The Best Website In Malaysia To Bet On Esports & Virtual Sports

The Best Website In Malaysia To Bet On Esports & Virtual Sports

Esports is one of the fastest-growing betting markets in Malaysia, with several Esports teams, firms, gamers, and bettors emerging from the region in the past few years. Likewise, virtual sports is another growing electronic betting market in Malaysia. As punters continue on a quest for the best website in Malaysia to bet on Esports and virtual sports games, SBOTOP has emerged as a top contender for the title.

SBOTOP (Previously Known As Sbobet) offers punters in Malaysia several gaming features, betting options, access to multiple sports betting markets, well-designed virtual sports betting events, and odds on Esports and virtual sports from across the globe. Apart from Esports, punters can also make wagers on sports matches, casino games, and live betting events. 

Esports Betting

Punters can bet on Esports games using SBOTOP through the sportsbook betting feature on the platform. A gamer or punter can make a wager on a list of current live Esports events, leagues, and tournaments to make in-game bets. The gamer can go back and select past results or view future matchups and odds to make pre-game wagers. 

1. Gaming options

Punters can make wagers on top sporting games such as Counter-Strike, Overwatch OWL, DOTA 2 Dream League, Rocket League Championship series, DOTA 2 Pro Circuit, Valorant Championship tour, League of Legends LCS, Rainbow Six Copa Elite, COD League, StarCraft 2 HereBalance, Valorant Saudi Arabia, and much more. Additionally, punters access over 50 to 100 Esports betting matches every day with a higher frequency of games to bet on weekends. 

2. Betting markets

Some of the betting markets punters can make wagers on include predicting the full-time winner, the over/under full-time market, winner of map 1, winner of map 2, winner of map 3, most kills, and totals betting markets for each map. Some teams tend to fare better than others on specific maps in particular games. The over/under need helps fix odds so that both teams have a fair probability of winning the wager. Overall, a punter has access to over 15 betting markets for each betting event, with the odds listed next to the betting market.  

3. Betting on Esports teams

Punters have access to several top gaming teams and niche ones as well. Punters can place wagers on Esports teams such as Chetz, Max&BigGarlicDips, Houston Outlaws, Boston Uprising, Los Angeles Gladiators, Team Secret, NRG, Alliance, Ghost Gaming, G2 Esports, Rogue, Alpine, SG Esports, Slick, Pain Gaming, Faze, Fox, eSuba and more. Punters can also bet on teams or leagues or select the All Leagues betting option to see what leagues SBOTOP covers, and punters gain access. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Gamers can play virtual sports games online and make wagers on these games or play for fun. As part of this gaming section, SBOTOP offers its members instants and virtuals. Malaysian punters gain access to various virtual sports developed by Leap, with decent RTPs that can be played from anywhere in Malaysia or Asia. 

1. Variety of virtual sports

Football, horses, velodrome, greyhounds, trotting, and speedway are some of the instant games. Punters also have access to virtual sports such as Virtual Soccer, Virtual Racing, and Virtual Tennis. In addition, each sport has multiple betting options, odds, and betting markets. 

2. Leap

SBOTOP partnered with Leap, a global virtual sports provider with several games developed by the online developer. Leap develops games well suited for various platforms such as mobiles and computers. In addition, Leap and SBOTOP are working together to provide punters with high-end 3D gaming technology powered by smartphones. 

3. RTP

The return to player for virtual sports is 92% for Greyhounds, Horses, Trotting, and Velodrome. Speedway has an RTP of 93%, and Football has the highest RTP at 93.5%. A higher RTP means a higher return to a punter over several wagers. The RTP for each virtual sport is listed on the SBOTOP platform. 

4. Online Gaming

Virtual games can be played at any place and time using the internet. Punters don’t need to wait for a fixed schedule, such as a game in the Premier League to take place. A punter can play a virtual sport at any time and immerse themselves in a virtual world of a favored sport. Punters have flexibility in the type of wager, the bet amount, time of play, upper betting limits, and reasonable wagering restrictions.