What you should know about Most Accurate Soccer Prediction Site?

What you should know about Most Accurate Soccer Prediction Site?

Knowing about the most accurate soccer prediction site is not that tough if you are an avid follower of this sport. The followers have done thorough homework, have accurate information and facts in hand, and know what markets to follow to maximize betting earnings. But, if you have just forayed into the soccer betting space, the following questions can help you pick the most reliable soccer prediction site.

What matters more – rich experience or professional background in football?

Some soccer prediction sites boast of their experience making correct speculations about the results with more than 90% accuracy. But, you must know about the types of markets these sites deal in. It is advisable to go for tournament-specific soccer prediction sites while keeping your own research in mind. 

Another important point to consider is that the soccer tipster sites take into account the opinion of professional footballers of the past. Their role in the football grounds in any capacity gives them firsthand knowledge of the in-field movements and trends.  

The professional background may not be the mandatory criteria, though. Some soccer betting tipsters are such ardent followers of the game that their passion gives them an edge in their predictive capabilities. 

More than the experience and background, it is the knowledge of sports rules, regulations, and in-field and off-field news that make the deciding points while selecting the most accurate prediction site for football betting. 

The tipster sites that follow all the football news keep an eye on the team’s chances, and maintain a record of home wins and away wins can give the correct guidance. Their ready-made tips are the result of years of experience as well as knowledge about the game. So, the correctness of predictions, a little bit of professional background, and experience together make the soccer prediction site’s accuracy fairly dependable.

Do they have authentic sources of information?

If the source is authentic, it is most likely to influence the information positively. Thus, when you search for a football prediction site’s remarkable features, you need to ascertain the authenticity of the sources they use. 

Some football prediction sites claim to have ‘inside sources,’ which gives an impression that they are talking directly to players or teams’ management crew. But, this is just next to impossible. Most of the time, teams prefer to keep their game play and strategies a secret, to have a surprise ready for their opponents.

Thus, the next reliable source is the past track records. The tournaments like Premier League have all the information right from season 1 stored and displayed on their official websites. The tipster sites can become reliable if they have based their predictions on the error-free information available at those official websites. 

Another authentic source is high authority sports blogs. The users must do a sample cross-check regarding the source of information. It means they must find if the predictions made by the site match the news floating around. Though not always, but this information will help have correct information in a majority of cases.

What is the strike rate of the soccer prediction site?

Strike rate means how successful the soccer prediction site has been in offering correct odds for betting purposes. It also means the percentage of times the site has provided the correct prediction. The more frequently the predictions are correct, the better the reliability of the site. It is one of the most crucial or unique selling propositions of any soccer prediction site.

As a thumb rule, go for the soccer prediction site with a success rate of more than 85%. Now, the question that arises is from where we check the correctness of the site’s claim. The simple source to follow for this purpose is user reviews and the prediction site’s activity level.

The prediction site with a higher strike rate will have more frequent visitors, a huge fan base, and most certainly, a higher number of user reviews. Further, the record of traffic size of the prediction site shows that the platform’s services are reliable and are being liked by one and all.

Also, go for the types and quantities of mentions the soccer prediction site gets on social media platforms. If people are talking positive about the site and its predictions’ accuracy, then the service must be doing something extra-ordinary to have garnered so much fan following on social media.

Does the site promote match-fixing?

This point is as crucial to know as the strike rate is. The soccer prediction site must not associate it with any match-fixing activity or promotion of fixed matches. The information due to this factor can lose its reliability quite considerably as it does not come from an honest space. So, the chances of incorrectness of predictions can be quite high.

Secondly, the sites that promote match-fixing can come into the checking authorities’ radar sooner or later. Thus, their chances of getting banned anytime are quite high. It clearly means that you are putting your money as well as reputation in jeopardy by associating yourself with an illegal entity like this kind of soccer prediction site.

One of the reliable ways of finding the legality of services is their association with fair gambling associations and the license number. A soccer prediction site must have its operations in the countries where the betting is legal. To quite an appreciable extent, such sites following fair practices choose to stay away from promoting fixed matches and do not give information for such events.

What kind of markets does the site offer?

If the site is not providing the prediction on the soccer betting markets you are comfortable with, it will not be of much use to you. The main purpose of approaching any prediction site is just to ascertain that what you have thought about a particular market matches the experts’ opinions or not. If they are not covering the markets you are comfortable with, their utility for you will be almost nil.

The best way to decide on any soccer prediction site is to keep an eye on its activities, games offered for betting, and the markets covered. If their prediction philosophies match yours, you have an expert advisor who understands you and backs your strategy. 

The knowledge about the markets that prediction sites deal with also indicates the kind of earning possible to make from there. Some prediction sites deal primarily in low-cost – low-risk bets, but is this why you will consider choosing those? Thus, the purpose of joining a soccer prediction site is met when they have given you the support for medium to high priced bets, and a little riskier one too.

How much groundwork should you do before joining a soccer prediction site?

Joining a soccer prediction site with no research can be a big risk. It can drain out your finances completely if you keep on betting following the predictions from the site blindly. No matter how easy it all looks, the fact that no gain without pain prevails true for the soccer betting space too. So, it would help if you did the in-depth research on:

  1. Team’s performance
  2. Players’ performances
  3. Tipsters’ credibility and records
  4. Most successful bets
  5. Most accurate predictions and their frequency of giving correct guesses
  6. If possible, try to know about the algorithms used.

All this information can give you rock-solid support and help you pick the genuine soccer prediction site with higher chances of winning. 

What are the payment systems available with the football prediction sites?

Most accurate football prediction sites may be of good use when they have the payment options you use most of the time. Also, their security certificates should be in place. 

The payment systems should be quick and need not require a lot of information to feed. 

In general, internet banking, debit and credit card payments, Skrill accounts, etc., are given options to pay. Some of the sites deal in various cash cards and Bitcoin payments too. 

Apart from knowing the payment system, you should see the withdrawal procedures and conditions for the same that the site lays down.


The most accurate soccer prediction site may have its melt-down moments too, always beware of that! So, instead of jumping on to putting money on bets as predicted by the site, do your research. And, use the tipster sites or football prediction sites only to second your thoughts. It may help you win a lot of money; and make you strong financially enough to remain shielded from a jolt or two.