Top 10 betting tipsters for English Premier League 2021

Top 10 betting tipsters for English Premier League 2021

Betting in football matches is not a joke. It requires exceptional research expertise. With so many aspects to consider and attend, the betting may disappoint a starter.

Thankfully, the tipsters provide you the much-needed tips when you run short of time for the research and data crunching. 

Let’s find answers to some of the most common questions one asks about the betting tipsters to trust for EPL 2021.

Which betting tipsters are the most promising in English Premier League 2021?

About 10 betting tipsters have got the attention of the speculators due to their impeccable success rate, great timing, and high-profit rates. These are:

  1. WeBet Football World: Having scored a gigantic profit of £4,860 approx. from 1695 football tips, this tipster wears the crown of being the best in the space proudly.
  2. Post Corona Football: Quite fitting the name, this tipster has given the clear-cut tips when everything is so unpredictable due to Coronavirus impact. Its profits stand at a staggering £2,147.04.
  3. 21Jackpot: Profit of +535 in July 2020 makes it a reliable resource to get tips with high chances of winning.

How to select the best EPL 2021 tipsters for advice?

Betting figures can go sky-high if you have paid attention to these points while selecting your tipster for 2021:

  1. Frequency of tips: Every tip is important and can be your golden chance. Hence, the tipster giving you the tip precisely when you search for it is your perfect go-to.
  2. High-value odds: If the tipster is weighing all the risk and giving you tips with odds more than 1.1 too, then you are surely going to see your account fattening up.
  3. Gives access to sportsbook bonuses: The tipster providing you links to high bonus sites and offers is a good option to keep you busy in betting and making money.
  4. Offers a variety of markets: It helps you spread the risk and gives you a fair idea of markets that remain in your luck’s favor mostly.

Which tipster for 2021 has scored the highest all-time profit?

WeBet Football World – Tipstrr scored the highest all-time profit of £4,860 approx. It has touched this figure in just 1695 football tips.

This tipster has recorded steadier growth year after year since inception. It is doing well in the Champions League and is expected to provide the best tips for English Premier League 2021 too. 

Since the year 2021 continues to be unpredictable, this tipster will be solid support to the punters exploring the markets for the first time or regaining control from the points last left.

Which are the top 6 among 10 betting tipsters for EPL 2021?

Here are the top 10 betting tipsters that stand out on multiple grounds. Their experience, accuracy, and variety of market offerings put them at the topmost followable tipsters of English Premier League 2021.

  1. Tips180: A haven for betting beginners, this tipster provides tips as well as guides on various aspects of football betting.
  2. Footy Super Tips: Keeping an eye on all football action across the world, this betting tipster can be a good source of information for putting money on EPL 2021.
  3. WSTipster: Find about the goalscorers, shots, cards, and much more from this tipster to make EPL 2021 season a lucrative one.
  4. @FootyAccums: Tie-ups with the top bookmakers of the UK give this tipster added credibility,
  5. 21Jackpot: With a 47% annual strike rate, you will find the best tips to fill the kitty in the 2021 season here.
  6. Handicap PRO: You can enjoy handicaps much better way with this Handicap specialist.

What does the track record tell about the best tipsters for EPL 2021?

A track record is one of the most crucial differentiators of the tipsters active in the 2021 season of the English Premier League. It speaks volumes about:

  1. Years in business: You can understand the extent to which the tipster understands football by considering the years in business.
  2. Accuracy rate: Tipsters’ track record tells about the exceptional accuracy rate if the profit margin is on the higher side.
  3. Reach among all markets: Access to all possible betting markets becomes easier to find from the track record.
  4. Experience of various tournaments: The track records tells a great deal about the types of tournaments the tipster has mastered.
  5. Profit margin: Won’t you want to be the beneficiary of the profits these tipsters promise? Their track record tells what you have signed for.

What betting types become easier to speculate with tipsters’ support?

The top betting tipsters for English Premier League 2021 can help a lot in making money on – 

  • high goalscorers,
  • match win/lose/draw,
  • clean sheets
  • Fastest goal
  • Who will score a goal first
  • Home/away team win
  • Goals in the first half
  • Goals in the second half
  • Clean scoreboard; to quote the most common ones.

Tipsters keep an eye on on-field and off-field statistics and news. They follow the form and performance of the players in home and away grounds.

Their critical view of the situations developing before and during the match helps them provide tips with high accuracy chances.

Where to get betting tips for English Premier League 2021?

Though we have provided the list above, take a look at the top desirable features of tipsters that can make English Premier League betting more fun for you:

  1. High tips accuracy percentage
  2. Best track record
  3. Tie-ups with the bookmakers
  4. Competitive odds
  5. Offering access to high bonuses sites
  6. Offers quick information about the latest happenings
  7. Variety of markets to offer


Making the list of top 10 betting tipsters for English Premier League 2021 can be a daunting task.

But, when done right, it can help you have high chances of winning huge amounts in football betting or at the EPL 2021 tournament, to be precise.

Keep track of newcomers and have a mix of experienced tipsters, too, to have the best of both worlds to help you.

The betting experts can have more fun in fewer efforts when they have set the chord with their favorite tipsters.