Asian Handicap Betting: Understanding and Implementing AH Strategies

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap is an interesting phenomenon in soccer betting. It removes the chances of draw and offers only two possibilities – win or lose. The weak team is given a push or handicap beforehand so that the outcome of the match is not too obvious. Let’s take a look at some AH strategies.

What is Asian handicap and how it works

The clash of titans is a rarity in soccer matches; the competition is mostly between a strong and a weak team. Hence, to retain the competitiveness in bet, the bookies assign a handicap to a weak team, or takes it away from a strong team. Due to Asian Handicap, the odds may look like (hypothetically speaking) +2 for the weak team and -1 for a strong team.

So, the strong team can deliver the punter a bet only when it overcomes the handicap and wins additional goals. Thus, the fun in betting is retained even when the match is not between two comparable talents.

Half-line handicap – what it means

In Asian Handicap, the teams can be assigned 0.5 lines as well. It means the odds will appear as 1.5 or 2.5. If we consider the odds for strong team as -1.5, or -0.5, the bet will result in win if the team scores more than two goals in case of -1.5 odd. In case of -0.5 odd, the team will fetch a win to the bettor if it wins by one goal.

What are the Asian Handicap benefits?

One of the advantages is that the Asian Handicap improves the odds at winning as compared to a traditional bet. Thus, the players get more returns from the investment made when they select Asian Handicap as the betting style. Due to Asian Handicap, the punters have the odds more tilted in their favor than the bookies’ side. So, it improves the winning amount allowing the bettors to make soccer betting a sustainable hobby.

Also, in Asian Handicap, backing the underdog is not loss-making always. The handicap allows the punters to bet on even odds and favor the underdog. Due to handicap assigned, the payout turns out to be larger and several paylines emerge, which put the punter in a profitable position.

Understanding live handicap strategy

Though the downside of AH is that it may prove a bit tricky to understand at the start, it pays back handsomely if understood correctly. Another plus is that the handicap can be assigned during the course of the match too. The weak team is given a handicap as the match goes on and every time a goal is scored, the bettor scoreboard is reset to 0-0. The strong team has to overcome the handicap by the end of the game to help the backers win the bet.

How to implement AH strategy

The AH, just like any other bet, demands the players to be thorough in their research. The rules of the betting remain the same, only thing to keep in mind is handicap which has to be factored into the results to understand the outcome of the bet. To ensure that you maximize the gains from AH bet, you must take care of the following points:

  1. Choose the reputed bookmaker: Many bookmakers are accused of inflating the odds and add commission to them. It can make the bet confusing. The reputed bookmakers have a sound algorithm that helps them set the odds closest to the reality. It is useful for gaining good returns from AH bet.
  2. Do odds analysis patiently: Use extra caution while carrying out odds analysis. Try to compare odds across several bookmakers to understand the real situation and the market sentiment towards any team. By taking clue from this analysis, place the bet to maximize wins from AH betting.
  3. Perform team analysis and record-checking: Asian Handicap moves the win possibility ration from 50:50 to some other ratio. Thus, to ensure that the team overcomes the handicap, the punters should thoroughly check the team form. They must go through the past records of the team. Also, they need to concentrate on current form, tournament trend, draw match’s trends, and score records etc. to arrive upon a working AH strategy.
  4. Check regular scorers: Keeping an eye on regular scorers among the teams helps a lot in AH betting. It helps the punters find out if the team is capable of overcoming the handicap or not. Before picking the side, the record of previous scores of contending team helps understand if the handicap is justified and can possibly be covered.
  5. Select leagues with low draw percentage: Also, Asian handicap works for those leagues where the draw match percentage is low. So, the punters can pick such leagues where there have been clear winners majority of time. It allows them to predict the outcome correctly and win money.
  6. Practice financial discipline: Whether it is traditional or AH bet, the discipline in expenditure is the key to survival. The punters can save a lot of money if they don’t bet on whims and fancies or chase losses. Since the handicap changes the possibilities in multiple ways, it becomes more important to spend wisely as anything can happen in an AH bet, and that the results are not easy to predict.
  7. Choose AH bet only after thorough practice: AH bet works in the punters’ favor when they have understood football betting thoroughly. It is just raising the bar in the betting game. So, start small and stake little to understand the AH betting style first, and then move to ambitious figures.

To conclude,

AH betting requires the punters to understand how the scores in the game affect the outcome of the game. It not only considers the result of the match, but also takes into account the scores achieved by the teams. Thus, to simplify this betting, you can take tipster help from where Asian Handicap tips can be selected after filtering the markets available. It can help the punters remove doubts, proceed with caution and maximize the chances of winning an AH bet.