List of English Premier League (EPL) 2021 clubs

List of English Premier League (EPL) 2021 clubs

English Premier League was formed after breaking away from Football Association in 1992.

20 clubs from England and two from Wales came together, designed the league’s procedural framework to restructure English Football.

History of English Premier League (EPL)

Which club left the league or stayed put throughout, how many wins they scored, their home grounds, the moments of glory, and also that of struggle are some of the points worth knowing when the league is entering into its 29th season this year.

So, let’s look back and explore some interesting information about the participants that adorned the list of English Premier League 2021 clubs.

Which were the original 22 clubs in English Premier League?

English Premier League was a rip off from the Football Association. The aim was to restructure English Football and keep things in action after expulsion from European competition for five years.

The 22 clubs resigned from the Football Association and started their campaign in August 1992. These clubs were:

  • Manchester United,
  • Liverpool,
  • Arsenal,
  • Chelsea,
  • Manchester City,
  • Everton,
  • Tottenham,
  • Southampton
  • Crystal Palace
  • Aston Villa
  • Norwich City
  • Blackburn Rovers
  • Queens Park Rangers
  • Sheffield Wednesday
  • Wimbledon
  • Sheffield United
  • Coventry City
  • Ipswich Town
  • Leeds United
  • Oldham Atlantic
  • Middlesbrough
  • Nottingham Forest

Which clubs from the 1992 list are playing in English Premier League 2021 too?

Twelve teams from the original season are competing in the 2021 season too.

These teams are Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Leeds United, Tottenham, Wimbledon, Sheffield United.

Of these, Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool have always been present in the competition. And Aston Villa, Manchester City, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, and Southampton faced relegation at least once.

Considering all the times, about 49 clubs have become part of the Premier League since 1992. Not all teams are from England. Interestingly, the managers of most of the teams are non-English as well.

Which club has scored the highest number of wins?

Manchester United tops the list of English Premier League 2021 clubs who scored maximum wins since its formation. This club has won it about 20 times. Sir Alex Ferguson, a Scottish by origin, managed the team from this club. 2012-2013 was the last season of Sir Alex.

Other teams that have scored wins multiple times in English Premier League are Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Everton FC, which held the titles 19, 13, and 9 times respectively.

Not only in terms of wins, but the club is also outstanding in Social Media following too and stands third among all sports teams. Manchester United has scored 18 home wins in a single season and overall 32 victories in one season.

Which clubs were relegated the highest number of times?

English Premier League works on the promotion and relegation system. The teams that stand at the lowest three spots in Premier League are relegated to second-tier English Football known as Champions League.

Norwich City FC faced relegation a maximum number of times, amounting to 5, during seasons between 1995 and 2000.

Its recent relegation happened in the 2019-2020 season when it fell 14 points behind Aston Villa, which stood 17th in this season’s table.

However, considering the whole of English Football, Birmingham City FC has faced 14 relegations and promotions before and after the formation of the Premier League.

What are the most and the fewest home wins and away wins of English Premier League 2021 clubs?

Most home wins scored by clubs in a season in Premier League are 18. The clubs that scored maximum home wins are – Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool.

The fewest home wins number have been 1. Sunderland and Derby County scored these single wins in seasons 2005-06 and 2007-08, respectively.

Most away wins have been scored by Manchester City in seasons 2017-2018 when it scored 16 wins on non-home grounds.

The fewest away wins have been 0. Clubs like Hull City (2009-2010), Leeds United (1992-93), Coventry City (1999-2000), Wolverhampton Wanderers (2003-04), Norwich City (2004-05), and Derby County (2007-8) could not score any wins in away grounds in these seasons.

Which are the home grounds of English Premier League 2021 clubs?

The English Premier League 2021 will see the participation of 20 teams. Their home grounds are:

  • Arsenal: Emirates Stadium
  • Tottenham Hotspur: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  • Manchester City: Etihad Stadium
  • Everton: Goodison Park
  • Leicester City: King Power Stadium
  • Leeds Utd: Elland Road
  • Sheffield United: Bramall Lane
  • FULHAM: Craven Cottage
  • Aston Villa: Villa Park
  • Brighton: The American Express Community Stadium
  • Wolves: Molineux Stadium
  • Burnley: Turf Moor
  • Liverpool: Anfield
  • West Ham: London Stadium
  • West Brom: The Hawthorns
  • Crystal Palace: Selhurst Park
  • Southampton: St. Mary’s Stadium
  • Manchester United: Old Trafford
  • New Castle: St. James Park
  • Chelsea Stamford Bridge

Manchester United owns the biggest stadium having a capacity of 76,200. It witnesses 91% attendance most of the time. However, filled % is the highest for Emirates Stadium, where 90% attendance is mostly recorded.

Which are the richest clubs in English Premier League 2021?

 As per January 2020 reports of, these are the four richest clubs of the English Premier League:

  • Manchester United – £627.5 million

After seeing a rough patch, the club has risen to the top amongst the priciest grosses of EPL. These ‘Red Devils’ have always managed to be at the top 3 revenue earners except for the 2012-13 season.




  • Manchester City – £538.2 million

Manchester City sees its golden period. With improvement in performance, astronomically sized TV deals, and heavy investments pouring in, the club has moved to the second spot. It is co-owned by Football City Club.


  • Liverpool – £533 million

Liverpool FC scored the second position in Premier League 2019, which accounted for a 17% rise in its earnings. The team is doing brilliantly in keeping the fans happy with stellar performances and also in bringing home big fat checks.



  • Tottenham Hotspur – £429.3 million

The club’s recent move to the second largest stadium and a brilliant stint in the Champion’s league put it among the top brass of the corporation.  It has surpassed Chelsea and Arsenal in earnings by bagging a €276.7m TV deal.




About 49 all-time English Premier League clubs command the state of English Football. After breaking away from Football Association, the league was initially helmed by 22 clubs. Later due to promotions and relegations, these 22 spots saw many new entries. The list of English Premier League 2021 clubs is no less than the Hall of Fame for English footballers owing to the prestige and money it brings along.