Italy Serie A Fixtures and Predictions- Italy Serie A Betting Tips

Italy Serie A predictions

Italy serie’s 2013–14 was a year of surprises

Italy serie a is sometimes referred to for sponsorship purposes as the Serie A TIM. The 2013 to 2014 season of italy serie a fixtures was its 112th which is considered to be an Italian top-tier soccer league. The 2013-14 season started on August 24th 2013 and came to an end on May 18th 2014. That year Nike gave an official ball for each of the matches played with the newer Nike brand, the Incyte model, being used during the season. That year Juventus had earned the status of defending champions, and were successful at defending this title so they became the winners of the 3rd title in a row for the Italy Serie A at the italy serie a fixtures. Bookmakers were running hot every time Juventus played as they were never sure if the italy serie a prediction was right and if the italy serie betting tips favoured Juventus. However, the punters watched the form and made their own Italy serie a prediction which they would often win.

2O teams compete in Italy serie a fixtures

20 teams were available to compete in the italy serie a fixtures. 17 of the sides played in the 2012–2013 season while 3 were promoted after the 2012– 2013 had come to an end. That year demotions to serie B affected Pescara, Palermo and Siena. These poorer performing teams had replacements waiting which were Sassuolo the champion in serie b for that year and Hellas Verona which was the runner-up and Livorno which won in the play-offs. Hellas Verona had been out of serie a for eleven years so this was quite a welcome comeback. Livorno had been out for 4 seasons but for Sassuolo it was their debut into Serie A. This gave the tipsters for italy serie a betting tips a run for their money with the newcomers into the league.

Amongst the Italy serie a there were 5 derbies from the same metropolitan areas

This was the 1st time in italy serie a fixtures history that 5 derbies amongst the teams originated from the same metropolis. In Milan it was Milan and Internazionale. In Turin it was Torino and Juventus. In Rome, Romio and Lazio, In Genoa Sampdoria and Genoa and in Verona, Hellas Verona and Chievo.

Italy serie a split up from Italy serie b in 2010

The Lega Nazionale Professionisti B, which is commonly known as Italy Serie B, is a second tier but professional soccer league and takes part like italy serie a fixtures in matches in Italy. Italy serie a fixtures arose after a split in 2010 which led to the founding of both italy serie a fixtures and Italy serie b. The tipsters are busy every year taking bets on italy serie a prediction for italy serie a fixtures after italy serie a betting tips are found to be useful.