Best Betting Markets To Earn Money When Betting On Soccer

Best Betting Markets To Earn Money When Betting On Soccer

Bettors are spoilt with choices when it comes to betting markets, but not all are equally profitable. With practice and experience, the bettors are able to spot value in any bet. Their records also tell about the bets which earn them the returns more often than others. Bookmakers may provide tons of options, of those the ones with better odds are explained in this post.

Punters may get to bet on various sports. The most profitable ones have been football, basketball and horse racing. Depending upon the region to which they belong, some sports have wider fanbase than others. For example, an Asian punter may be inclined to sports like Cricket or Tennis, while a European punter is found to prefer soccer or horse racing. And then, there are betting markets in these sports if we dig deeper.

So, let’s take a look at the betting markets which have better odds than others when you choose to bet on soccer. Also, these bets have less risk involved than others.

Betting markets to choose in Soccer

Betting markets to choose in Soccer

Soccer offers different types of bets. One of these types is goal line bet where the punters bet upon the number of goals that will be scored in a game, or by a chosen side. The other type is straight win bet where the punters have to pick a side and bet on its winning the game. Let’s take a look at all these bets that are popular among the punters and have helped them increase their earnings.

  1. Straight win bet

It is one of the most popular bets among punters. They pick a favorite and speculate whether it will win or not. Some bet in the favor of one team and others back the opponent. The teams are also divided as home team and away team depending upon the location where the match is being played. Mostly, home team wins the match unless the away team manages to pull off an upset.

You will find the odds of home team quite low and that gives an idea about the high chances of home team likely to win the match. Betting on low odds may be good for the start, but it is not fine for a long-term strategy. The bettors have to take little risk by going for evenly placed odds but these odds should tilt towards the favorite, too, to give an idea of clear winner. Such strategy helps win money and makes a straight win bet a favorite among the soccer bettors.

  • Both teams to score

Both teams to score is a bet that is talked about a lot in minor league matches. This bet has proved to be profitable in games like Dutch and South American leagues. Some other leagues from a few parts of Europe are also known for yielding profits to bettors who choose to go for Both teams to score bet. It is, however, not so valuable in major leagues. It is because in major leagues, the teams are highly motivated and display exceptional talent. That moves the odds in a well-defined manner and the teams do everything under their control to not let opponent score a goal. Thus, the dicey situation at major leagues make guessing Both teams to score bet a bit difficult.

  • Over/ Under 2.5 goals

If you are a lover of numbers and have a knack for decoding statistics, Over/Under 2.5 goals bet can yield you easy profits. The bet requires in-depth statistical analysis of the teams’ performance and of the patterns formed in the league. This bet has ample odds to offer and is easy to crack with historical data analysis. The bet works much better for the games which are played in low-tier leagues and is good option to select when betting on regional sports.

  • Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is one of the bets that is picked most often by the professional bettors. In this bet, both teams are leveled by adding goals to the score before the start of the match. Here the weaker team is given a push in the form of goals even before the actual game has started.

Asian Handicap bets give different outcomes with different figures. For instance,

  1. +0.25 – it means the bettor may lose all the stake if the chosen side is defeated and half the bet is refunded in case of draw
  2. +0.50 – it implies that you will win money only if the chosen side wins; in all instances, the money is lost
  3. +0.75 – it means that you will win the full amount staked when your side wins by 2 goals, and in case of win by 1 goal, half the staked amount is won.

This bet is popular because of a few important reasons. First, bookies offer better odds on Asian Handicap bets. Second, even the weak team offers the chance to win money as the scores are leveled by offering handicap. Third, the pay out is better for this bet; thus, if you choose +0 Home Team than 1×2 market in favor of home team, you will be taking home more money in the +0 Home Team case.

Further, the bookies charge lower commission on Asian Handicap bets. So, as a professional bettors, you must be inclined to devote time in research and find value in Asian Handicap bet. With a little exploration, Asian Handicap becomes easier to master and its payouts are high too. That is why, it is quite popular among the punters.

To conclude,

Betting markets are numerous and there is a chance to make money for those who are willing to dig deeper and spot the value. Some betting markets are easier to predict, don’t require exact number to be predicted and work well for smaller leagues. With the help of research and following of pattern in winning the bet, the professional bettors can spot the market where easy money is available. The experts at also provide insight on odds and help you capitalize on the edge created by different odds at various bookmaker sites.