should be on strategies followed by the teams, contribution from individual players and overall team performance. These factors help find the correct goal-total half time full time soccer predictions and whether the over/under 2 or 2.5 market will prove yielding or not.
  2. Full-time game analysis: Full time is the total time for which the game is played, including the player injury time. The statistical records of the teams’ past performances in the last minutes of the games, the stamina or tendency to slow down in second half, etc. are some of the factors that help determine how the scoreboard will look like at the end of the game.
  3. Team form analysis: The current playing squad of the team should be evaluated based on their form. Any news regarding recent surgery that a key player has undergone or the impact of mood in the dressing room needs evaluation. These factors determine the scoring ability of the team. How the teams have fared recently in the home and away matches and against strong and weaker opponent also speak tons about their current form. By taking clue from this analysis, the bettor can predict goal-total number correctly and use this result for over/under prediction.
  4. Research the match thoroughly: The bettors can fare well in predicting Over/Under bet when they have taken pains to know the teams and match conditions thoroughly. Past performances in hot, cold, rainy conditions, impact of travel on team performance, presence or absence of key players in the team, etc. are some researchable points that enable players to master goal-total prediction which help in winning Over/Under bet as well.
  5. Head-to-head record checking: The head-to-head record of the teams contending the match is a good source for finding the outcome or correct total-goal. This record helps find the motivation level of the team. The arch rivals are expected to try harder and score goals against each other. How the defense has functioned in head-to-head matches and the comparative analysis of energy levels of the teams indicate the possibility of numbers on the scoreboard. If the teams tend to draw the match often, then finding what was the score in majority of instances help predict the goal-total correctly. In case one of the teams dominated the matches in most of the head-to-head records, its scoring goals in the coming match is a strong possibility.
  6. Team fitness level check: Sports bettors are sucker for sports news. The news primarily highlight the current fitness levels of the players. A bettor can stay safe while predicting goal-total to master over/under betting by checking the fitness level of the players. If they don’t check the news before betting on the match, they may end up backing a side that has key players injured or missing. It is an important information to gather and consider for predicting the outcome of goal-total.
  7. Impact of weather: The weather plays a crucial role in determining the performance of teams. Most noticeable example of impact of weather is recent FIFA World Cup held in winters as the venue was Qatar, a hot country. To give familiar weather to the players from cold countries, the World Cup in Qatar was held in winters. Thus, finding weather and venue where the match is being played helps understand whether the team will be able to give its best or not. The teams struggling with weather show somewhat weak game and influence the result of goal-total prediction.
  8. Draw percentage: Many tournaments in football game are known for having high percentage of draw matches. While considering the team and player form and impact of weather, venue, etc., the bettors can also take a look at draw percentage. High draw percentage of the tournament and checking of usual scores in draw matches can help guess the goal-total in the coming match. Over 2 is good decision to make when the teams are known for putting, 2-2, 3-3 or higher on the scoreboard. Similarly, the bettors can choose under 2 as their prediction when teams with 0-0 or 1-1 score mostly are meeting each other in the following match.


Over/Under bet becomes easier to predict when the bettors have analyzed the bet for goal-total correctly. These two bets are closely related and their outcome is largely dependent on team form, weather conditions, impact of venue and team composition. Also, the news and the management changes also impact the team performance and goal-total results. There are sites like that offer highly accurate tips on Over/Under bet. So, when you want a second opinion on this bet, you can consider tips from this tipster site. It can help reduce the risk and improve winning percentage.