10 Secret Tips to Win on Football Bets forever

10 Secrets Tips to Win on Football Bets forever

Betting or gambling is, by nature, a risky way of making money or to be passing your time.

However, most of the bettors you ask would agree that when carried out in a sensible manner, betting can be an exciting thing and makes watching sports fun.

Anyone who has dabbled with betting on football matches has surely wished for striking the luck either one time or on a regular basis.

There is no doubt that gambling has an element of luck involved but there is so much more to it that makes one a successful punter than just luck.

Then how does one make the most of the bet placed with the bookies? Is there a possible way to get around the tricks of bookies who are trying to pull you down?

The answer to all such questions is finding the most bang for your buck. It could be the right prices, the right market or something as trivial as the right time to place the bet.

10 Secrets Tips to Win on Football Bets forever

Given ahead are the best tips that will guide you in your journey to make the most out of the bets you make and win the football bets regularly. Things to keep in mind for a successful gambling spree

  1. Matched betting – A successful betting strategy utilized by experienced bettors, in this you use the free bets provided by the bookies online and then go to betting exchanges to lay off your bet.

    There is guaranteed profit through this bet however the trick is to find the free bets online that are not so easily available.
  2. Following a soccer tipster – While no one can guarantee that you would win a particular bet, following a good betting tipster can help you increase the chances of you bringing home the money.

    Since the tips are based on the extensive research these soccer tipsters do, you might not have the tools and the data available to reach the conclusions that these “experts” can. Hence their ability to find a valuable tip is far more than yours.
  3. The small profits matter – As a bettor, the number of people you come across claiming huge potential in certain bets is frankly irritating. Any Tom Dick and Harry could place a bet that has the potential of huge returns but the real trouble is converting that bet.

    This is the reason why professional bettors do not target huge odds. The odds are long because it is a long shot and mostly they are not going to come in. You have to avoid getting caught up in the large bets.

    A profit is a profit, no matter what the amount is. Learn to tailor your bets to those odds that are more likely to come in and keep increasing your stake for handsome profits.
  4. Arbitrage opportunities are good – When profit is king, all your actions are directed towards it. At first glance, a 5% profit doesn’t seem much considering what the long odds have to offer but, with arbitrage, the money you have bet will not be at risk on top of guaranteeing you a profit.

    It doesn’t matter if the profit is small, once the bet gives you consistent returns, the profits will only pile up and outmatch the once in a while large odds that you may or may not win.
  5. Understanding the markets – It does sound simple but for serious bettors and experienced people, it is of utmost importance to know the markets that exist.

    If you fail to understand them, you will either make a silly mistake or end up missing good opportunities that would have helped you mint money.

    The standard market available to all bettors is the match result bets where you bet on the outcome of the match. There are so many other markets though which are less crowded and hence provide better odds to the players.

    Three of the more popular ones are:
    1. Over/Under goals
    1. BTTS Result
    1. Double chance
  6. Tracking the bets placed – The ability to go back and check the bets you had placed historically has much benefits. The first is that logging the bets you make and the result of those bets keeps you informed about how well you are doing and you do not end up making false inferences about your betting skills.

    The other reason is having a database that tells you which bets were profitable, which bets were not and which ones have given consistent results.

    As time progresses, you will have analyzed which bets are giving you more profits and you can tune your strategy accordingly.
  7. Using multiple bookies – The odds for the same match vary considerably among different bookmakers.

    For the same match, for the same bet, you might get a little extra if you opt for a different bookie. Why leave extra cash on the table when the risk is the same?
  8. Do not go with gut feeling – If you are a serious bettor or want to pursue betting seriously, it is advisable never to bet with your gut.

    The more you rely on hunches, the more loss you will face. Instead of hunches and gut, rely on research, it will take you a long way.Use rolling accumulators
  9. Use rolling accumulators – These are different from accumulators that you are familiar with. In this, the bettor simply has to use the entire amount gained from one bet to place the second bet.

    Then use the entire amount won from the second bet to place the third bet and so on and so forth.
  10. Keep fear at bay – Winning and losing are all part of the process. It is a given that you will lose some bets.

    Also, the loss can come at any point in time – doesn’t matter whether the bets you have put are huge or small.
    Following a system and strategy (10 Secrets Tips to Win on Football Bets forever) is important because it minimizes your losses.

Betting is all about staying grounded. The more realistic you keep your expectations, the easier and more consistent it is to get profitable returns from your bets.