Europa League predictions

The UEFA europa league fixtures, once known as the UEFA Cup, is a soccer club competition which has been organised since 1971 by UEFA. Football clubs are able to qualify for this competition depending on how they perform in cup competitions and national leagues. As far as UEFA soccer records are concerned, the UEFA Cup and UEFA europa League fixtures are the same competition.

Team that wins the UEFA europa League fixtures qualifies for UEFA Super Cup

In 1999, what was then called the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was merged with the UEFA Cup. In the 2004 to 2005 competition, before the knockout stage, a group stage was included. In the 2009 re-branding event there was a merger with the UEFA Intertoto Cup. This created a bigger competition format, with a larger group stage and a changed in qualifying criteria. The team that wins the UEFA europa League fixtures is qualified for the UEFA Super Cup.

As from the 2014/15 season the team that wins the UEFA europa league fixtures qualifies also for the next round of UEFA Champions League. The winner will be eligible to enter at the play-off and will be able to enter in the group stage as long as the berth that has been reserved for the title holders of the Champions League has not been used.

28 different clubs have won the Europa League

So far, 28 different clubs have won this title, with 12 having won it at least once. Up to now Sevilla has been the most successful club in the competition, winning 5 titles. The present champion is Manchester United who won against Ajax to win the 2016–17 UEFA europa league fixtures which involved many europa league betting tips following europa league prediction.

Liverpool has won 3 times

Liverpool emerged as the winners of the competition for the 3rd time in 2001, while Porto won in both the 2003 and 2011 tournaments. This was all contrary to europa league prediction. The latter did so while playing against Braga the Portuguese team. In 2004, Spain won the cup with Valencia being the actual victor. Sevilla in 2006 & 2007 won twice in 2 years. In 2007 this was against Spaniards Espanyol. In the year before and following Sevilla's success, 2 Russian teams, which in 2005 was CSKA Moscow and in 2008 Zenit Saint Petersburg won.

In 2009, Ukraine's Shakhtar Donetsk took over as the winners. Atlético Madrid won in 2010 and 2012. In 2013 contrary to europa league prediction Chelsea became the 1st Champions League holders which won the UEFA Cup/europa league betting tips. In 2014 Sevilla won the 3rd cup in 8 years following the beating of Benfica on just penalties. A year later, which was 2015, Sevilla were able to win their 4th UEFA Cup/Europa League. This made the club the most successful.

In previous years, this competition was open to domestic league runners-up but after the competition went through a merging with UEFA's previous 2nd tier European competition in 1999, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, those that won any domestic cup competition events have entered the UEFA Cup as well. Clubs that are eliminated in the 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League and at the finish of the group stage, the 3rd placed teams were able to go on to take part in the UEFA Cup. Winners can also join from selected domestic League Cup competitions and play in the europa league fixtures.