English Premier League Predictions

The English premier league fixtures make up a professional league of men's association soccer clubs. Because it’s the leading English football league, it’s Britain’s foremost football competition. It involves 20 clubs and functions on relegation and promotion. The Welsh clubs of the English Football League are able to compete if they qualify in the English football league. All these teams are open to English premier league betting tips throughout the English premier league fixtures season.

The premier league has its own shareholders

The Premier League is its own corporation and its 20 member clubs are the shareholders. The season runs from August to May. Each team plays thirty-eight matches so that means each one plays each team twice. These are both home and away matches. Throughout the season a total of 380 matches are played. Most of the games are played in the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday while the remainder are played in the evening of weekdays. This is the time when english premier league predictions are made for english premier league betting tips to take place

The English Premier League began in 1992

The english premier league betting tips first started to take place in 1992 when the competition was first initiated under the name FA Premier League. This occurred after the clubs in the Football League First Division decided to pull out from the 1888 founded Football League, and move into the more lucrative TV rights deal. This deal was valued at £1 billion a year in 2013–14. BT Group and BSkyB secured the rights at home to broadcast 116 out of the 380 games. The league had been able to generate €2.2 billion every year in international and domestic television rights. By the years 2014 15 teams gained revenues of around £1.6 billion. This was following english premier league betting tips for english premier league predictions.

Premier League most popular globally

The Premier League is the sports league most often viewed throughout the world as it is broadcast in up to 212 territories to around 643 million homes with a possible TV audience of 4.7 billion viewers. In the 2014–15 season the mean Premier League attendance to matches was more than 36,000. This is the 2nd highest out of all professional football leagues, with the Bundesliga's remaining at 43,500. Most of the time the stadiums record almost full capacity for english premier league betting tips to take place. The Premier League has a ranking of 3rd place based on performances throughout the last 5 seasons in European competitions.

Since the start of the English Premier League in 1992 only 6 teams have been successful in winning titles. These are 13 for Manchester United, 5 for Chelsea, 3 for Arsenal, 2 for Manchester City, 1 for Blackburn Rovers and 1 for Leicester City. The present champions are Chelsea, who in May 2017 won the title after playing english premier league fixtures.