Beyond Luck: Unveiling the Art of Achieving ROI in Sports Betting

achieving ROI

You bet on sports betting not for fun solely. You also expect to make money from it. For that you need to be aware of the concept of ROI or return on investment. If you bet regularly and want to use betting as a long-term investment, your focus should be on achieving ROI. The sports betting is not only about luck. The professional punters apply some strategies, too, to stay in the game and make regular profits. So, what the ideal ROI should be and how to achieve that, let’s discuss in this post.

What is ROI in sports betting?

ROI is the return that the bettor makes on an investment that he puts in the sports betting. Suppose the bettor wins a bet at an odd of 1.2. For a 100$ investment, he makes 120$. So, the return on investment in this case is $20, or 20%. It has to be compounded over a few years to bring stability to the betting process and let the income flow in to the bankroll. The professional bettors don’t depend entirely on luck; they develop strategies to get regular income in the bankroll and attain sustainability. The feasible approach is to learn ways to make constant income and not depend entirely on luck.

Going back to example of 20% ROI, it is important to understand that this figure is considered quite big practically and is not feasible to sustain for long. A bettor has to factor in loss-making bets, lifestyle demands, spending habits, etc. while calculating ROI. Thus, a sustainable figure as explored by the experts is 5-10%. This ROI can be maintained and compounded over a long time, which will help the players sustain the activity.

Suppose a bettor starts with a bankroll of 1000$ and wins $100 overall in the month. So, for next month, he has the bankroll of 1100$, and so, he is able to set aside some amount from the bankroll for future bets, which is quite important to stay in the game sustainably.

From these examples, the two things that are clear are that the ROI requires some time to achieve as is the case with all other businesses. Also, the professional bettors have to indulge in the process continuously and try to achieve break-even point by betting with discipline. Theoretically speaking, sky is the limit when it comes to making money from sports betting, but it requires a good strategy instead of depending entirely on luck. So, let’s take a look at some of the successful strategies that can be implemented for scoring wins in bets sustainably.

Successful strategies to maintain good ROI in sports betting

A reasonably to good ROI can be achieved when the sports bettors have adopted some sound and sustainable strategies. The bettors can overcome various hurdles to victory by following these strategies and make betting a constant source of income.

  1. Sticking to a team or a player or a betting market

Betting market is quite vast and there are multiple sports. Practically, it is not possible to know everything about every sport or team. Thus, the bettors can select any particular sport or add one more to their selection. By doing so, they get multiple opportunities to bet and are able to spread the risk too. With continuous betting on a selected sport, the players can learn from their mistakes and avoid them in future. Also, they can know about what works in their favor and stick to that betting strategy. In this way, the players can score better ROI and have a constant source of income.

Similarly, the bettors can select one or two from various betting markets available. When you choose a specific betting market and stick to it, a lot of data is generated from your activities. That data can help you find out all conditions that worked in the favor of a successful bet. Thus, you can try the proven strategy again and again and increase your chance at winning the bet.

  • Be thorough in Sports Analysis

Sport has to be analyzed from all possible angles. The bettor must have access to historical records as well as insider news. They should find out how the teams fared against each other in the last few games, and what the conditions were – that is – were the successful teams playing in home ground or away ground? Were the teams playing with all key players or the squad was limited? How much the teams had traveled? Which team had more crowd support? All such points of analysis on consideration helps find the probable outcome of upcoming bet and allows players to make good decisions.

  • Bet only when you are sober

Drinking or betting with no focus on ROI is nothing but you digging the grave for your betting career. Just like there are office hours, you must assign a few hours of the day on betting and maintain sobriety and discipline while betting. Be very observant and dedicated to the process; after all, you are eyeing at 5-10% of the bankroll as your income, which is not to be taken lightly.

  • Manage the bankroll

Bankroll management is the first most important thing to do while finding the best strategy to achieve ROI. You must assign only 2-3% of the bankroll to any bet and ensure that this pattern is followed without any exceptions. This helps the bettors survive the uncertainty successfully. Usually, it leads to the bettors placing more money on low odd bets, which is good and effective in averting the risk too.

To sum up,

Achieving ROI becomes possible with gaining knowledge about the sport and players, managing bankroll and playing with discipline and good state of mind. If you want additional support apart from these tips, you can reach the experts at where the expert prediction makers have achieved ROI more than 100%. With an expert opinion in hand, the chances of winning the bet increase and as a result, the process of betting becomes a source of constant income.