How many games are in the English Premier League?

Predictions For The Current Season Of English Premier League

English Premier League Predictions are always in demand in the sports betting circles. The reason for this is very clear. Not only is the Premier League one of the most popular football leagues played in Europe, but it is also one of the most-watched events globally. Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea etc., all have their exclusive fan following. With football inciting raw passion in most viewers, the dynamicity and adrenaline rush of the EPL as it is acronymed is too big an attraction for any football lover to ignore. Current EPL is actively followed in about 188 countries around the world.


Total matches played in EPL

In soccer betting the English Premier League Predictions have value because of the sheer number of games that are played. With each team playing against another once on their home ground and again on their opponent’s home ground, the total number of matches played by one team comes to 38. In the current format of the EPL, there are 20 teams participating. Thus the total number of matches played comes to a mind-boggling 380 matches that get played starting from the month of August of a year and ending in the month of May the next year. In fact, in order to increase its viewership, these matches are generally played over the weekend.


EPL—some facts

The importance of the EPL, especially in soccer betting, lies in the fact that the points awarded per matches played result in the teams getting a ranking in the league table. This league ranking finally determines which teams will enter the UEFA Champion’s League and thus English Premier League Predictions for placing bets on the same are in high demand.

The system of promotion and relegation is actively followed in the EPL. Here also the final points that each team get to determine whether a team will be promoted, relegated or remain in the same position. The points are calculated on the basis of the matches played wherein:

  • 3 points get awarded for a win,
  • 1 point for a draw and
  • No points for a loss.

The system of promotion and relegation occupy a very important position in soccer betting and accurate English Premier League Predictions are made by tipsters regarding the same. This promotion and relegation, however, follows a set pattern wherein:

  • Of the teams which finish at the top of the league table:
  • Those in the top 3 positions get a direct entry into the nest years UEFA Champions League,
  • The 4th enters the qualifying rounds of the UCL and
  • The 5th qualifies for the Europa League,
  • Of the teams which finish at the bottom of the table, the last three get relegated to the Championship or the 2nd tier of English football. Since wagers are also put in to see which team ultimately gets relegated, English Premier League Predictions for the same are also in very high demand.

Three top-ranking teams from the Championship also get a chance to play in the group stages of the EPL to be held next year. In case of a tie in any of the rankings, first, the goals difference is taken into consideration and then the total number of goals scored. These additionally help to give a clear indication of the tying team’s positions.

Thus it is a matter of prestige to stay on the top tiers of the league table and bookies and punters keep fighting each other by way of deciding the odds and placing wagers respectively. The tipsters capitalise on the situation by providing English Premier League Predictions and ensuring their accuracy.


EPL Team Statistics—Historic Data

There have been 6 teams which have had the opportunity to win the EPL since its inception. These teams include:

  • Manchester United which holds the record for the highest number of wins at the EPL wherein it has won 13 times out of the 25 seasons held so far and are also the current defending champions,
  • Arsenal,
  • Chelsea,
  • Manchester City,
  • Blackburn Rovers and
  • Leicester City.

Thus Manchester United has always been a favourite in soccer betting with even the English Premier League Predictions foretelling their wins accurately.  Manchester City, however, holds the record for the biggest margin of winning in EPL while Arsenal is the only team which has gone through the entire campaign unbeaten.

Liverpool, in spite of having been a constant in the Big 6 clubs participating in the EPL has never been able to secure a win.


EPL 2019-20 current status

With the current session of the EPL underway, there is no dearth of English Premier League Predictions available from tipsters for punters. Punters too are opting for them and placing different types of wagers pertaining to team wins, goals scored, player performance etc., based on the same. Bookies are looking forward to making money from these punters and tipster by deliberately misleading them and testing their levels of confidence.

The current status of the teams participating in EPL 2019-20 is as below:

  • The total number of goals scored by a single player so far in the tournament is 17 which have been scored by Jamie Vardy of Leicester. He is followed by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal, Danny Ings of Southampton and Marcus Rashford of Manchester United with `14 goals each.
  • Manchester United has, as predicted in the English Premier League Predictions, scored the maximum number of goals in this season and is leading the goals table with 62 goals till date. They are followed closely by Liverpool with 50 goals and Leicester with 47 goals.
  • In the points table, Liverpool is leading with 61 points after having won 20 of the 21 matches played so far. One match ended in a draw. They are being followed by Manchester City with 47 points, Leicester City with 45 points, Chelsea with 39 points and Manchester United with 34 points. Of the top 5 teams of the current league table standings mentioned here, other than Liverpool all have already played 22 matches each.

It thus seems that the English Premier League Predictions for this year are favouring Liverpool with punters betting on the club earning good amount of money. With still 4 months to go, it remains to be seen if there will be any major upsets that will change the dynamics of the league table and bring about drastic changes in the current standings.