The Draw No Bet Dilemma: A Comprehensive Guide

comprehensive guide

The draw outcome is a reality in the football game. There are certain bets that consider draw as a possibility too. So, to cater to the audience that bets on draw matches, the draw no bet market was introduced. In this market, the possibility of draw bet is removed and when the match result ends in a draw, the bet is canceled. Thus, the bettors win money only when their picked side wins, but they don’t lose anything when the match result is draw. Let’s explore this Draw no bet option in a little detail in this post.

What happens in a Draw No Bet Market?

Draw no bet market stays neutral to the instance of match ending in a draw. The player does not lose money when the match ends in a tie. Instead, the bet amount is refunded to the player. This bet is different from normal bet where the punter loses the money if any other result apart from the win of the picked side comes. So, here the punter is betting on two possibilities and does not lose money when the match ends in a draw.

If the punter picks Team A and it wins, he gets the money as per the odds assigned to the bet. In case Team B wins, the punter loses the money. But, if the match ends in a tie result, the punter gets the money back. In a draw no bet condition, the stake amount is returned to the bettor and that makes the situation somewhat safer for the punter. So, draw no bet market is considered one of the easy bets and has the less risk comparatively.

Are draw no bet and Asian handicap 0 same?

If we consider only the availability of draw option, then both the draw no bet and Asian handicap 0 are the same. In both cases, the draw option is removed from the scene. The purpose of both draw no bet and Asian handicap 0 is to level the field for the sides. In case of Asian Handicap 0, the levelling is done by giving a goal start to the weak team and removing it from the strong team.

Thus, in case of Team A+1 – Team B-1, the team B will have to overcome the handicap if the bettor chooses this side and guesses the outcome in its favor. The chance of draw is entirely removed just like the draw no bet option.

Example of draw no bet in football betting

In football betting, DNB is assigned low odds generally. It is understandable because the bookmaker is obliged to return the bet amount in case of draw. So, let’s take a hypothetical example of Man U- 21/20 (2.0) – Arsenal -9/10 (1.5). In this case, if you bet on Man U and it wins, you get the bet amount plus the bet amount*odd. If the Arsenal wins, you lose the money. But, if the match is drawn, the bookie will pay you back your bet amount. Hence, you will have one safe option on your side and the bet will not be that risky.

How to improve chances of winning a Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet is not different from any other bet except for the fact that it refunds the money to the bettor in case of draw result. So, the tips for losing are almost the same as those applicable to other bets.

First of all, the bettors should compile all historical record and statistics of the contending teams. They must take a look at the current squad and their performance chart, and should find about goals in the past, and the results of the games played. This information can help find the dominating side and place wager accordingly. If there is any team that has clean sweep record or has a very long winning streak, then that team is worth the backing while placing a DNB.

Apart from analyzing the results, the bettors must choose a reputed online bookmaker. Such bookmakers mostly have correct and stable odds and offer the bets more often. It helps in identifying the real scope in a DNB. So, pick the bookmakers that cover a large number of events and allows to bet frequently. It increases the chance of winning as the bettors gain experience and have lots of data to analyze.

Also, you must select the suitable sport for a draw no bet. This bet is quite common in football and cricket. These are the games where the tie result happens quite often. The rules of the games in football and cricket are different and the result in football comes much sooner than the latter. Various teams are of similar caliber and give tough fight to each other.

Taking a look at the points tally table can also help in guessing the outcome of the DNB bet. The teams that are at the middle slots of the points table are equal in capacity. So, the matches among these teams have a high chance of ending in a draw. Also, you will find these matches to have low odds for DNB bet, that further confirms the possibility of odd to be the outcome of the match.

To increase the chance of winning a DNB, one should also look at the odds assigned. The DNB bet will be assigned low odds by reputed sites. It helps the site limit their liability. So, when you want to choose DNB, analyze the odds available at different betting sites.

To conclude,

DNB is a less risky bet and allows the punters to bet on more than one outcome. This bet eliminates the possibility of bet ending in a draw. The DNB works good for those matches where the teams of similar capacity are competing against each other. If you want to bet on a DNB successfully, you can consider the suggestions from the soccer predictions experts at To increase the chance of winning or for getting the refund for the bet, you can take help of the predictions and enhance your bank roll.