Why Are Prediction Websites So Important For English Football?

English football is primarily dominated by two very important leagues and championships. Both of these championships are extremely popular all across the globe as are the english football betting tips given out by tipsters for them. Betting on these championships occurs from across the world and thus these championships have a lot of money riding on the teams and the players. Most of the important clubs and well-known players look forward to performing extremely well and gaining worldwide recognition from these championships.

Newbies strive to get into the championships so that they are able to validate their claim of playing superlative soccer. Thus, both of these championships offers punters, tipsters and bookies a good chance to make a lot of money and hence betting on these championships is a passion which avid bettors can rarely avoid. Another important factor which makes people seek out english football betting tips is the need to be able to place accurate stakes and win big.


Main leagues/ championships of UK

The viewership that these championships garner is huge and the money that people bet on games of these championships are equally lucrative. The importance of these championships lie in the fact that:

  • The EPL or the English Premier League is an annual event which starts of in the month of August of the current year and ends in the month of May the next year. The top 4 teams of the League table directly qualify for the group stage of the next season’s UEFA Champion’s League. The chance of getting a direct entry into this top division European League and being able to get the opportunity of becoming the best team of Europe, is another reason why there is so much prestige attached to the EPL.

Also the last 3 teams of the League table get relegated to playing the EFL Championships and have to strive to qualify for the Premier League again in the next season. This policy of promotion and relegation makes this tournament very popular with bettors and bookies alike resulting in a very high demand for english football betting tips from successful and accurate tipsters.

  • The EFL Championships or the English Football League Championships is also an annual event but it is 2nd in position to the EPL. It is contested by 24 clubs of UK with the top 2 teams getting direct promotion to play in the EPL. The teams placed in positions from 3rd to 6th of the Championship tables have to enter into a play-off wherein the winners of the same also get promoted to play in the EPL group stage. The chance to be able to place a bet on the favourite English football club and see them win is reason enough for the popularity of english football betting tips as given out by experienced tipsters.

Some premier league statistics

Statistics prove that the Premier league is one of the most popular football championships taking place across the globe. Betting in this leagues is quite easy if the punter manages to tie up with a good punter since expert prediction for this league are all based on statistics and figures like:

  • An average of 2.8 goals are approximately scored per game making the EPL one of the most prolific championship or league that is held across the globe in football.
  • The league tables have been consistently dominated by Manchester city and Liverpool.
  • Expert tipsters giving out english football betting tips swear by the market success of +2.5goals. Since the odds given out by almost all bookies are approximately 2/1 and this in turn yields big wins for punters betting on the same.
  • Bookies also place high odds for wagers placed on the “Both teams to score” bet. Thus this bet again makes for an interesting opportunity for punters to make money.
  • Another bet which yields good returns for punters is the “exact score” betting market. Placing bets on this wager has been consistently yielding good results against average odds for the past many seasons and thus figures very high in the english football betting tips given out by tipsters.


Some EFL statistics

It is a fact that the EFL is known for its great entertainment value. It is also the most competitive leagues that get played around the world. This makes it the secondary league with the maximum viewership and the wealthiest second division football championship. Some statistics associated with this Championship are:

Prediction Websites

  • There are hardly any goalless matches played with only about 7% of the matches resulting in a goalless draw. Thus it is safe to expect some goals in every match as predicted by the english football betting tips.
  • Matches ending in a 1-1 draw are quite common as is the fact that in maximum matches both the teams manage to score goals.
  • There has been a common trend of scoring over 2.5 goals in every match of the EFL Championships. All these facts and statistics make the goal betting market extremely lucrative for both punters and bookmakers and thus result in a very high demand for english football betting tips especially for goal bets.

The Championship matches have a trend of being very fast paced with nail-biting finish. Thus the last 15minutes of the matches played in the Championships tend to be the most exciting. Betting action too increases in these last few minutes with high odds favoring high stakes.


Current positions of the leagues/championships

Currently both the EPL and the EFL Championships are underway and the table positioning has stabilized to a great extent. Currently, the season which is underway has Leeds United, West Brom, Fulham, Bristol City, Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday occupying the top 6 positions. With the Championships ending in May 2020, english football betting tips given out by avid tipsters of the Championships some changes are expected in the middle order.

For the EPL currently underway, the top 3 positions are occupied by Liverpool, Leicester City and Manchester City respectively. With Liverpool emerging as crowd favourites to win the Premier League 2019/20, the finals of the same seem to be accurately predicted unless last minute upsets spoil the predictable outcome of the English football betting tips.