Decoding Half-Time and Full-Time Markets in Soccer Betting

Half-Time and Full-Time

Soccer betting has several markets, half-time and full-time bet is one among them. In a half-time, full-time bet, the punter predicts the score or outcome at the end of the half-time and then when the final whistle is blown. To win this bet, the punter has to predict the outcomes of both the halves correctly. It means if you have predicted the score of the half-time correctly, but the team backed by you does not win match at the end of the game, you lose the bet.

Half-time/Full-time bet is played in different ways. Some of half-time/full-time bets require to predict the score of teams at both the halves. In others, the punter needs to predict the winning team only in both halves.

Variations of half-time/full-time bet

Here is the quick explanation of all 9 possibilities of half-time/full-time bet. 1 stands for home team and 2 stands for away team. The variations are:

  1. 1/1: Both the first half and the match are won by home team
  2. X/1: The first half of the match is draw, while the match is won by home team
  3. 1/2 : The first half’s winner is home team and the winner of the match is away team
  4. X/X: The result of both first half and that of the match ends in a draw
  5. 2/1: The result of first half is in favor of away team and the home team wins the match
  6. 2/X: The away team dominates the first half but the home team wins the match
  7. 2/2: The away team wins both the first half and the match

Example of half-time/full-time bet

Let’s take the example of Manchester United and Everton match. In this match, M Utd won the first half with score 1-0. The Evertons could not do much in the second half also, and despite the struggle, they were defeated with overall match score of 3-0. This match was played at Old Trafford. So, the punters who bet on 1/1 in favor of M Utd had a winning outcome. It is a one-sided match because Everton is a low-rank team while M Utd are mostly among super six. Thus, the odds on this bet were kept low, which indicated strong possibility of M Utd winning the match and the first half as well.

The usual odds of half-time/full-time bet

The half-time/full-time is liked a lot because of high value the odds contain. The odds are usually high which allow the punters to win big and go home smiling. You can expect the odd to be between 20 and 30, which gives you great returns.

How to win a half-time/full-time bet

Winning a half-time/full-time bet requires good research and a sound betting strategy. The punters can maximize their returns by playing safe and backing the favorite (home team) side.

One of the advisable things to do is to look for odds that are about 1.5 in favor of the favorites. Then, you can choose to place two single bets. In one bet, you favor 1/1 outcome and in second bet, you favor X/1 outcome. By doing so, you cover lots of possibilities. It ensures that you have a good bet when the home team dominates the match throughout the match. And, it also covers the situation when the away team manages to give a good fight in the first half, but home team goes aggressive and takes over the match in second half. Thus, clubbing bets is one of the ways which help you spread the risk and maximize wins from a half-time/full-time bet.

Strategies to win half-time/full-time bet

The odds are comparatively high for this bet, so why not make the best of this opportunity by following some profitable and proven strategies? To help you with, we have listed here the best strategies that can help you win this bet.

  1. Research thoroughly

Try to understand what situation you are backing when you choose the bets like X/1, 1/1, or 2/X and so on. For example, X/1 means that the both teams stopped the other team from scoring and the home team (or favorites) had a lucky moment in the second half. 1/1 bet is for those matches where there is a clear favorite as the match is between a very strong and a very weak team.

The head to head records, playing style of the teams such as scoring late goals, showing aggression in first half or second half and motivating factors can be studied to find the probale outcome of a half-time/full-time bet.

  • Study the historical data

How the teams performed in the previous years and what the team compositions were in different years can be researched upon to understand the mood at the field. The home win and away win records help understand the context of the match and determine the style of the game the teams are likely to show in the ensuing match. Accordingly, the odds are evaluated.

  • Evaluate odds

Very minute details sometimes get escaped from the bookmakers’ radar, which may result in value bets. The punters can go for such high value bets, where the payout is generous and the outcome is also the one that matches your speculation.

  • Spend wisely

Like all other bets, the punters need to assign the money on the odds quite judiciously on the half-time/full-time bets too. If you manage the bankroll well, you can evade financial risk and stay in the betting game for long.

To conclude, The half-time/full-time bet is a high odd bet and may yield good value to the bettors. This bet requires punters to research on the team’s playing style, their position in the points tally chart, and their motivation level with which they are entering the turf. To ease the betting process on this bet, you can take tips from, where the half-time/full-time correct score, half-time/full-time Asian handicap and other markets are predicted with a lot of accuracy. This support can definitely make your betting record full of successful results and help you earn a better ROI.