Who won the English Premier League 2014?

Who won the English Premier League 2014?

Who won the English Premier League 2014?

2013-2014 was the 22nd season of the English Premier League. The season had some of the most controversial moments.

Manchester City was awarded the League Title, but the club may be stripped of this honor due to their breaching of financial fair play rules.

In the 2014 English Premier League, Liverpool ended as runner-up.

Now that the Sky Blues may have to give away the title, Liverpool will be taking over this title, though after the completion of six years.

Let’s find more about the winners and other statistics related to English Premier League 2014.

Who scored the highest number of goals in EPL 2014?

2014-15 saw the precedence of Manchester City Club in most of the areas. Their winning of the title was the result of their consistency in performance.

The highest goals were scored by Sergio Aguero who sent the ball 26 times to the opponent’s net.

Other high goal scorers of the season were:

Harry Kane (Tottenham): 21

Diego Costa (Chelsea): 20

However, talking about the quality, the best goal’s contenders for this season were Philippe Coutinho’s goal against Southampton, Angel Di Maria’s against Leicester, Bobby Zamora’s goal v West Brom, and Jason Puncheon v Liverpool; to quote a few game-changing ones.

What won maximum points in the English Premier League 2014?

Every win fetches three points to the winning team. Manchester City topped the points’ tally of English Premier League 2014-15 season.

It scored a total of 86 points. The other teams who found the place among the top ten points scorers were:

  1. Liverpool: 84
  2. Chelsea: 82
  3. Arsenal: 79
  4. Everton: 72
  5. Tottenham: 69
  6. Manchester United: 64
  7. Southampton: 56
  8. Stoke: 50
  9. Newcastle United: 49

Each point counts when it is about making it to the top of the English Premier League as the winner.

The league is a high voltage drama, where the players are their aggressive best.

The teams have to give their all and show the unprecedented game to be instrumental in winnings, which in turn reward them with the brightest of football careers.

Who won the position among fair play teams in the English Premier League 2014?

The teams are bound to feel the heat due to high stakes, both in terms of reputation and money.

Fans booing and cheering from the stands add more to the drama. That is why some very character-rich gameplays are witnessed throughout a typical session of the English Premier League.

The year 2014 stood out more in this regard due to various news-making events both on and off the field.

The organizers announce fair play awards to keep the players in control. To keep the decision fair, the authorities consider yellow cards and red cards given to teams. 

The winners of this title in the 2014 edition of the English Premier League were:

  1. Sunderland: 29
  2. Tottenham Hotspur: 25
  3. West Ham United and Newcastle United: 24
  4. Liverpool: 23
  5. Southampton: 22
  6. West Brom: 21

What was the highest margin win of English Premier League 2014?

English Premier League 2014 had a few highly one-sided matches where the winning team either had a clean sweep or high margin and sometimes both. Some of the noticeable matches with high margin wins of this season were:

  1. Southampton 8-0 Sunderland: Sunderland could not manage to send the ball to Southampton’s net even once throughout the match. On the other side, Southampton hammered the opponent with 8-0 win, taking place in one of the high margins wins in English Premier League.
  2. The other match worth mentioning is Cardiff City-Liverpool. Though the match did not have a high margin like 8-0, it was an away win with Liverpool leading the host team by 3 goals. The scoreboard at the end read Cardiff City 3-6 Liverpool. This match shares the honor with Everton and Chelsea’s duel that also saw the home team disappointing his fans by giving away the match to the visiting side.

Which team had the longest unbeaten run in Premier League 2014?

Though the Manchester City club emerged winner in English Premier League 2014, it was not the most consistent team. The team had only a few good weeks in the tournament that year.

It was Liverpool that showed an impressive performance with the longest unbeaten run of 16 games.

On the other hand, the longest winless run was that of West Brom, Sunderland, and Fulham.

The matches on the last day were the edgy entertainers because till the final there was no clear-cut inclination on the name of the Champion.

2014 is remembered as the most entertaining season, but still haunts Liverpool who lost to Manchester City in a close match.

Who won the most ‘clean sheets’ in Premier League 2014?

Chelsea’s Petr Cech holds the record of having the highest number of ‘clean sheets’ in entire Premier League history.

The 2014 premiership is one of those that contributed to his numbers. Petr scored 16 ‘clean sheets’ this year.

However, he was not alone this time. Wojciech Szczesny from Poland and playing for Arsenal Club matched 16 ‘clean sheets’ record of Petr.

Other ‘clean sheet’ achievers of the Premiership were:

  1. Tim Howard (Everton): 15
  2. Artur Boruc (Southampton) and Hugo Lloris (Tottenham): 14
  3. Joe Hart (Manchester City): 13
  4. David de Gea (Manchester United), Juian Speroni (Crystal Palace) and John Rudy (Norwich City): 12
  5. Vito Mannone (Sunderland): 11


Manchester City winning English Premier League 2013-2014 season became possible due to its winning streak of 5 final league matches.

It made this club surpass the second-best performer Liverpool that started strongly but failed to maintain the hold.

This premiership season is still under scanner because the winning team is suspected to have tampered with their financial fair play records.

The wrong furnishing of information about the financials may cost them their title.

Arsenal finished fourth and Manchester United also had a poor show ending at 7th position in the final table.

Overall, the season was interesting but may haunt the Liverpool fans and players who lost the title to Manchester City despite having stronger gameplay, better quality runs, and impeccable sportsmanship.