How do you bet without losing?

How do you bet without losing?

The success rate in betting is never 100%, let’s be clear about it first. However, you can reduce the chances of losing a bet certainly. The bettors face hurdles like tough match conditions, dicey performance levels, fixed matches and bookie house advantage. All these hurdles come in their way of making profits with every single bet. So, you have to work around the system to understand how to lose bet without losing.

Here are a few tips to follow to maximize your winning rate in football betting.

1. Do thorough research

Only going through the ranks tally is not the research. You have to dig deeper to reach the concrete facts. The teams’ current performance, their historical charts, current squad, ability to turn the match at the last moment in their favor, defending and attacking quality, ball possession rate are some of the points worth researching upon. These findings can help make better predictions and take odds that end in a win.

Research definitely has got no substitute. In addition to the research, you require adopting the betting strategies that prove profitable in most instances. Read about those strategies in the next tip.

2. Make intelligent betting strategies

Betting strategies play a vital role in maximizing wins from the football bets. The bettors should maintain their bets’ record and find which bets have been the most profitable for them. If the winning instances of any particular bet are more numerous than others, you must continue with that bet provided the conditions are the same. Hence, bet types as well as the conditions surrounding the winning of those bets should be weighed in relation to each other to bet without losing most of the times. Other strategies are:

  • Go for easy bets: There is no point to prove to anybody while betting. Only aim is to win and make money. Hence, choosing easy bets is not a display of poor courage but of wise thinking. You can choose bets like BTTS (Both teams to score), 1X2 fixed odds, Over/Under, etc. Since win is not dependent on a particular figure, chances of losing are less.
  • Go for matches with obvious outcomes: Some of the examples of easy matches to predict are – a strong team meeting the weak team at the former’s home ground, teams with one opponent always winning the other in a crucial match, etc. A draw is generally obvious when the contending teams have nothing to lose if they share the point. So, you have to go to the history, rivalry level, motivation level, etc.

There are group matches in the World Cup qualifiers where every group has one or two strong teams only. These qualifier matches are mostly one-sided and have no surprises to offer at the end. You can add lots of wins by betting on such matches. Though usually bettors are asked to stay away from accumulator bets, the qualifier matches make good case for creating combo or accumulator bets and can help you have amazing returns from a small investment.

  • Keep collecting small profits: A win feels great always, especially when records tell that bettors don’t win more than 70% times from bookies. One of the easy bets to identify is the one where the odds assigned are low. Mostly, the matches whose outcomes are almost known or obvious are assigned low odds. You can favor these low odds while betting. The winning chances are high from these bets.

These are some bet-winning strategies where the chances are high as the outcomes are not too difficult to predict correctly.

3. Go for sure bets

Sure bets situation is formed when different betting sites show a wide difference in the odds assigned to a bet. You can register with all the betting sites, you know it, right? So, you can log on to one betting site and favor the bet and on the other you lay it. This situation is also called arbitrage betting and wins you profits despite the outcome. You can stake more money on the low odd site to maximize profit-making chances.

4. Take tipster advice

Especially, when you want to confirm the hunch and want an expert to back your research’s findings, you can go to a tipster and buy the football bet tip. These tipsters have proven records with excellent winning rates. The best source for connecting with tipsters is a tipster verification site. This site does all the research on tipsters for you and connects you with the best-performing ones.

The tipster verification site can help you in multiple ways:

  • You get access to the tipsters whose predictions have resulted in win more than 80% times. Thus, your chances to win the bet are mostly high.
  • You can stake money on those matches, too, about which you have little knowledge. Just take a look at the winning percentage and last 5 bets records of the tipster and try your luck. Most times, you may not be disappointed.
  • Some tipsters offer you replacement tip for the tip lost. It is that level of accuracy and confidence they display. Bettors can get these free replacement tips and keep chances of winning the bet alive.
  • Try value betting

Value betting is the style where the bookmakers have given more odds to a bet than it deserves. The situation offers an edge or ‘value’ to the bettors. Since they know that the betting odd is tad inflated, they make money from betting on such outcomes.

In some cases where the bettors much more than expected stake the money, the bookies find it safe to cut the odd. It is better to consult the automated odds makers to understand the discrepancy to avoid losing.

To conclude,

Betting on multiple markets and matches is a good strategy too. It helps reduce the risk and allows you to have a fair combination of wins and losses that ends the account on the plus side if luck is in your favor. provides you information on several matches concurrently and helps you bet with confidence and while enjoying better chances at winning with the expert tipster support.