What Does Half Time Full Time Bet Mean?

Half Time Full Time Bet Mean

Half Time Full Time Bet—Interesting, Simple And Yields Results

Soccer is a game that consists of two halves, each comprising of 45 minutes. It is also a game that consists of players defending different positions, some playing in defense others in attacking positions. Soccer is also a game that sees goals being scored throughout the game and it is ultimately the goals that decide the winner. All this put together makes for an action-packed 90 minutes both for the viewer and the bettors.

In fact with so many things involved in a simple game of soccer, it is natural for soccer betting to involve many different types of bets wherein some pertain to the teams, some to goals, and others to goal scorers. Some of the common bets involved in soccer betting are the half-time full-time bet, the over and under goals bet, accumulator bets, both teams to score, etc.


Definition of full time half time bet

Effectively speaking this bet involves a combination of results of a soccer match. Herein both the half-time as well as the full-time results are taken into consideration before declaring a win for a punter. Thus when placing a wager a punter has to predict the results both after 45 minutes of gameplay and 90 minutes of gameplay. The results after the first 45 minutes become the half-time result while that after the 90 minutes of the game being played becomes the full-time result. The half-time full-time bet, however, does not take into account the time wasted during the game due to injury or for any other reason. Thus, only the actual results at halftime and at the end of the game are considered. If a punter gets both of them correct, he wins the bet. But in case he gets either 1 result correct while the other is proved wrong, he loses the bet. Of course, when both the results are proven wrong a punter definitely loses all the money he had previously placed on the half-time full-time bet.


Different outcomes of the half time full-time bets

There are different combinations that can occur as result of this bet. In order to fully understand the impact of this bet and to use it wisely, it is important for the punter to understand each of these combinations separately. The different combinations that can occur are:

  • Home/ home wherein the home team wins both the halftime and full-time outcomes,
  • Away/away wherein both the outcomes are won by the away team,
  • Draw/draw in which both the outcomes of the half time full time bet result in a draw,
  • Draw/ home, in this instance the half time results in a draw with the home team winning the final match,
  • Draw/ away wherein the half time results in a draw but the final match results in a win for the away team,
  • Home/ draw combination occurs when the first half sees the home team score goals and win but the match ultimately results in a draw,
  • Away/ draw is similar to the home/draw but here the half time full time bet result indicates a lead being taken by the away team in the first half with the match resulting in a draw at the end of 90 minutes,
  • Away/ home occurs when the away teams lead after 45 minutes of play but the home team ultimately wins the match and
  • Home/ away wherein the half-time results report a home team win but the match is ultimately won by the away team.

There are no other variations that can occur in the half-time full-time bet. But the probability of these events occurring depends on the statistics of the teams playing along with other factors that affect the outcome. Tipster website that has a panel of experts analyzing data and statistics with regard to an upcoming game come up with the probable percentage of an occurrence in their tips and predictions. In all likelihood, a punter heading the advice of a good and accurate tipster website when placing bets has an increased probability of winning the same.

It has been generally seen and also predicted by most tipster websites providing half time full time bet tips that when the home team takes a lead during half time, there is an above 80% chance of the home team winning the match. A comeback by the away team in these instances is quite rare but not an impossible occurrence.

In case of a draw during the half time of a soccer game wherein a punter has placed a half time full time bet, the ultimate outcome of the match is usually seen to be a draw. But home teams have also been seen to win the final results probably because of the home crowd advantage that they get. After a draw during half time, a win by the away team is quite rare.

When away teams take a lead in the first half of the game, they rarely, if ever, concede the game to the home team. Thus an away team win during the half time usually also results in a full time match win and punters should accordingly place the half time full time bet. But with the home advantage playing its hand, instances of a home team winning the match after the away team takes a lead in the first half of the game is not exactly a rare occurrence. It has a 25% chance of happening and there is a 75% more chance of the home team making a comeback in the second half than the away team.

Punters placing wagers on half time full time bet definitely need to take the above points into consideration before they actually place the bet. Any miscalculation can result in a huge defeat while taking a moment out and thinking properly before placing the bet might result in a big win.

It would not be wrong to say that the half time full time bet is one of the most interesting bets that form a part of soccer betting. It is also a bet which has the potential to ensure a big win for the punter provided his calculations on probability are correctly done.