How Much Do Europa League Winners Get

Europa league is a very prestigious annual meet of football clubs organized by UEFA. This league is known for its high voltage action and prize money and is capable of tuning the fate of players for good overnight. Not all clubs make it to the list of Europa League teams. Only those who have fared very well in national leagues and cup competitions qualify to be the part of Europa League after a few rounds of selection. This is why, Europa League predictions are something to watch for as everything ranging from who will play to how match conditions favor is under radar and form the base for football betting.

Prize money for Europa League Winners

Europa League has been won by 28 clubs so far. Of these, 13 are such who have won the title twice. The higher number od wins have been scored by Sevilla club. The current defender of Europa League is Chelsea club. According to Europa League predictions, Chelsea defeated Arsenal in 2019 and scored the title for second time.

Europa League trophy, since it was organized by UEFA, was known as UEFA cup in 2009-10 season. The format of the league now comprises of three-year competition cycle that will spread over 2021-24. Since 2015, a third-tier competition has been added in the tournament to give stage to various low performing teams who can now go till this tier before elimination.

A lot of prestige is attached with Europa cup trophy that comes along with huge prize money. The team that win consecutively for three years or on scoring fifth-win can have the trophy in their club permanently. This team is also adorned with multiple-winner badge. Europa League predictions sites reveal that Sevilla is the current holder of multiple-winner badge.

Along with the trophy, the league showers the players with lot of money. The prize money is divided amongst the players of the winning club in the form of fixed payments. The payment is fixed on the basis of brand value of the player and also on the level of participation in the match. They earn the money in the form of fees earned for each match played and their TV market value.

The prize money distribution is something like this:

  • Winner of preliminary round: €220,000

It increases by €20,000 each on winning first, second, third and play-off round elimination. Thus, first qualifying round winning gives €240,000, second qualifying round fetches the winning club €260,000, third qualifying round winner gets €280,000 and play-off round elimination winner makes €300,000. You can find Europa League Predictions giving the names of the winning teams in all these matches to bet upon. The win and loss predictions do require lot of research and practice to achieve correctness of results.

  • Base fee for group stage: €29,20,000

Each group match victory gives the winner amount of €570,000. In case of draw in group matches, the winning amount is €190,000. Group winners club takes home €1,000,000. Group runner up are given €500,000.

  • Round of 32: €500,000

The group winners reach round of 32. They further move to round of 16. The round of 16 winners are given the prize money of €1,100,000. Then, the winners move to quarter-finals. Quarter finals winners are awarded €1.500,000. The punters can take help of Europa League predictions to bet upon the team reaching to semi-finals. The semi-final winners win for their clubs €2,400,000. Finally, the final is played. The Europa league predictions for winning team are very important and are the reason why spectators stay glued to the competition till the last minute of the final match. The final match loser is paid €4,500,000 and winner prize money in mammoth amount of €8,500,000.

This league is a sponsored event. The companies like FedEx, Kia Motors, Heineken International and a few others are the sponsors of the current tournament.

A lot of activity takes place outside the ground too, which can affect the outcome of any match. Europa league predictions makers give cues to the punters to bet upon the odds in favour of or against the teams contending for all the above stages of the competition.

How teams qualify to be part of Europa League

If we look at the kind of competition the football teams face at Europa league, the earnings look quite justified. The teams have to perform outstandingly throughout the domestic games and cup tournaments played in their countries to become a favorite of Europa League predictions makers.

There are three qualifying stages that lead to play-offs and further to group games and knock out round. The teams for qualifying stages are selected on the basis of performances displayed in country football. For example, the entry to final 16 is made almost automatically on the basis of the performances in cup tournaments. The positions of countries in Europa League decide the place in the tournament. Final 16 comprise of teams that:

  1. Finished fourth in the fourth-ranked nation
  2. Fifth place holders of three top ranking nations
  3. Cup holders of 12 top ranks holding nations of Europa League.

Thus, the real work of Europa League predictions makers starts from final 16. The matches of Europa league, therefore, are easy to research upon as a lot of football has already been played before the start of this tournament. The information about strong teams, team management, home performances, away performances and so on is available and makes it easy to make correct Premier League predictions.

Europa league involves a lot of money certainly. It is one of the most prestigious football tournaments that can make or break the careers of players. Those who have taken football as profession prepare for years for this tournament, and they are right in doing so because of the earnings they make. These earnings are just the ones coming from on-field performance. The players also earn millions from endorsements deals too. It is because of these earnings that Europa League has become one of the most watched tournaments throughout the world.