Spotting Scams: Red Flags When Choosing a Soccer Tipster Service

scamming tipster site


A soccer tipster service is a platform where the predictions on the football bets are available. The punters need to subscribe to the tipster and pay for the tip to access it. This situation does call for an elaborate check as there are several tipsters who make big promises and deliver nothing. So, let’s find all about the red flags that can tell a scamming tipster service from a legit one.


Tipster services are available in abundance as these are high in demand. However, not all tipster services are worth the dime. Just like in other fields, the scammers are present among the soccer tipsters. It may not be easy to point a scammer if you are new to the field. Even the experienced punters get trapped when they believe the site without doing proper research. So, what the red flags are which may go unnoticed, let’s find out.

  • Absence of proper operational license

The most prominent red flag is the absence of a valid license. A license is given to any business indulged in any aspect of online betting or gambling only when it meets the high standards of quality, safety and transparency. The licenses are issued by governments like Curacao, MGA, Isle of Man and others. Thus, if the license is missing, it can be due to poor standards of customer service or absence of the best security features. All these can jeopardize the experience and may expose the user to several kind of cyber threats.

  • Displaying unrealistic results

The betting space is quite a dicey one and the success rate is quite low. A site should make you raise your brows when it makes a pompous display of the best results only. If there is mention of winning instances only, and the return percentage is claimed to be more than 3x or 4x, the users must try to fathom deeper. They must ask for betting slips or refer to the verifying agencies’ results to avoid falling prey to the scamming site.

  • Making big promises

    When the users start engaging in the site and try to avail a promotional offer flashed there, the scamming site may suggest making a big deposit first. The bonus scheme may be accompanied by a huge wagering requirement. It can be 40x of the deposit made or a demand of similar nature. So, if you go ahead and give in to the temptation of the bonus offered, you may end up losing money to a site which is actually a scammer. The bonus offers should have easy terms or if there are huge requirements, these should be made clear upfront through terms of use or other similar page.

    The offers which are too good to be true may be a red flag and not something to believe. So, try not to believe an offer which makes unrealistic promise or proclaims to deliver you humongous returns. Get an idea of average of returns offered usually in the market and then make a decision.

    • Shabby or poor design of interface

    A scamming tipster service platform does not invest much in the interface development. The result is an unappealing interface where the elements are not clear and the user finds navigation an uphill task. A scammer site often has technical issues, it may load too slowly or may remain out of operation for a longer time. The user may find it frustrating and will feel stuck while dealing with such tipster site.

    • Lack of secure payment methods

    A big red flag is the use of payment methods which are not so popular among the users. The site offers payment methods which are not in much use. These methods are not protected by safe payment gateways, and may claim to be incredibly fast. By using such methods, the users may get exposed to cyber miscreants and can suffer misuse of their financial and personal information.

    • Poor customer service

    The customer service of a scamming soccer tipster service can be quite pathetic. They may not have any knowledge of the services offered. Also, it may take a long time to get through the customer support numbers, or the calls may be dropped often during the conversation. The users may be given limited channels for reaching the customer service. It is important to be cautious while dealing with such customer service. The moment the service executive asks for irrelevant information or financial details, the communication should be brought to halt.

    • Unclear terms and conditions

    The soccer tipster site with bad intentions does not display terms and conditions clearly. Users may find it difficult to onboard the site by referring to self-help articles or even after reading terms and conditions. They may not find clear information on the conditions which may prevent them from claiming tips. Due to unclear terms of service, the punters may end up paying only and won’t get any good tip from the service provider.

    • Lack of ample tips or abundance of outdated tips

    The scamming tipster site displays mostly the outdated tips. There is no clear information about the latest tips delivered. The site may show tips which have no verification certificate to support its validity. It is better to ask the site the betting slips which they used for verifying tips. Usually, a scammer site will avoid providing such data and will boast only the best results with no substantial proofs. The sites of the tipsters registered with the service platform are outdated too, leading the users to financial trouble.


    Avoiding a scamming website is a must for a better betting experience. The tipster service should be checked for genuineness on the basis of tips’ credibility. Poor site design, pathetic customer support service and outdated tips along with highly unrealistic offers are some red flags that can help spot a scam. The site like publishes and updates the list of blacklisted and scamming sites regularly to provide its users ample protection. So, take help of such platforms and stay safe while referring to the tipster sites.