Accumulator Betting Tips: Maximizing Returns with Multiple Selections

Accumulator Betting Tips- Maximizing Returns with Multiple Selections


In soccer betting, not every bet has to be a single bet. If the punters are sure of the outcomes of more than one bet, they can combine the bets and make an accumulator. The biggest advantage of accumulator bet is that it multiplies the return from a specific betting budget manifold. Let’s take a look at some strategies that can help achieve maximum returns from the accumulator bet.

What is accumulator bet?

Soccer betting has several betting markets. It is not compulsory to bet on the odds individually. There is a provision to combine the bets. This act of combining the bets has been given the name – accumulator betting. In this type of betting, the punter picks up different bets and distributes the bet amount among them. This bet is also known as acca, Mix parley or combo bet. Since the bet is a combination of a number of bets, the returns are maximized.

When does accumulator bet help?

The accumulator bet works in favor of punters when the outcome of the bets is pretty clear. The tricky side of choosing an accumulator bet market is that the punters win the combo only when all the bets end in a win. Thus, the combination should be made of those bets where there is no second thought about the outcome of the bet.

Some of the instances where accumulator bet proved profitable are:

  1. Group matches of the World Cup qualifiers: In Groups of the FIFA World Cup, the group matches see the meeting of a very strong team and very weak teams of the group. The matches are usually one-sided till the knock-off stage is reached. Thus, the punters get the chance to club the bets which include both the current and upcoming matches, and get the maximum return from football betting.
  2. League matches: In leagues like EPL, the odds come out way before the start of the tournament. The fixtures table is also out well in advance. So, the matches where the top rankers are meeting the bottom rankers of the points tally table make good case for accumulator betting.

Tips for maximizing returns from accumulator bets

Accumulator bet is not to be taken lightly. The odd of an accumulator bet is quite high and commands the need to research well and be double sure of the outcome. Though the accumulator bet delivers handsome returns, any one of the bet (or leg as it is called in an acca bet) ending in loss can result in losing the entire bet. To make things easier, there is an option for placing the bet.

‘Place the bet’ strategy

The accumulator bet can be played as an each-way bet. This strategy, apart from choosing two or three bets, an additional bet is placed which returns the punters a fraction of the bet corresponding to the bet result. This additional bet is called ‘placed bet’. It is usually applied in horseracing bets, and provides guidance to football bettors on how to use it for football matches.

Back clear favorites

The accumulator bet is not the option for pushing luck too much and taking risks. Since the bet is won only when all legs win, this bet should include only those matches where the favorite is clear. It can be found from the study of odds. Also, the sports new, past records and motivational level of the teams can help pick the favorite correctly. Mostly, the matches where one side is dominating, can be picked for making an acca bet.

Picking low odds bets

The bets are assigned low odds when the probability of proposed outcome is quite high. Bookies assign low odds to matches with clear outcomes to limit their liability towards punters. Thus, the bets which are most likely to end in a win can be identified by studying the odds. While designing the accumulator bets, the players can select these low-odd bets and hope to make it big from football betting.

Adding limited number of bets to acca

Accumulator bets can allow punters to combine as many as 20 bets. However, a little discipline in this regard can help the punters a lot. It is advisable to add not more than three bets in an acca bet. This strategy helps in multiple ways. First, it requires the punters to research on limited bets. Thus, they can give their best to research and select the most obvious bets from the lot. Secondly, they reduce the risk. The fewer the number of bets, the little the risk involved. Ideal number of bets in an accumulator bet is three.

Pay attention to football tips

Football tips are the opinions of the experts who have done in-depth research on the matches. Thus, their opinion can be a mirror to what is most likely to happen on the field. Selecting the side as per the tipster opinion can be a workable strategy and may reduce the risk considerably. However, combine it with good amount of research. Do the research at your end thoroughly first and then use the tips as second opinion. This is the reliable way of winning an accumulator bet.

Use ‘Cash Out’

Cash out strategy is where you agree to take a reduced payout and come out of the bet while the matches are still pending. It usually happens in the multi-fold accumulators which have more than 4 bets added. If the six bets, for example, ended in a win and you are not sure of the seventh one, you can choose to cash out and have some return from the acca bet placed.


Selecting bets is an important decision to make to gain a win from the accumulator bet. Also, choose only those matches where the strong team is meeting very weak team. The sites like can help remove confusion and pick bets which are most likely to deliver a win. Thus, research well, pick limited bets and consider tips from the experts if you want accumulator bet to work in your favor.