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Asian Handicap is a popular system of betting designed to keep excitement alive in one-sided matches. This system of assigning odds allows the bookmakers who show solidarity towards weak team to stay in the game and have chances of winning the bet. Whatever happens on the ground does not affect the bet’s outcome much; that is how Asian Handicap odds are designed. Let’s explore the Soccer Tipsters resources that may help the bookies retain the handicap bettors and help them have more fun off betting on the football games.

It is a well-known fact that football is one of the oldest sports where people chose to bet on the outcomes. The introduction of Asian handicap soccer betting made the betting activity more flavor-rich and added to the excitement of winning money from speculating abilities.

How Asian handicap betting works

In Asian Handicap betting, the handicap is assigned to the teams as per their reputation. For example, if the team is strong, it is assigned handicap in negative value, and positive one otherwise. It allows to avoid the result to be draw and keeps the chance of bettor favoring the weak team alive too.

In Asian Handicap, the odds may be in decimals too. So, half goal, though not a concept in-field, can help bettors make money from the bet simply by the way of calculation of odds.

This concept was introduced in Indonesia and so got the name Asian Handicap. So, while overcoming the handicap, sometimes, the result ends in a draw, and eventually in the cancellation of the bet. Thus, the bettor may get the chance to get the refund on a bet no matter what the result of the match in actual is.

A typical Asian Handicap odds sheet will look like:

Man Utd (-3.5) vs Brighton (+4.5)

So, when bettor favors the stronger team, it will fetch him money, if the score card reads more than 3.5 at the end of the match. Even if the Man Utd scores 3 against Brighton, the bettor will lose.

Types of Asian Handicap Soccer worth knowing about

Asian Handicap Football betting can be explained in several different types. Some of the interesting ones are:

  • Asian Handicap 0.0: It simply means that the teams are not assigned any handicap. Whatever scores they earn during the match decide the fate of the bet.
  • Asian Handicap 0.25: In practical manner, it means that the points are divided the way goals are scored during the game. For example, if the teams score a goal in first half, the bookies decide the outcome by dividing the match time into quarter-size parts. That is how, the portions of the bet to be awarded to bettor and that to be kept with the bookie are decided.
  • Asian handicap 0.5: When 0.5 handicap is assigned to any team, the Asian handicap odds favoring the team will win money only when either your favored team beats handicap or scores a draw. The draw or defeat of Arsenal is not going to help you make your dough from this bet. Hence, handicaps require you to be double sure and very experienced to achieve good returns.

How to select the tipster site for Asian handicap

You must understand that Asian bookie handicap betting is not for beginners. So, even if the bug has bitten you despite all the warnings, you can be on a safe side by partnering with an easily followable tipster site. The tipster verification system on the responsible gambling compliant sites adds to the reliability and makes the whole system palatable even for an Asian Handicap beginner. Some of the best things worth considering for choosing an Asian Handicap betting support sites are:

  • Clear explanation of the handicap odds: The betting site is not supposed to throw puzzles on the bettors to crack. Instead, they should do all the calculation and homework to make the handicap betting enjoyable. It becomes possible for any bettor when the site offers crisp and comprehensible explanation of handicap calculation.
  • Experienced tipsters offering support: In any typical Asian Handicap betting tipster site, the experts chosen should have a marvelous track record. Their years of experience in handicap betting can help them stand out in output quality. It makes earnings a thing of assurance even for handicap betting beginners.
  • Coverage of all tournaments: Wherever handicap betting is applicable, those tournaments should be on the radar of the tipster site you choose. Thus, it allows the bettors to grab all opportunities available in Asian handicap section.

Two betting possibilities with Asian handicap

What is most important is that betting in Asian handicap decreases the possible outcomes from 3 found in normal 1x2 wagering to 2 by getting rid of the outcome of a draw. This asian handicap odds offer 2 betting possibilities, with each one having almost 50 percent possible chance of succeeding.

Asian handicaps can be either good or bad for the bookmaker. They could help the bookmaker to reduce the risk by allowing trading with some parity or by balancing the amount waged on either side of each match. This allows the bookmaker to take bigger positions on any major match. Also the Asian handicap market has lower margins that it offers which do not contribute as much to any gross win like other, higher betting choices such as 1x2.


Which bookies do Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap is done by online sports bookies devoted to Football. Though there are other games, too, where handicap betting works, the demand for Asian handicap in football remains all-time high. Thus, football bookies are the ones who are mostly found dealing in Asian Handicap.

What is AsianBookie?

AsianBookie is an online hub that offers entire support for all aspects related to Asian Handicap. All European Football and other tournaments are covered by AsianBookie. The visitors can participate in forums, and access live streams and live betting, etc. to get the best chance at Asian Handicap betting.

What is a +1.5 Asian Handicap?

+1.5 Handicap means that the favored team has to overcome +1.5 goals to fetch a win to bettor. In this case, the bettor has put money on the weak team. Mostly, when underdogs perform way above the expectations, this handicap is put to application to make betting an exciting deal.

How are Asian handicap odds calculated?

Asian Handicap odds are calculated based on the form of the teams. The position in score tally board also determines the calculation for Asian Handicap. The points are assigned as per the ability of the teams. The + and – signs are allotted to weak and strong team respectively.

What does +1 handicap mean?

+1 handicap means that the weak team will win if the team scores more than one goal in the game. The team’s final score will be added by 1 to get the final score and then it is found if the match has ended in a draw or win for the bettor to make money.

To conclude

Soccer Tipsters is the one stop destination for Asian handicap betting tips. The tipsters here know in and out of the betting and make it easy for the bettors to stake the bet keeping Asian Handicap’s requirements in mind. The rules are made simple to understand. Thus, even beginners can try to invest in Asian Handicap with the support of Soccer Tipsters network.