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Mix Parlay Bet

Mix parlay combo bet is your best option when you need to make more money from the selected bet. Since the chances of losing the bet are sizeable, you must take tipster help from Soccer Tipsters. You need every bet to win or at least to end in a draw to derive the profits from the mix parlay bet. Thus, the tipster advice is not a luxury but a requirement to stay in the game.

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Know Everything about Mix Parlay Bets

Advanced betting is incomplete without mix bets and tipsters support. The parlay bet involves combining different bets from various sports to increase chances of earning. To win in such a combination of numerous bets, you need reliable prediction experts or experiences tipsters. Soccer Tipsters proves its worth here and owes the reliability of the tips to the in-house tipster team. Our team is known for the superlative quality football mix bet tipsters. With the most accurate tips and extensive experience, our tipster network eyes for the best performance in terms of results. Also, keeping a tab on mix bet odds helps them deliver phenomenal percentage yield every time.

Defining mix bets combo

Online betting sites offer the convenience to take a look and bet at different games simultaneously. According to definition, the bets where the bettor accrues the winnings from different stakes, and utilizes those for further bets, and pockets a part of the profits, are mix bet parlays. The bettors can spread the risk and assure better returns simultaneously by adopting this strategy. It is especially useful for deriving more profits from low odds bets available in various sports.

Advantages of having mix bet tips

Since several bets are under consideration at a time, having a second opinion and a more vigilant eye always helps. The tips from the expert mix parlay tipsters take the guess work away, too. Further, since the tipster sites source the experts from all parts of the world and from various sports, tips serve as readymade solution for staking. With the best advice in hand, the chances of winning the mix parlay bet increase considerably.

Also, it is worth understanding that a typical combo bet will yield results only when each of its bet results in a win. Hence, such a situation clearly calls for taking no risk, or simply means hiring the best mix combo bet tipsters always.

Placing bet on mix parlay odds

In old times, the bettors used to make a parlay card stating all the odds they want to stake for and against. The same practice has become sophisticated in the present era when the same card is now available in the form of online form or virtual basket. In the mix parlay bet, the bettors pick an amount and divide that among the odds displayed for various matches. They can either fill the form and approach the bookmaker or may adopt a DIY method. Both options are available, and are in sync with the kind of expert sitting at the other side of the screen.

Arriving at accurate mix parlay combo formation

Making a winning mix parlay combo is not a luck-by-chance situation. Though the role of luck is not deniable, it takes a lot of research. Also, a constant following of a sport to bag humongous profits from the parlay combo bets. Some of the situations that you must keep an eye on while making a combo bet are:

  • The odds are comfortably low, but do match your research’s results: Low odds mean that chances of these ending in a win are high. However, you must be able to assess that odds are not rigged, therefore, always keep the research up-to-date.
  • Low competition bets are in your combo: Mostly, the low competition bets should be chosen for the combo. The bookmakers don’t keep high house advantage on such bets, and so, offer bright chances of winning the parlay.
  • Bets only on well-known sports added in combo: A combo bet is tough to crack and requires monumental amount of research. So, consider only those sports you are the most comfortable with, when you decide to create a combo.

Selecting sites that make the best-quality mixed parlay prediction

A mixed parlay prediction is needed to score sure shot win. But, not all tipster sites are capable of providing the best-quality bet prediction. The best tipster sites where one can find dependable predictions display features, such as:

  • Only the best and the most experienced tipsters are on rolls
  • The prediction and results are always matched before giving the next account to a tipster
  • The site offers very easy terms of use and has quickly understandable procedures
  • Also, the lowest house advantage and fair gambling regulations in place are the features worth considering while selecting the mixed parlay prediction site.


1. What is mix parlay?

The other name of mix parlay is a combo bet. One can create a combination of bets where the odds from different matches and even various games are selected to bet upon. The difference between a combo bet and a parlay bet is that the latter creates dividends which can be invested further in future bets. Mix parlay allows bettors to speculate the results of different games’ matches in single go.

2. How do you calculate mix parlay?

If you are not much into math calculations, there are parlay calculators available for the purpose. To process the calculations manually, the bettors can apply the moneyline odds calculator concept. In the moneyline odds, some bookmakers provide the odd in fraction; others in decimal.

For every bet, the calculation involves multiplying the stake with the odd. For example, if $8 is to be divided into 4 bets, such as:

  • 1. Bet 1: Stake is $2 and the odd is 1/5 = payout will be stake plus $2*1/5
  • 2. Bet 2: Stake is $3 and the odd is 1/8 =payout will be stake plus $3*1/8

And so on.

3. What is parlay formula?

Parlay formula is the style of betting chosen specifically for racing games. The formula reads as (Price 1) * (Price 2) * (Price 3) … (Price n). Here, n is the number of bets parlayed.

The formula is applied to arrive upon the final odd of the parlay bet. Overall, it increases the bet size of a bet if it was placed individually. For example, three bets of 1.5, 1.4 and 1.2 odds respectively, when calculated, yield the final odd as 1.5*1.4*1.2 = 2.52. Thus, you can see the odd size increases and yields bigger outcomes.

4. How much does a moneyline parlay pay?

A money line parlay doesn’t include fixed odds. On the contrary, the odds will increase considerably and in consonance with the team’s reputation, their current composition and performance.

The money line parlay payout will be calculated only on the basis of the odds assigned at the time of the tournament. Thus, chances of surprises coming the bettors’ way are quite meek.

5. What attracts bettors to mix parlay betting?

If you want to make quick money in soccer betting then place multiple bets instead of one. It is called parlay and you can mix multiple bets into one. Prediction mix parlay is one of the different soccer bet types and its advantage is that it carries highest winning amount.

6. What if the parlay is lost?

It would be a huge loss because you will lose multiple bets at a time. But there is no need to worry as you can easily win high paying parlay bet with the help of a tipster. Look for Mix Parlay Soccer Prediction and ensure your winning. It is the only way of winning this bet. If you are going alone then there are chances of your losing the bet but if you have a tipster to help, you can win for sure.

7. Who’s your tipster?

Do you know your tipster or you simply rely on the website that provides tips? Breaking parlay odds is a challenge even for an experienced tipper and for this reason tipsters highlight parlay betting tips on their websites. Before you rely on a tipper for parlay tip, you should check his background and experience in providing the tip for this specific bet type.

8. How much should the tip cost?

Parlay is a high paying bet hence the tip would be expensive but you can find a way to keep things affordable. For instance, you can buy multiple tips to reduce the price of the single tip. Or you could shop around to find the most affordable soccer parlay predictions tipster.

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