How do I win English Premier League bet every time?

How do I win English Premier League bet every time?

English Premier League is a huge market. A 10-month long tournament makes it comfortable for the speculators to keep themselves busy throughout the year. Even when the matches are not on, the speculators need to keep researching the teams, trends, match conditions, transfers window, etc. If you want to know the winning trick behind the success in betting in the English Premier League, here are some answers to questions that loom over any bettor’s mind quite often.

What information about the team to be researched upon for betting successfully in English Premier League?

You often come across this advice – Research in-depth about the teams. It is not that you will roam around with binoculars to spy on the team members; rather, you can work on these questions to predict the team’s ensuing performance. 

  1. How good the teams performed in defensive and offensive conditions?
  2. Which player is not on the good books of the coach?
  3. How about the consistency in performance throughout the match? Did they kept the match in control throughout or won just by chance?
  4. Which team has the best home win and away win record?
  5. How players perform under pressure?

These are a few of the researchable questions that contribute to making successful bets in this tournament.

Is relying only on favorite a safe option always?

Certainly, not! Attaching emotion with the betting process can be a mistake. Betting is not an activity to base on favorites. It should be based on facts purely. The performance of your favorite may have become weaker over the years. So, if you keep on putting money on that player without checking his last five match-record, it can hit your interests badly. 

Some players are very fit for certain climatic conditions. Also, the impact of traveling differs from person to person. So, the current form of the team and that of the player is a very determiner of the bet’s success. Having a machine-like approach that processes information only based on numbers provided works great when it comes to assuring success in each bet in the English Premier League.

I want to stick to only one bookmaker. Will that help me win all English Premier bets?

Sticking to only one bookmaker may give you comfort, but it does not guarantee a successful bet. Also, you might be losing the chance of accessing better deals available with other betting interfaces. 

Here are some tips to select the bookmaker when you want to have some more options in your kitty:

  1. Choose only those bookmakers that are legal in your native land. And, ensure that your bookmaker is registered with the licensing authority. It helps you stay safe from the shoddy dealers.
  2. Go for bookmakers who offer various lucrative deals and announce lots of bonuses and surprise cashback. It helps you keep the money in hand to make the best use of the opportunities available at the English Premier League.
  3. Choose multiple bookmakers to average out your payouts. One bookmaker may not be offering the same payout as the other. So, you can have better profit-making avenues from the same bet when you have divided your money among various bookmakers.
  4. Choose a bookmaker with multiple markets: If a bookmaker has only one bet to make, say 1×2 handicap, then the risk is higher. Also, you may not make out where your strength lies. Thus, it is better to go for the bookmaker who offers various predictions like the first team to goal, goals in the first half, a clean scoreboard, and several others.

Which strategy wins most of the time in Accumulator betting?

Accumulator betting is where several small bets are combined to create a big basket. The catch here is that every bet has to win to bring you a win from betting in the English Premier League bets

The best strategy for accumulator betting is to narrow down the options to only 2-3, or a maximum of 4. Pick only those bets about which you are fully sure. And, spend wisely on those bets irrespective of the confidence in those bets. 

Another trick is to pick the small pay-out bets. Those with low odds also can help assure a win in the English Premier League bet. The bookmakers don’t assert much house advantage in the low-priced bets, which increases the bettors’ chances of winning the bet in the league. Thus, including such bets in the accumulator can help earn big money off little spend.

Further, do not add bets in the accumulator based on the current events. Many times, it happens that the match goes in the favor of only a stronger team, no matter how they fare in the tournament overall. Thus, the accumulator is not the place for odds-out options.

What uncommon betting choices can be used to bet on English Premier League successfully?

English Premier League offers myriad marketing options for putting the bets. This competition is full of exciting moments. The bookmakers keep a sharp eye on the matches to identify situations that can create betting opportunities for speculators. Thus, various markets sometimes go unread by the usual betting aficionados. These markets are:

  1. Betting on corners: Mostly, people are habitual with betting on penalty shots, etc. However, corners don’t look that lucrative. As a result, corners become bets with low competition. It is a new kind of market and a perfect fit for the speculators who are deeply into the game and have researched like a maverick. Attacking and defensive tactics are considerable research areas to make your case strong on this betting option.
  2. Double-chance betting: There are three outcomes of any match – lose, win or draw. So, some bookmakers create opportunities for the people who are risk-aversive in their approach. These speculators will win money when they have chosen two outcomes to bet upon. It does increase the chance of winning the bet in the English Premier League by about 33%. 

What are Handicap bets and how this help win English Premier bet more lucratively?

Handicap is a little complicated but very lucrative. At the start of the match itself, the bettors assign goals in ‘+’ or ‘-‘, depending upon the team’s position. The strong team’s goals are deducted and presented as ‘-‘. So, if the bet is for a draw, then the scorecard must read 2-1, where 2 are the stronger team’s goals and 1, the weaker one. 

This betting is beneficial to balance the reward against risks. The higher the deductions are, the more the odds will be. Even the weaker team is capable of giving returns to the bettor in this type of bet.

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Is choosing BTTS a good strategy to win English Premier League bet?

BTTS stands for Both Teams to Score. The BTTS strategy is very simple and has two obvious outcomes – yes or no. Secondly, the speculators don’t speculate the number of goals each will score. They simply bet upon whether both teams will score or not. 

The information collected about the teams’ performance in the past, current form, players’ fitness, and statistics, etc. is required to predict the outcome of this bet. Since this bet can be placed by researching on the points that one considers for various other bets, it yields more chances of winning without doing extra work.


The English Premier League offers multiple markets for betting. There are a plethora of bookmakers who keep this competition in their basket. Also, there is a live betting option available to get access to the latest happenings. Further, the knowledge about betting strategies and bookmakers’ offers ease the betting process. Conclusively, small-priced bets, on various bookmaking sites, and choosing low competition bets are some of the proven solutions to score assured wins in the English Premier League bet.