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Italy Serie B predictions

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Italy Serie B predictions and tips

Italy Serie B is the second highest tournament in Italian football. It is another tournament that involves promotion-relegation procedure just like EPL. Thus, the first three winners from the Italy Serie B get promoted to Serie 1 and the last ones need to fight relegation with the toppers of lower tier to stay in the Serie B points table. Naturally, in the environment of promotion-relegation, there are load of opportunities to bet waiting for punters. Soccer Tipsters provides the best Italy Serie B predictions’ support to milk these opportunities and add to the cash register significantly.

How Italy Serie B Predictions can help

When you decide to put money on any game, you are expected to do in-depth research. In many cases, it turns out to be ideal position. Especially when online predictions sites bring football’s and other sports’ action in one place, any amount of research may seem insufficient. It is when Soccer Tipsters Italy Serie B predictions step in and provide the intelligence needed to make correct decisions.

Italy Serie B predictions offer help in following ways:

  • You can know about the strong and weak teams and make betting decisions accordingly
  • You can match the research’s findings with predictions and ascertain whether the situation is risk-worthy or not
  • Predictions can help ascertain the possible outcomes, select correct odds and place money wisely on various bets
  • Predictions can help a lot in selecting bets that may help bettors create a profitable combo bet.

Hence, it is very much a profitable thing to subscribe to predictions and get the first-hand knowledge about the tournament from seasoned experts.

Top Italy Serie B tips available with us

Italy Serie B is no less than a clash of titans. The participating teams are quite comparable in terms of strength and performance. These teams may give tough fight to each other and can make every match a nail-biting moment. Unlike Serie A tournament, it is a high-scoring event. The teams play quite aggressively, which create a lot of in-play winning opportunities too. Some of the interesting Italy Serie B predictions worth sitting up and take notice are:

  • Both teams to Score: Also known as BTTS, the BTTS is a rather easy bet when the odds are designed in the situation’s favour.
  • In-play betting: The Italy Serie B matches are no less than high voltage drama. There is a lot of disciplinary glitches seen on the turf that calls for booking the players. So, who is going to get next yellow or red card, or chance of penalty shoot, or even the goal will be a header or not are some of the in-play betting tips that one can follow to make money right while the match is on.
  • Top 3 teams and bottom 3 teams: It would be interesting to see how teams fare and occupy various positions in table. Top and bottom 3 are the most talked about and speculated upon positions. Thus, this tip is surely going to be of great help and is a bookies’ favourite. However, just like EPL, Italy Serie B also sees just three or four known teams ruling the tournament mostly. Hence, the Italy Serie B predictions & tip on Top 3 is rather easy to guess for bettors than the bottom 3’s.

To conclude

Subscribing to Soccer Tipsters predictions providing service is the best thing to do as a novice as well as experienced bettor. With the best support provided from our experienced bettors, you can expect to earn huge returns from matches and make the whole experience of speculating Italy Serie B an exhilarating one.

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Promotion to Italy Serie A is a possibility for the best Serie B teams

However, if after applying the criteria for a tiebreak a tie is still apparent when it comes to the championship, for determining relegation, or to qualify for the play–offs, lots will be drawn in order to decide the final positions. Italy Serie b tips can be used to tip on these outcomes. Promotion to the Italy Serie A take place for the 2 teams that have got the highest places. Also the winner of the play-offs involving the 3rd to 6th placed clubs may be promoted too. The bottom 3 teams in Serie A are in the end relegated. Those clubs who find themselves on the table in the 3 bottom positions will find their teams will end up in the Lega Pro Prima Divisione which is in fact relegation. The teams which lose the play-offs that have taken place with those teams that were placed 18th and 19th also end up being relegated. The Divisione Lega Pro Prima is the recipient of these poorer performing teams.

There are young teams in Lega Serie B

Lega Serie A organises youth teams for Lega Serie B. These young teams of Lega Serie B clubs play in the Campionato Nazionale Primavera and the Coppa Italia Primavera, which are organized by the Lega Serie A. These are italy serie b fixtures for youth teams and Italy Serie B predictions