How to bet without losing on English Premier League?

How to bet without losing on English Premier League?

English Premier League is the first choice of all football betting aficionados. This league runs through August to May and has a mammoth fan base across the globe. Almost all eyes are glued on this league and its events, and there are hardly any dull moments.

The league pays handsomely to the clubs in the form of TV rights and endorsements. It is equally lucrative for the speculators as millions ride on every small or big moment of the matches. With numerous betting markets to offer, this league is the speculators’ paradise. If you want to be that punter with a Midas touch, here are some most usual questions answered for you.

How to prepare to bet on the English Premier League with high chances of winning?

Making money by betting on the English Premier League can be a bit difficult if you have not learned a few basics about the league as well as the process of betting. Here are a few important things to know how to bet in the English Premier League like a pro.

  1. Be conversant with football betting basics: Test the waters before taking a plunge. You must learn about basics like odds placements, money lines, American and European ways of odds calculation, sites that provide the best betting support, etc. All these pointers can help make the best moves.
  2. Learn how betting sites operate: Operational basics, withdrawal requirements, bonuses, and promotions, etc. are some of the football betting sites’ features worth exploring. These help you know where you can save a lot of money and assure big wins too.
  3. Master money management: Throwing away money without learning its conversation is not the best way to bet to assure wins. The speculators require to have discipline in taking risks and put a cap on spending. Also, they can learn about the strategies that help score big returns. Further, it helps a lot if you try to know about competitive odds. 
  4. Learn about betting strategies: Speculators can get their cash register ringing when they have identified the strategies that pay them back most often. Keeping this strategy in a betting plan always can be a safe move. They must also know that competitive or small ticket bets have higher chances of winning. 
  5. Do in-depth research: The league is known for having only a few clubs that rule the tournament. It does pay handsomely when you have kept yourself abreast with the latest transfers, players’ form, team managers’, home and away win record of teams, etc. Research is supplemented by the luck, but cannot be replaced by it completely.

Why one should bet upon English Premier League matches?

There is a reason why all football betting sites have special coverage of the English Premier League. It is one of the most-watched football tournaments in the world and is just second best to FIFA in popularity, money, and reputation. The league offers several reasons to bet, including:

  1. Competitive betting margins: Since the league is available on almost all football betting sites and they all compete with each other for better market share, the speculators get an advantage and enjoy very competitive rates available to them.
  2. Huge variety of betting markets: Punters can take advantage of a plethora of betting markets available. They can take more chances, spread the risk, and assure wins at many times.
  3. Live betting option: The betting sites offer live streaming and radio telecasts through solutions integrated with their interfaces. Thus, the users enjoy advanced and sophisticated platforms where they get the latest updates without switching between devices.
  4. High betting limits allowed: The premier league punters can go for higher stake amounts as compared to other sports. Betting sites do not hesitate in offering higher stakes as compared to other markets. Thus, the chances to win big are high.
  5. Allows to bet at betting exchanges: Apart from betting with a bookmaker, the punters get a chance to bet against each other at the exchanges. They can bet against the other punters and win extra money as commissions too.
  6. A large number of novice bettors: First timers and people with limited research and experience also get hooked to this game. Their inability to resist betting on these matches creates more earning opportunities for the seasoned punters who have a better edge undoubtedly.

Are there any disadvantages of betting on EPL?

Though having lots of lucrative opportunities to offer, the English Premier League does have a few downsides. These are:

  1. English Premier Leagues are quite unpredictable. Even the lowest position holders sometimes turn the game in their favor. It costs punters a big loss if they have not chosen other strategies aside from betting in the favor of their favorites only.
  2. No error on bookies’ part: Since the volumes of bets on the English Premier League come in startling numbers as well as frequency, the bookmakers leave not the slightest gap in their platforms. They also provide the most accurate match details; thus, the chances of winning out of a turn of luck are close to nil.

How to pick and place bets on English Premier League games for an assured win?

Preparation for the betting process does require intelligence in picking the correct bets too. You might get confused by so many options displaying on your gadget’s screen and may end up making some stupid errors despite extensive preparations. Hence, it is necessary to place the bet after a thorough check, which includes:

  1. Keep an eye on the match statistics: Working on statistics like whether it is a home match or away match for your favorite team, historical data, match schedule, etc.
  2. Understand odds and possibilities: It can be a tricky part for starters. They should get the concept fully correct whenever an odd like 2/1 (just an example) appears in front of them. The favorite team’s statistics can help understand if the odd is sensible, safe, or risky. Also, the way various betting markets work differs to a great extent; and accordingly, strategies should be changed.
  3. Pick the favorable prices mostly: You need to combine the strategy, luck, and hunch and see on which prices your bets work the most often in your favor. 

Can any betting tools help avoid loss mostly?

The best betting strategy always is an in-depth research. It can be complemented with some of the betting supports available online at the premier league betting sites, such as:

  1. Tipster support: Some betting prediction sites offer experienced tipsters’ suggestions. These tips from the ones who know the game more closely and have a high success rate can help bet without losing.
  2. Readymade betting odds: The betting sites offer everything ready-to-use. These sites can provide readymade odds to bet upon. Taking clues from these sites and by using research, the punters can go for the best yielding deals.
  3. Read beginners’ guide: Doing homework is important, but doing it in the correct direction has got no match. You can find some exceptional quality beginners’ guide that offers the best and the most reliable learning material to people who just got bit by the betting bug.
  4. Employ betting tools: Doing math can be risky and time-consuming for a betting beginner. There are tools available for football fans which they can use to make better and quicker decisions.

What betting tools can help secure profit on English Premier League bets?

Listed here are some of the free online betting tools that reduce calculations to mere punching of a few buttons. The betting beginners can get a lot of support from these tools:

  1. Accumulator Calculator: Accumulators are the most common among UK punters. It combines multiple small bets to make a big accumulator. Dealing with multiple odds can lead to errors. This calculator does the calculation part by taking inputs from you and gives you the amount you will win off those bets.
  2. Odds converter: Odds are presented either as fractions or decimals. The punters may be more comfortable with either of those. This converter gives you the figure in the style you want.
  3. Profit calculator: It gives you a clear idea of how much profit you will make at various stake amounts.

Other calculators to try are the Surebet calculator and the Asian Handicap calculator.


Betting without losing is something everybody wants to do. The secret to it lies in research, sensible stakes, betting strategies’ knowledge, and understanding of markets. Apart from doing homework, you need a betting site that is best suited for English Premier League bets. And, you must be aware of tipster support, betting calculation tool, and the match’s statistics. All these together can help you become the highest earner at EPL bets.