Exploring Different Betting Exchanges: A Guide for Beginners

Exploring Different Betting Exchanges

Betting is a process where a person either backs or lays an outcome. When you are using a sportsbook, you are betting against a bookie. But there is a possibility for betting against other bettors too. This possibility comes to you in the form of betting exchanges. Here you are betting against the fellow bettors instead of bookie and have a better control over the bet. Let’s take a look at some of the trending betting exchanges where you can find the best environment to bet and win money.


Smarkets is quite responsive website and runs smoothly on the device of your choice. It is a leading player in the online betting world and attracts customers with its sleek interface and well-organized design. The bettors who are beginners will find this site quite easy to onboard and will start betting much sooner. The back and lay odds are clearly mentioned here and the bettor is required only to pick the side and place the stake.

The site offers 2% commission on every win and 1% commission for the bets that come with huge stake.


BetDaq is in the betting exchange business since last 20 years. It is now owned by a very big company Ladbrokes Coral Group, which wins the bettors a relaxed state of mind while betting. They can be assured of the safety of deposits and withdrawals while betting at BetDaq. This betting exchange has quite a user-friendly interface and it runs exceptionally well on all devices. However, the bettors may have to struggle to find a match for their bets because of less options available.

Here, the bettors can win cash back of up to £1,000 as the first-month commission. So, the players must place a bet first and opt-in for the promotion to be eligible for this reward.


It is a well-established entity in the online betting exchange space. This site sees a lot of action throughout the day where the bettors are backing and laying bets continuously. Because of a large user base, the bettor may find a match for their bet quickly and easily. The website design is simple and easier to understand and highlights the bets available, which makes it convenient for the punters to place or match a bet quite faster.

The exchange charges 5% commission on every win, which is found to be on the higher side. Bettors can find here live betting and match betting options which serve them with better chances at winning.


It is another entity apart from Betdaq which is held by Ladbrokes Coral Group. This betting exchange website is well-organized and offers a comprehensive interface to the punters. Its sportsbook is well-developed and has a good reputation among the bettors. The site offers multiple ways using which you can withdraw and deposit money with ease. It is available on mobile phones as both Android and iOS app.

The ample number of betting lines available here are sure to keep you busy throughout the day. Only downside is its 5% commission which may pinch you a bit when parting with the amount.


Bet365 is the most talked-about betting exchange giant having its patrons all over the world. This betting exchange has a well-defined sportsbook and also allows the visitors to venture into casino games. Almost all popular payment methods are available at Bet365, which makes it easy for the bettors from all around the world to get into the betting action quickly. About 40 sports are available to bet upon here.

There is no deposit or withdrawal fees and the customer support is available round the clock to help the punters with various issues. The site announces several promotional offers regularly and runs a VIP program for the high rollers as well.

How to use a betting exchange

Betting Exchange

Using a betting exchange is not a rocket science. The process starts with a sign-up that is a simple and fast process. You will be required to furnish your personal and financial information in an online form. This information will be verified first before the exchange lets you to start using the app. The whole process does not take more than a couple of minutes.

Once the registration process is complete, you are required to transfer funds into your betting account. There will be a minimum deposit requirement in some cases to become eligible for the welcome bonus.

After transferring the deposit amount, you can access various bets available. You may find odds in the form of fractions or decimals depending upon the type of odds presentation system followed at the betting exchange. If you are a beginner, invest some time in understanding what the odds mean and how to pick the odds that meet your research. Once you have understood the odd, you may choose to back or lay the odd and place the stake amount accordingly.

Types of betting options available at the betting exchange

  1. Back a bet: In this option, the bettors are agreeing that the possibility of the event to occur is high. They are backing the odd by staking money in its favor.
  2. Laying a bet: In this option, the bettors choose to bet against the odd. It means they are backing the idea that the outcome will be different from what is proposed.

The odds differ throughout the day depending upon the statistics and other factors. One quick tip to make money at betting exchange is to follow the falling odds. The falling odds means that the possibility of event to occur is high. So, you need to read the market conditions almost every minute before locking your decision.

To conclude,

Sportsbook and betting exchanges work differently. At sportsbook, you are betting against the bookie while at betting exchange, you are betting against the fellow bettors. If you want to make the best use of betting exchange, you can follow the predictions from soccertipsters.net. This site has high hit rate in predictions and it also provides information on odds available at various exchanges, which can help you perform the research easily.