Football Predictions and Market Trends: Understanding Odds Movements

Ways the football prediction site helps you maximize profits

Odds in the football betting are the positions which are to be favored or defied. The bettors who defy the odds or pick an underdog, are said to be taking more risk and end up making more profits too. But, when to defy or favor the odd? Well, several factors work behind this decision. One of them is the odds movement. Let’s find out how to bet while keeping odds movement in the focus.

What are betting odds?

Betting odds can be said the transactional unit of any sports betting site. It is the position which the bettors choose to favor or go against based on their research and experience. The betting odds are presented in various forms such as:

  1. Point line: The teams are assigned some points. These points show the possibility of occurrence of an event. Less points mean that the team has more chances to win.
  2. Moneyline: In moneyline, the odds tell how much money the punter requires to place on the odd to win the amount depicted in the odd. The total is decided for both the teams and the bettors are required to bet over or below the total to gain profits.
  3. Parlays: The combination bets are also possible. The players combine two or more bets in a parlay.

All these odds are usually found at all sportsbooks and are the indicator of perceived strength of the team or popularity of any team among the bookies.

Why betting odds are moved

When the bet is put up for staking, a bookmaker can receive humongous response in terms of money received. So, to maximize the profits and to limit the liability, the bookies move the odds down. It shows the shift in the line and may encourage the bettor to go with the bet. For instance, the initial odds on France were low in FIFA World Cup as it was a defender in 2022 tournament. But, with the progress of the tournament, there was a shift in odds because of the team performance.

Also, when lots of bettors pump in the money to a particular bet which has odds of -100, the bookmaker may choose to shift the odd to -110. To gain more, the bookies change the odd in this case.

Another reason that calls for the change in odds is the big money received. If some bettor puts on the table a large stake like $15000 on France (say 5-point favorite) against Argentina (hypothetically speaking), the bookies may change France to be 8-point favorite from initial figure. It is done to acknowledge the diminishing dominance of the team and to gain more profit from the amount received.

Injury – a common cause for moving the odds

When a key player in the team suffers an injury during the match, it makes the case for unpredicted situation. This lowers the possibility of his team winning the match; also, it brings down the morale of the team. In such case, the bookmaker move the odds in favor of the opposite team. The bettors have the option to withdraw the bet or go as what the bookmaker suggests and pick the opposite side.

Sometimes, the injury is not that determining a factor as is perceived by the bookmaker. So, the odds movement presents itself as a lucrative opportunity to the bettors who try to cash their judgement of the situation, which may be different from what bookmakers have perceived. Thus, the odds movement is affected by the injury of the players and is looked upon as earning opportunity.

How odds movement can be used for designing betting strategy

The bettors are given an odd to decide whether to go with it or not. The change in odds give them a clear picture of the bookie sentiment and provides additional statistic to study. By studying the move, they can determine if the changed odd is going to be profitable or not. Since several factors determine the success of a team in the game, the change in odds due to one reason only makes the case of misjudged situation. It is where the earning opportunity for the bettor lies.

Odds movement gives an idea about the bookies favoring which team and by what quantum, when the line movement takes place. Thus, the bettors can wait patiently for the odds to adjust and then take their call regarding choosing the bet or choosing the side. It helps them to ensure win from a bet as they change the side as suggested by the line movement. Sometimes, the bettors can take the risk and remain on the side they chose initially and take home a heftier profit.

So, the concept of value betting comes into action when the odds are moved. The bettors have to have the experience to understanding the underlying value in the bet whose odds are changed and pick a strategy accordingly.

How to take advantage of the odds movement

The bettors can take advantage of the odds movement, but is possible when the odds move quickly. In such situation, they can take advantage of both the rates by betting on the odds at different points. They can make out of the situation if the odds have moved in their favor. So, by investing time and experience, such judgement can be made and it proves beneficial in a long run in sports betting.

Another way is to bet on the middle. In this strategy, the bettor backs one side at, say +4.5 and then the other side at -8.5 and gain from the difference. The odds are required to move quickly to let the bettor enjoy the price differential.


Market trends like odds should be observed closely. As a bettor, you must understand why and how odds move and what they bring on the table. To get correct information about the odds, you can visit that displays the most updated odds always. Use this information to get an idea of how the market sentiment is moving from one team’s side to another. It can help you identify the value bet and also allows you to benefit from quick odds movement.