Analyzing Team Form: A Crucial Factor in Soccer Betting Success

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To achieve success in soccer betting, the bettors have to analyze various factors. The match conditions, team composition, players’ form and records of suspension and injuries can tell a great deal about the result to expect of an upcoming match. Amongst these factors, team form is also an important factor to look at.

What role team form plays in soccer betting success

What precisely a punter does when he places a bet? If you decode the process, he is simply backing the side who he thinks is stronger of the two. Thus, the role of team form is unignorable and has a crucial part to play in the soccer betting success. It can be a deciding factor that can help punters know if the outcome of the bet will be in their favor or not.

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What constitutes a team form?

Team form is a collective outcome of several factors. A team is said to be in strong form when:

  1. It has managed to win almost every game during the ongoing season
  2. The players are super fit and confident and exhibit a dominating body language
  3. The team is able to make several shots during the play, leaving the opponent reeling under pressure
  4. All key players are playing and are in their best mental and physical state.

Thus, team form analysis is quite a crucial factor to consider as it gives an insight over what to expect on field in an upcoming match. The odds are mostly in favor of the team which is in good form. There are several bets which can be predicted with the help of team form analysis. Let’s take a look at those bets.

Which bets can be decided based on team form?

Team form can be a deciding factor in a variety of soccer bets. The form affects the overall performance of the team and may let know if there will be lots of wow moments during the game or not. Some of the bets whose outcome can be decided based on the team form are:

  1. BTTS: How many times do teams could manage to take a shot? What was the possession rate of teams in previous games? What was the number of goals posted? All these questions help understand if the teams will be able to manage scoring a goal in upcoming match or not.
  2. Over/Under: Though the team form may not help guessing the correct score, it does help in picking a range of goals expected in an ensuing match. So, the teams in strong form in their next meeting, will be giving a goals-rich match to the spectators to enjoy. Mostly, Over bet results in a win when the team form is strong.
  3. First team to score: The dominance of the team is determined from the team form. Mostly, the team in good form shows aggressive or attacking play from the very start. Thus, when a strong team is taking on a weak team, the team is most likely to score a goal first.

How is team form determined?

The team form is determined by taking care of a few important factors. This crucial factor is determined by the statistics such as:

  1. Goal difference: The goal difference is determined by subtracting the number of goals conceded from the number of goals scored. If the goal difference is positive, it indicates aggressive form and the negative difference suggests defending attitude.
  2. Patterns in wins: Are the teams constantly scoring wins or have a streak of alternative wins and losses? The constant winning streak is an obvious indicator of a strong team form. It can help estimate the outcome of the upcoming match as well.
  3. Home vs away form: The teams exhibiting wins back to back at the home ground as well as when away are said to be in strong form. And, the form of the team is average when it struggles in away matches but fares well at the home ground.
  4. Opponent analysis: A strong team form becomes conspicuous when the opponent team it defeats is mostly strong. If the previous matches’ records reveal the opponent team to be strong, it can take on matches easily and the bets in its favor can yield the punter a win. The weak teams on the opposite side does not paint a clear picture of a team’s form.
  5. Injury status: The injured players need to be given rest and if the key players are on the bench due to injury, it hits the form of the team overall. Thus, to determine the form of the team, one has to take a look at the squad changes due to fitness status of the players. The team with fit players and having a squad that is in tune emerges stronger and is most likely to score a win or dominate the match.
  6. Historical data comparison: No team stays in its best form always. The changes are obvious to happen with time. So, the current form of the team is to be determined correctly to predict the outcome of any match or bet. It can be done by comparing the current statistics with historical records. The side that shows improvement from the past results is said to be in strong form. Just because a team belongs to your all-time favorite player, it does not make it strong. The form of the favorite player has to be assessed to find the latest situation.

To conclude,

Team form analysis is an important thing to do to attain success in soccer betting. It is a crucial factor and can help predict the outcome of various bets. The overall strength of the team is determined by player form, historical results’ analysis and other facts like home win/away win records. The tipsters at know how to analyze team form and use this factor for making correct football predictions. That is why, their success rate in tips is high and their tips can be considered while betting on soccer games.