5 Tips for Accurate Soccer Predictions: A Beginner’s Guide

5 Tips for Accurate Soccer Predictions: A Beginner's Guide


Accuracy in soccer predictions comes with practice and experience. However, it does not mean you cannot excel in this field as a beginner. If you have followed some useful tips, done your homework wisely and tracked the journey of successful soccer bettors, you can also crack the code of making accurate soccer predictions. Let’s take a look at the top 5 tips that can help a beginner make accurate soccer predictions.


Soccer predictions can be made successfully even by the beginners when they have practiced discipline and followed the tips from experienced punters. The success in betting depends upon the research abilities and substantial amount of homework. It also pays back handsomely when the beginners have chosen the reputed sites for tips and soccer betting. If you are new to the field and looking for a reliable guide, take a look at the top 5 tips enlisted here.

1.   Back the stronger side that numbers reveal

Putting emotions aside is a big task, but it pays well if you have mastered this art. The accuracy of soccer predictions is achieved when the statistical records are studied objectively. Punters can find head-to-head records, number of wins and losses, home and away win records, etc. and find out the strength of the team.

The beginners may tend to back the teams based on emotions. They may select the players who have seen lots of glorious years. Instead of adopting this approach, the players should analyze the whole current squad and then make their favorites and underdogs.

Sometimes, the odds also help in finding the soccer predictions. If the odds are less, the chances of occurrence of that event are high. So, while analyzing numbers, odds values should also be checked. It can help cover all bases and predict the outcome correctly.

2.   Gather all news and happenings on and off the field

The more information about the game you collect, the better the quality of guesses will be. News includes the current performance, player injury and suspension, change of coach or team manager, etc. The bettors can find out the impact of these changes at the start of the season and can make an opinion about the ensuing matches more accurately. The news and analytical articles help gather the expert opinion and pick a side in a more informed manner.

The players who are traveling a lot to reach venues are likely to suffer from fatigue and impacts of temperature change. So, the fixtures should be studied to find the facts about home matches, away matches etc. to make a guess of what can be expected to unfold in the ground.

When the players don’t get along with the coach or manager, or if a corrupt official enters the scene, they lose their motivation level. Thus, the record of individuals managing the players and teams should also be analyzed along with the news to understand the mental state of the team. All these information pieces can help solve the betting puzzle.

3.   Choose the bets where prediction is easy

Easy bets are those where the punter gets to predict whether a certain event will occur or not. They are not required to predict precise numbers like goals in such bets. Thus, they have a fair chance at winning such bets as the rules of probability help them get the clear picture easily.

The bets like Both Teams to Score, Half-match/full-match result, Over/Under and 1×2 bet are such options where the risk is less. As a beginner, you may gain experience by trying such bets. With practice, you can move to other bets and cultivate a collection of bets that give you good results most of the time.

4.   Take a break wisely

The beginners may have the tendency to get addicted to football betting. This can be avoided with self-control and discipline. The brain tends to exhaust with time and due to repeated analysis of bets and match conditions. It may impact the quality of decisions. So, the bettors should stay away from the action when their mind needs rejuvenating. They should not consider each betting opportunity as the last available and bet only when they can think straight and are sober.

Taking a break also helps in managing bankroll. By not betting, the starters reduce the risk of losing money and have the funds in hand when an actually fruitful opportunity presents itself. Thus, the bettors should know when to take a break and utilize it for absorbing news and other facts needed for the other upcoming events.

5.   Learn to identify value bets

Value bets are those where the odds are higher than they should be. Thus, such odds present themselves as the opportunity for making money. It is because the return from the bet is high and so is the chance of occurrence of the event. These value bets can be identified by comparing the odds available at different betting sites and by referring to the tips at the tipster sites.

The bookmakers factor in their commission in the odd at times, which is the reason behind increased value in a bet. So, with the record analysis, head-to-head meetings study and player form study, one can find if the odds are overrated or not. It is helpful in making money in most cases.

The income from value bets can be multiplied by learning about accumulator bets. The punters can choose different bets and create a basket which can deliver them fabulous returns. Though high at risk, the returns from an accumulated value bet are quite high.


The accurate soccer predictions can be made when the punters have focused on research and close following of action on the field. They analyze players on different fronts and study the other factors that can influence the performance on the field. If the odds mirror the possibility that one finds out, this bet is worth trying. For more accuracy in results, the punters can take help from the sites like soccertipsters.net where the football experts provide predictions with better precision.