How Many Games In German Bundesliga Season?

Games In German Bundesliga Season

German Football has a very noble history. There are various football competitions organized in the soil of Europe, German Bundesliga is one of them. It is quite prestigious for German football lovers. This is one of the reasons why you find German Bundesliga prediction site to be acting with great fervor when this tournament is going on and even before that.

German Bundesliga is one of the most under-rated leagues played across the world. It is one of the leagues that has promoted local talents much better than all other in the world. Various experts have cracked down the statistics of this league and found that the league works much better way than other leagues and has contributed significantly to development of German Football.

Total number of games in German Bundesliga

German Bundesliga is played between 18 teams. This is one of the points of difference that keeps it unique from other leagues. German Bundesliga prediction makers, therefore, get to provide odds on total of 34 games (17×2=34). The other popular competitions of Europe are EPL, League 1, Serie A and La Liga. All of these teams have 20 teams participation. Thus, the total number of games played in these competitions are 38 matches.

All teams in German Bundesliga compete on the pattern of promotion and relegation in association with 2.Bundesliga. The latter is the second tier of German Football competition. In fact, there are three levels in German Football League Competition with German Bundesliga be the highest level. The second is 2.Bundesliga and the lowest one is 3.Liga.

The qualifying clubs of 2.Bundesliga get to compete in Bundesliga. 1. FC N├╝rnberg is the most successful club that has participated in Bundesliga four times; this is highest till date. The club got promoted from 2.Bundesliga to Bundesliga maximum of seven times. Thus, this club is under radar of many of German Bundesliga Prediction sites. It certainly has capacity to influence the odds of any game when placed against it.

Changes in pattern of German Bundesliga

Currently, the number of games played in this foot ball competition is 34. However, the pattern has gone through lots of changes since the inception of competition. This competition has garnered lot of respect, of late, and continues to be at the top tier of leagues being played in Germany. At present, the competition is organized by German Football League.

Number 34 is just the tip of the iceberg

Saying that German Bundesliga has total of 34 games is an understatement. The game offers lot of opportunities to German Bundesliga prediction experts. Since German football league has three levels, so to reach the Bundesliga level, a lot of football happens among the competing clubs. Reaching the top of the tier has fetched this league a lot of benefits, which will be discussed later. Here is an overview of competition pattern.

The present pattern of competition is that its season expands over early August till late May. The German Bundesliga prediction provider can take a break of six weeks from December to January. Games are played every Saturday and Sunday. Five games start at 3:30 pm and one begins at 6:30 pm. On Sunday, two games are played at 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm. According to a TV deal that was signed in 2006, German Bundesliga prediction will highlight one game on Friday too, on this day, the game is played at 8:30 pm.

German Football in its introduction years comprised only of amateur players. That is why, it fared very badly on international forums. Thus, the football promoters in country suggested that to stay viable internationally, the competition level has to be raised at national level. This is how league system came into formation and opened an avenue for German Bundesliga prediction followers.

To become a participant in German Bundesliga, there are strict rules laid. The club or player has to have a license for participation which they earn only if they have contributed significantly to the education of football and have run an academy for aspirants.

Important points of competition Points format

  1. Each club plays the other club on home ground and one on away ground. That is why, German Bundesliga prediction chart does have odds for home wins and away wins always.
  2. Victory gives winner two points; draw gives 1 and loser scores zero.
  3. The team or club scoring highest in German Bundesliga score chart is given the title of German Football Champion. The odds in German Bundesliga prediction are always in favor of highest scorers. Those who want to back under dogs can bet against the odds.

How any team reaches German Bundesliga

Teams are playing in various German Football competitions before reaching Bundesliga. The top four teams of German Bundesliga are picked for playing in UEFA championship. The two losers are relegated to 2.Bundesliga. The two winners from 2. Bundesliga are promoted to Bundesliga. All these movements form suitable premise for German Bundesliga prediction related to final teams qualifying for the competition.

The third last team of Bundesliga compete with the third ranked team for a lay-off match. The winner of this team secures the place in Bundesliga for the next season and loser goes to 2.Bundesliga.

Important matches of this competition are the ones played for:

  1. Securing first four places of the league which then go to UEFA
  2. Matches to decide last three positions to decide upon relegation and next year player
  3. Match between third position holder of 2.Bundesliga and 16th position holder of Bundesliga

Records reveal that Alemannia Aachen is the most successful team of the league of 2018-2019. Greuther Furth is the second best.

To conclude, German Bundesliga is a disciplined way of preparing German football team for very prestigious European football competitions like Europa League and UEFA championships. The clubs have to contribute visibly and in result-oriented manner to prove their candidature for Bundesliga. This is assured by allowing only those clubs to participate who nurtures home-grown talent through academy.