How does Europa League work?

The Qualifying Intricacies Of The Europa League Explained

The UEL or the UEFA Europa League is yet another very important soccer league which allows the best teams from football clubs all over Europe to fight for supremacy. The competition here is extremely tough and the game fast-paced with upsets and surprises cropping up regularly. It would not be wrong to say that with the top European football clubs enjoying mammoth global fan following, the Europa club is yet another popularly watched football league. In fact, it is this popularity and fight for supremacy in Europe which has many punters registering with tipster websites to get accurate and on-point europa league predictions so as to channel this popularity into money.

Started way back in 1971, the UEL was previously known as the UEFA club, this second-tier soccer competition is only contested by those clubs which have achieved a good standing in their national leagues. It has been generally seen that soccer teams positioned within the top 5 of their national football league tables only get a chance to play in the group stage.  With almost all country in Europe fanatic about football, there is hardly every country where a national football league is not played. This accounts for its popularity among punters who are able to place a bet on a team belonging to his favourite national league table. In order to ensure that the bet placed is absolutely correct, they need the tips given and the europa league predictions made by the tipsters.


Qualifying for the Europa League

The Europa League can thus be said to offer an alternative competitive and entertaining option to those European teams who have not been able to qualify for the first tier league or the UEFA Champions League. This also means that teams attaining a position which is just below the top 3 in their national leagues get a chance to play in this league. Thus all the top 5 team statistics are needed to make europa league predictions which are accurate enough to ensure that punters win big.

With about 48 European clubs fighting it out in this league, it provides many opportunities for bookies and punters to place different types of wagers. In order to ensure that winning becomes somewhat guaranteed in these betting options, punters register with tipster websites offering accurate and precise europa league predictions.

There are about 4 qualifying rounds that take place in this league. In fact, which European club will start at which qualifying round is decided by the rank it attains using the UEFA club coefficients system. The calculation for the same is done based on:

  • The cumulative addition of all the points that a club has won in the past 5 years or
  • The association co-efficient for the same period.

Thus whichever points are higher, they are taken into consideration. These points get automatically updated after each and every round of club competition matches conducted by UEFA. Statistics related to this ranking has a very prominent role to play in the experts hired by good tipster websites to come up with the europa league predictions.

The UEFA points system currently followed thus awards:

  • .5 points for elimination in the preliminary rounds,
  • 1 point for elimination in 1st round,
  • 5 points for elimination in 2nd round,
  • 2 points for elimination in the 3rd round,
  • 5 points for a playoff elimination,
  • 2 points for every win in the group stages and
  • 1 point for a draw in the group stages.

The clubs are awarded an additional 1 point every time they enter the:

  • Round of the 16 teams,
  • The quarter-finals,
  • The semi-finals or
  • The finals.

In this process, every team gets a chance to be awarded at least 3 points if and when they enter the group stages and additional points keep coming as they progress. This point distribution is in great demand among tipster websites who use the statistical analysis of the same to ensure greater accuracy in their europa league predictions.

This table also has a role to play in deciding when teams will start to participate in the qualifying process. It has been generally seen that the higher the rankings in the club coefficients, the later is the entry of the club in the qualifying stage; this point of entry too is taken into consideration when making europa league predictions.

Also, 6 teams who have been unable to qualify in the play-off rounds of the Champions League are also given a chance to participate in the Europa League. Thus even the Champions League statistics are needed for analysis by tipster website experts in making europa league predictions,

The qualification for the 48teams participating in the Europa League can thus be summarised as:

  • Teams that qualify by virtue of their club coefficients and get a direct entry into the group stage are 17,
  • Teams selected through the qualifying process of the UEFA Europa League or UEL are 21,
  • Teams joining the UEL after losing in the 4th qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League are 6 and
  • Non-domestic teams who crash out of the 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League are 4.

The total comes to around 48 and these are the teams who thrash it out to get the coveted UEL Trophy which was designed as well as crafted by Bertoni in the year 1972 for the finals that year. The statistics and analysis required to be able to place a bet with confidence in the Europa League is quite a mammoth task. It is no wonder that for betting in this league, punters take the help of the expert europa league predictions available from tipster websites.

These 48 teams are further divided into 4 “pots”; each pot carries a different rank ranging from 1 to 4. The clubs with the highest club coefficients are put in pot 1, the next highest-ranked clubs in pot 2 and so it carries on for the rest of the pots. Thus each pot ultimately has 12 teams each and teams from the different pots play against each other. But one thing to note here is that no teams of the association can play against each other in the group stages.

This ranking of the teams is also an important statistics required by the tipster experts so that they can analyse the same and come up with accurate europa league predictions.

After the rankings are confirmed the teams play each other in a round-robin league and here too the teams get ranked by points.