Building a Winning Accumulator: Tips for Multi-Match Predictions

Tips for Multi-Match Predictions


Accumulator bets are those where the players choose four or more bets and combine them in a single bet. These bets are also referred to as ‘acca’. To win an acca, all components of the bet are to be won. So, to reduce the risk, a bettor should locate the bets having underlying value and make selections wisely.


Several betting markets exist in the football betting space. Some are more challenging than others. The experienced bettors don’t want to play easy bets only always and look for some challenge. This challenge is amply available in accumulator bets. Let’s explore some crucial facts about the accumulator bets.

What are accumulator bets?

Usually, bettors may choose a single bet to predict. Its payout is less if the odds are low. The situation can be made more interesting for the bettors by providing them the option of combining different bets into one. So, the bet that has more than three bets included in it is called an accumulator bet. It is different from double or treble where two or three bets respectively are included. The challenging part is that all bets included in the accumulator bet should result in a win for the bettor to win this bet.

Which bets to include in an accumulator bet?

Often there is a buzz that the upcoming match is going to be one-sided. Or, the match between the two teams has nothing new to offer. Such matches make a perfect case for the bets to be included in the accumulator bet. The accumulator bet, also known as ‘acca’, requires the bettors to choose the bets with a lot of caution. The bettors need to be invariably thorough in their research and should have acquainted themselves with the game and betting completely before trying an acca bet.

How to build a winning accumulator – top tips

Building a winning accumulator requires thorough research. The bettors should research in-depth about the player and team form, be aware of all injury and suspension news, weather conditions and head-to-head records. All these factors influence the outcome of the match and let the players predict the bet successfully. Some of the interesting tips to consider while building a winning accumulator are:

  • Know the team in and out: Collect all information about the teams to pick your favorite. The presence of key players and defenders, injury reports, suspension of players due to disciplinary reasons, and current form of players draw a picture of the current form of the team. Bettors can also consider the management changes or the mood in the dressing room to assess the motivation level of the teams. Knowing the team completely helps picking the side correctly and helps assess whether the odds are having any value or not. Value bets are good components of an accumulator bet and provide twin benefits to the bettor.
  • Include sure bets: A strong team meeting a weaker opponent on the home ground makes a classic case of a sure bet. The bettors can assess the home win and away win records of the contending teams to find which side the match will be skewed to. If two middle rank teams of the point tally board are contending, or the match ending in a draw benefits both teams, then a draw bet is a safe option to consider. The accumulator bet can comprise bets from multiple tournaments taking place simultaneously. Those events whose odds are kept low are also quite likely to occur and so can be included in the acca bet.
  • Assess tournament pattern: In tournaments like the World Cup, the grouping of teams matters a lot. Usually, the groups are designed such that these comprise one strong team and three to four weak teams. In such cases, the bets on group matches make successful accas. The bettors can add bets at the group competition level in their acca to win a big amount. Understanding draw matches’ percentage of the tournament is also important. The leagues like EPL are known to have 20-25% matches ending in a draw. So, the bets like 1×2 fixed odds can be included in acca when the bettors choose to predict the outcome of EPL matches.
  • Know when to cash out: The odds of an acca bet are better than individual bets. So, the bettors should keep an eye on the earnings they make from a few of the bets. If the starting bets end in a win, it is safe to cash out if the returns are in plus, because the failure of an upcoming bet can spoil the fun. Though the returns due to cash out will be comparatively lower, the bettors still will have their betting account in a better position.
  • Include only the bets where research is thorough: Choosing bets randomly is not the wise thing to do while dealing with an acca. The risks are high in an accumulator bet, so the bets chosen should be thoroughly researched. Adding a bet just to increase the number of bets in an acca and improve its odds can cause a loss. So, placing $5 each on 5 good bets is better than placing $1 on 25 bets, as the research on 25 bets at one time is not going to be a quality one.
  • Make small combinations: Accepting the limitations of the human mind and its assessing capabilities is important while building a winning accumulator. A bigger accumulator consisting of ten bets can give higher odds, but there is a high chance that the bets are selected randomly. A better approach will be to include 4-5 bets only after thorough research to make acca bet a life-changer for you. Also, make small stakes on bets to reduce the risk.


When choosing multiple matches to make predictions on an accumulator bet, be very objective. Include games and tournaments which you know thoroughly. Include small bets having low odds as these have high chance of winning. Also, go for bets like BTTS or prop bets where the exact scores are not to be predicted. To make betting records better, choose tips from where high quality tips on all trending and upcoming matches and different betting services are covered.