Top 5 Easiest Football Bets to Win in 2021

Top 5 Easiest Football Bets to Win in 2021

If you are into betting on football matches or just about any sport, you might have heard the phrase ‘a bookie never goes out of business.

While it might sound true to you, a large part is played by us in making this a reality.

You see, the bookies depend a lot on how the general public bets and always take advantage of that.

The key to winning your bets is to separate yourself from the crowd – follow a different path and improve the chances of your winning.

There are a lot of easy bets which you can take advantage of and win. The challenge however is to find such easy bets.

What is an easy bet?

Before you enter the world of betting and start looking for easy bets to win, let us come to an understanding about what constitutes an easy bet.

These bets which we mention are not the arbitrage opportunities or the matched betting situations that frequent the betting portals and guarantee beating the bookies to win your bet.

Instead of this, we will focus our attention towards some specific markets that provide the bettors with high probabilities of the selections that you made, coming in. these still carry inherent risks and you must be of sound mind to place bets – being reasonable is key here.

So, what are these easy bets anyway?

  1. Over or Under Goals – Mostly all the bookies offer a market where you could place bets of this sort on all the football matches irrespective of the league.

    The principle of this bet is simple – you bet on the probability of the match resulting in more than or less than a particular number of goals.

    The thing that makes this easy bet is that the over/under market offers you tiered options on the bet which enables you to flex the bet you made and along with this, your chances of winning the bet.

    Typically speaking the over/under bets work in increments of 0.5 meaning that you can bet either over 0.5 goals in the game or under 0.5 goals in the games to begin with.

    You can keep on adding .5 to the mix to increase or decrease your odds, as per your requirement.

  2. First Half under or over goals – A variation of the type of bet mentioned above. The only difference is that you will be putting your bet only on the outcome of the first half itself.

    The odds of under an x quantity of goals being scored in the first half is more likely to come in as compared to the full match of 90 minutes as a result, your odds will shorten quite a bit.

    Needless to say, the payouts will be in tune with the odds that you place your bet on. For example, if you place a bet on over 2.5 it means you are expecting at least three goals in the first half itself.

    The chances of this happening are bleak hence you will win a handsome sum if the odds are realized.

  3. Double chance bets – As the name suggests, this type of bet enables you to get two chances of winning your bet.

    This is offered by pretty much every bookie in town and is very much similar to the match result bet, however, instead of predicting the outcome of the match i.e. win lose or draw, you are allowed to cover two outcomes of the same match.

Taking a simple view of the scenarios in this bet, any football match will have 1/3 chance of the home team winning, 1/3 chance of the away team drawing the match and 1/3 chance of the home team losing the match.

By using the double chance type of bet, you can increase the probability of winning your bet 2 out of 3 times depending on the outcome you wager your bet on.

Having said that, we need to understand that the game of football is not a coin toss and there are various factors in play to determine the outcome of the match.

  1. Draw no bet – This market is the middle ground between the standard bet placed on the match result and the uncommon bet of double chance.

    In a draw no bet situation, as a bettor you are supposed to predict the winner (or loser) of the match in question. However, unlike the match result bet where you would lose your bet if at all the teams ended up drawing the match, in draw no bet scenario, you would also not lose the money but all the cash will be returned to you.

    Thus, you neither lose nor win in case the match result is a draw. 

  2. Both teams to score – The last type of bet that we would like to mention here and we feel is an easy bet is the BTTS bet.

    In this, you select a match and then simply choose a yes or a no to whether in your opinion bot the teams will score a goal or not. The easy part of the bet is in choosing the yes option. 

Why we feel this is an easy bet because the result of the game, the order of the goals, the timing of the goals, the passes, assists, the form of the team, whether or not any red card or yellow card is issued, or any other similar factor has no influence on the wager you have put.

If both the teams score a goal, then you win the bet, if either of the teams fail to score, you lose the bet.

Whether you should opt for easier bets?

Depends on the kind of profits you wish to book. If you are content with small but consistent profits or have huge sums of money to bet so that the small percentage of profits too are meaningful then you may opt for these easier bets.

There are times however when you see that success in difficult bets gets much larger remunerations to your friends while you get the same result by placing numerous bets. The choice is simple, the more risk-averse you are the easier your bets should be.