How to take advantage of sure win bets?

advantage of sure win bets


Soccer is a game wherein there are opportunities to win many different types of bets. While betting is generally considered to be a very risky business, not every bet placed carries the same risk. In fact there are some bets in soccer which have the potential to result in a win every time; however, the amount won might be relatively small.  These bets are known as sure bets and there are many punters who can only be said to be safe players for they make a beeline for the sure win soccer predictions for today that are offered by tipsters.

Sure bets—a definition

Odds for the same bet set by bookmakers differ from one bookie to the other. A sure bet enables a punter to take advantage of these differing odds thereby enabling him to earn a profit irrespective of the outcome of the bet. In fact a sure bet makes for a win-win situation for the punter since even in the instance of a loss, the punter is able to get back the money he has invested.

However, it is quite difficult for the layman punter to identify sure bet opportunities and thus they need to take advantage of the sure win soccer predictions for today as given out by tipsters. Today, however, technological advances have made it possible for the punters to identify the same. In instances wherein the odds offered by the European betting websites are based on those that are offered across Asian markets for similar bets, the chances of being able to spot the sure bet can prove to be difficult for the punter if he does not take the help of tipster websites offering sure win soccer predictions for today.

Punters, who are good in mathematics calculations, are better equipped to spot a sure win window opportunity and take advantage of it. However, with a number of software packages available online and with tipster websites offering free advice and sure win soccer predictions for today to spot the same, it has become easier for the punter to take advantage of the differing odds set by the bookmakers.

Arbitrage system—another name for sure bets

This name by which sure win betting opportunities are also known, finds its origin in the financial markets. It is a technique which makes it possible for the punter to exploit those odds set by the bookies which do not reflect the true value of the same.

In simple terms, on the basis of the sure win soccer predictions for today a punter bets money on all the outcomes that are possible for a betting opportunity. Thus a punter stands to win irrespective of what the outcome is. However, easy this technique may sound, spotting a sure bet does require a fair amount of research and investment of time for the same.

Workings of a sure bet

Betting is a system wherein a bookmaker always occupies the upper hand and is always expected to win. They make money from the losses suffered by the punters and thus the more loses a bet incurs, the better profits bookmakers make. This is done by setting odds which always work in their favour thereby making it virtually impossible for the punter to win.

In a sure bet, however, it is the punter and not the bookmaker who is in control of the situation. By obtaining information about the odds set by the different bookmakers on the basis of the sure win soccer predictions for today the punters are able to set the profit margins in their favour, thus beating the bookmakers at their own game.

Sure bet spotting

Today spotting a sure bet has become quite difficult because of two very important reasons. They are:

  • Betting websites or bookmakers have stopped spreading their odds too much and
  • Many betting companies now owe allegiance to one umbrella company yet operate as a series of different companies and brands.

However, in spite of the difficulties, punters are still able to find opportunities to spot a sure bet using either of the two methods. Both of them are equally effective and help punters earn money by investing in sure bets. These methods include:

  • Finding it the hard way by going through each and every website minutely and comparing the odds that are set against similar bets and
  • Taking help of tipster website and obtaining the sure win soccer predictions for today.

 While the first process is extremely time consuming, cumbersome and holds no guarantee for generating results, the second process is quicker and comes with a greater guarantee of a win.

Risks involved in sure bets

Even though there are several advantages attached to betting in sure bets, there are certain problems which also plague this system of easy and sure wins. They are:

  • Restrictions and limitations placed by betting websites: There are many websites which place restrictions on the amount of money a punter can bet on. These restrictions are generally made known after a punter has placed a certain amount of money on a certain outcome based on the sure win soccer predictions for today as given out by tipster websites. Thus they restrict the punter from placing bets on all possible outcomes thereby increasing the risk for the money that the punter has already staked. Sudden individual limitations are also placed on punters and thus they are unable to invest large amounts on sure bets, thereby doing away with the chance of winning big.
  • Bookmaker error used to void bets: All betting websites and bookmakers reserve the right to cancel a bet using miscalculation of the odds as a reason. This result in the complete withdrawal of the bet thereby making the punter lose out on a lot of money on that website and other websites wherein sure win soccer predictions for today had spotted potential sure bet opportunities.
  • Odds keep changing frequently: This is one of the worst scenarios that can happen wherein after the placement of a bet in a sure win betting opportunity, the punter finds that the odds have changed in the other websites. This does away with the sure bet opportunity thereby making the punter lose the money invested in the process.

Sure bets are fun, if they are spotted accurately and bets placed with lightning speed. There are many punters who prefer betting only on sure win bets based on the sure win soccer predictions for today that they receive and are making money in spite of the problems and restriction. Sure bets are thus definitely worth a try for sure.