Who will win the English Premier League 2021

Who will win the English Premier League 2021

English Premier League 2021 is one of the most happening events that is awaited eagerly by all football fans. It is a high action site for betting lovers too. The bettors love to speculate the predictions of this tournament because of its unexpected nature. Though the tournament is largely ruled by 5-6 teams, still every position on the points table and the moves on the ground create betting opportunities. Who will win the English Premier League 2021? It is something that almost every speculator is asking now, given the fact that competition has entered its second phase. 

Who will score maximum goals in the English Premier League 2021?

Though there are 585 players in the tournament, only a handful become the icons among the fans with their sheer brilliance. The teams who have strong forward and defense are most likely to with the English Premier League 2021. Some of the players who are contributing their best to help their teams hop to the top positions by scoring at least one goal per game are:

  1. Mohamed Salah: This Egyptian forward player from Liverpool has hit 13 goals so far in the English Premier League 2021. With about 20 games more to go, his performance is worth-watch.
  2. Harry Kane: The Tottenham player has 12 goals to his credit. The Spurs have been on the winning side in most of the games or scored a draw. With 19 matches more to go, he is most likely to make a place among the top goal scorers of this season.

The other goal-scorers on the radar of bookmakers for the 2020-21 season are:

  1. Danny Ings: 13 appearances, 7 goals, 7 wins
  2. Jamie Vardy: 18 appearances, 11 goals, 12 wins
  3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: 17 appearances, 5 goals
  4. Raheem Sterling: 17 appearances, 5 goals

Which teams have dominated most of their matches in Premier League 2021 matches?

Manchester United: The team has scored 40 points so far. Of which, 3 matches resulted in no goal by the opponent. Also, wherever both teams scored, Man Utd won by a very high margin. Newcastle-Man Utd (1-4), Man Utd-Leeds (6-2) were the matches where the team led by 3 and 4 goals.

Manchester City: Manchester City scored has scored 38 points. In its 38 points, there were matches with teams scoring a goal each, or the other team could not score any goal. It is one of the teams that has dominated the matches mostly and never gave up. Though with a slow start marked by losing a match to Leicestershire by 2-5, the team emerged stronger and put the fiercest show with crushing Burnley by 5-0 in their home ground.

Leicester: The third position holder in the table is Leicester. It matches the number of points scored by Man City but has a lower goal difference. This team’s performance pattern has been a zig-zag one and has come as a surprise package in a few of its matches. Matches played against West Brom, Man City, West Ham, Leeds, Liverpool, and Brighton saw this team showing complete dominance on the scorecard with a goal difference of 3 or more.

Who will score maximum clean sheets in the English Premier League 2021?

Manchester City has the maximum clean sheets in the English Premier League 2021 so far. Ederson from this club has scored 10 clean sheets as per the latest records. He has continued his best game from the last season in the current season too.

Aston Villa is the second-best clean sheets scorer. This impressive record is helmed by Emiliano Martinez who stopped 8 goals from reaching his net and made things tough for the opponent.

Arsenal’s Bernd Leno stands in the third position. This German player did the magic with his skills and got his team 7 clean sheets. He is accompanied by Alex McCarthy (Southampton), Edouard Mendy (Chelsea), and Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City) at the third slot.

Clean sheets are one of the most important statistics. It changes the goal difference for a team and pushes its position higher up in the table. So, the combination of clean sheets and the most goals scored is going to be the deciding factor in 2020-21 too and will give us the title owner of the current season on May 23, 2021.

Who will have maximum home wins and away wins in the English Premier League 2021?

The English Premier League sees many changes in the teams’ performances throughout the season. Just a few weeks of good performance can alter the fate of any team in the league. The biggest example is Manchester City winning the title by having just a few weeks in their favor. If the present trends are to be believed or continue till the end, the following teams will score maximum home and away wins in the tournament:

  1. Liverpool: Liverpool has always been unbeatable on their home ground and the trend continues in the current season too. Of the 9 matches’ results, the team has not scored a single defeat in the home ground. The total home wins for the team is 7. The remaining two ended in a draw. The team has scored a maximum of 4 goals each against Leeds United and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Against Wolves, they cleanly swept the match ending it in a 4-0 score.
  2. Manchester United: Manchester United has performed magnificently in away matches this season. The club seems to be unstoppable no matter where they are playing. They have scored about 8 away wins so far. Man Utd defeated the following teams as visiting team:
  • Brighton 
  • Burnley
  • Everton
  • Fulham
  • Newcastle United
  • Sheffield United
  • Southampton
  • West Ham

Leicester City is another team that has performed fabulously in away matches. It scored 7 wins against opponents like:

  • Arsenal
  • Leeds United
  • Manchester City
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield United
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • West Brom

Which teams are the top runners for the English Premier League 2021 title?

Manchester United, Manchester City, Leicester City, and Liverpool are the top runners for the English Premier League 2021 title. These teams have emerged stronger on various aspects and have the potential of dominating the opponent completely. Another favorable aspect is a strong defending game and best-performing goalkeepers who have managed to have clean sheets in their performance records.

Manchester United: Top goalscorer is Bruno Fernandes. Total goals: 36, David De Gea has scored 3 clean sheets.

Manchester City: Riyad Mahrez scored a hat-trick while playing against Burnley. The result of this game was: 5-0. It was a home win for the Man City team. Total goals: 31

Leicester City: The team has scored 38 goals so far. It has won 12 games from 17 played so far. Kasper Schmeichel has scored 2 clean sheets for the team. Jamie Vardy has scored a hat-trick against Manchester City, leading the scoreboard to a 5-2 result.

Liverpool: Mohamed Salah scored the highest 13 goals. In these 13 goals, he has scored a hat-trick against Leeds United in the first match of the season on the home ground. The match ended 4-3. Alisson has scored 2 clean sheets, continuing its phenomenal performance from the last season when he entered the “Clean Sheets” club for the first time.

Which teams were promoted in English Premier League 2021?

English Premier League works on the promotion-relegation system. The teams who top the Champions League replace the bottom three teams of the English Premier League. The relegated teams need to hand over their share certificates and the new entrants are given fresh share contracts. It certainly means a big breakthrough for the promoted teams. Therefore, even the last three positions in the English Premier League are places to watch for and make to the betting markets.

The teams promoted in English Premier League 2021 are Leeds United, West Bromwich Albion, and Fulham. The performance of the promoted teams in this season looks like below:

  1. Leeds United: Leeds United played 9 home matches and scored 3 wins off these. They have scored 4 away wins and were defeated in 5 away matches.
  2. West Brom: West Brom home matches have either resulted in a draw or defeat for the team. They also scored only one win in their away matches too. 
  3. Fulham: Fulham scored only one win in their home match and one in the away match. They got defeated in six away matches.


Who will win the English Premier League 2021? This question is looming over all the football lovers’ and speculators’ minds. The teams topping the list have scored 40,38,38 and 34 points respectively so far. And, if the present trend continues, we will get the title owner from one of these teams, which are – Manchester United, Manchester City, Leicester City, and Liverpool. The teams promoted could not do much impressive so far, and of these, Fulham and West Brom are still fearing relegation.