1x2 Fixed Soccer Betting Tips

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In the ancient ways of betting, the only results to predict were loss or win. And when the match ended in a draw, it meant cancellation of the bet. Things did take an interesting turn when betting sites introduced the concept of 1x2 odds. Sooner than anticipated, it became one of the most sought-after betting tips. People engaged in betting found it less risky and more promising and enjoyed placing the bet on odd that favored the draw result too. Soccer Tipsters has understood this sentiment brilliantly and has designed the best betting tips 1x2 support. Here, you can access the best betting tips on 1x2 bets and get a decent earning deposited in your kitty.

When to go for 1x2 odds

1x2 bet is one of the least risky bets. Punters get a chance to make money from the drawn matches too. But, how to identify if the match calls correctly for 1x2 odds? Here are a few notable identifiers:

  • Match between middle order teams: A draw is most likely to happen when the teams belong to middle order in the points table. Since their strengths are comparable and can give each other a tough fight, the chances of match ending in a draw cannot be ignored. Therefore, when you know that teams contending with each other are middle order, you can choose to pay attention to bettingtips 1x2.
  • Matches where the motivation to win is not too strong: Matches where the teams are happy sharing a point with each other may be a strong candidate for a tie. The teams, if enter the turf, not to settle an old score, or are playing only for the sake of meeting the commitment, can think of ending the match in a draw. Thus, you will find lots of long ball possessions and wasting time in-field. Betting tips 1x2 in these matches serve the need to win quick money quite remarkably.
  • When a strong team is contending with the low order team: When a strong team is facing a very weak team as a visitor, the chances of either of ‘X’ or winning of ‘visiting team’ are quite high. Therefore, the X and 2 results are quite profitable to speculate.

Factors that affect the 1x2 betting results

Bettingtips 1x2 can yield better outcomes when you are aware of the factors that favor 1x2 proposition. The betting tips for 1x2 can work in punters’ favor when they have analyzed the match on following grounds:

  • Past record of the match: How teams perform in home and away matches? It is one of the questions that confirm whether the match’s outcomes will be home, away or draw. The teams take up the challenge to beat the opponent more convincingly when they have a charm in terms of money or fame invested in the match.
  • Current form: How both teams have performed in the current season help predict the probable outcome of the match. If the teams get affected by crowd psychology, then chances of away win are bleak. On the contrary, the matches played ‘behind closed doors’ brighten the chances of guest team getting away with the duel. Thus, draw and visiting team win stand good for the bettor seeking betting tips 1x2.

Best tips 1x2, just a click away!

Having access to the best tips 1x2 can help punters be doubly sure of the outcomes of 1x2 bets. They can benefit from this easy bet option when they choose the site based on following findings:

  • Best collection of all tipsters: Tipsters quality is the fundamental factor that separates the best from the others. While selecting the best tips 1x2 provider, go for the sites that have a plethora of options to offer, explore and compare.
  • Timely delivery of predictions: Your selected site must deliver you the tips on 1x2 betting well in advance. Some experts consider 48 hours before the actual start as the best time. It is when the final fabric of the teams is finalized, and all news related to playing players and those given rest is out.
  • Lots of bonuses and free replacement tips: Betting tips provider site must be quite sensible and user-friendly in its approach. Their policy of providing free and bonus tips can help punters get the best out of the investment they make. Also, the replacement of tips guarantee speaks of the confidence that the betting tips site displays. Thus, bettors can feel being in safe hands when such offers come their way.

To conclude,

Soccer Tipsters have the best predictions sites that have mastery in 1x2 betting tips. This site is suitable for both the beginners and advance punters. When you are into 1x2 betting where the chances of winning are high, the support of this tipster site can further enhance your confidence.