Which Are Some Of The Most Accurate Soccer Prediction Websites?

Soccer prediction is a challenging task. This is primarily because soccer prediction is a game of conjecture. While statistics, expert analysis, mathematical calculations etc., help to clear a lot of the confusion associated with the same, there is no tipster who can guarantee a 100% success for the predictions that they make. Hence, even the most accurate soccer prediction site can only give near accurate predictions which act as an aid to selecting the best bet to place a stake on. Thus, with their near accurate soccer betting predictions, genuine and successful tipster websites are able to increase the winning rate of punters while at the same time decrease their losses.


Factors to consider for accurate predictions

Betting, by itself, is a very risky business and hence even with predictions from the best tipster websites, there is no guarantee that the punter would win the bet. However, there are certain factors which, if properly analysed, can lead to the generation of soccer predictions which have a minimum accuracy of about 80%. The factors which impact the outcome of the predictions and also have the potency to elevate a tipster website to become one of the most accurate soccer prediction site are:

  • Form of the teams: Both the physical and the psychological form of the teams participating in the upcoming or scheduled match need to be carefully analysed. In order to do the same, the recent matches that they have played both on home and away soccer grounds need to be taken into consideration. The goals that the teams have individually scored in recent matches also help to make accurate goal related predictions.


  • Injuries: In order to become one of the most accurate soccer prediction site the tipster website expert look at all aspects related to the game. Thus even injuries are taken into account since they have a definite psychological impact on the whole team. The more players get injured from a single team, the lower goes the team morale and lesser are its chances of winning the game.


  • Weather: A sunny weather with a slight breeze is considered to be the ideal weather condition for a game of soccer. Adverse weather conditions like rains, humidity, snowfall etc., have a negative effect on the team. There are some teams who do not adjust to weather changes easily and this also tends to affect their game. Thus even the weather forecast needs to be taken into consideration in order to increase the probability of making accurate predictions and becoming most accurate soccer prediction site.


  • Head to head: The past history of head to head matches, the strategies involved, the goals scored, the mentality of the players, the winning and losing rates, instances of matches ending in a draw etc., all have a bearing on the outcome of a match between two teams. Thus this is a very important factor to consider when predicting the outcome of the different wagers that get placed for an upcoming soccer match.


  • Table positions: This factor attains great importance when league or championship matches are being played. The current league table standing of the teams participating in a match are generally considered to be clear indications of the outcome of the match. But tipsters who are considered to be one of the most accurate soccer prediction site know that soccer matches are famous for their unpredictability too. Thus an upset win is always a possibility, and they will always take this factor into consideration when making predictions for matches wherein teams participating have league table standings which are quite distanced from each other.

While the above factors need to ne collated and analysed in order to understand the accuracy of predictions made by tipster websites, it is the inside information which they possess which becomes the deciding factor in determining whether a tipster website is actually accurate in its predictions.


Some well-known accurate prediction website

There are certain tipster websites which have made a name for themselves in this field and are today considered to be one of the most accurate soccer prediction site. This list includes the following websites:

  • Eagles Predicts is today rated as the best tipster website by virtue of the accuracy of the game outcomes that it predicts for almost all famous leagues taking place like the English Premier League, the Bundesliga, the La Liga etc.,


  • Betopera¬†wherein winning is assured to some extent because of their in-depth analysis and match reviews,Betensured has an average prediction analysis accuracy of about 90% and is today considered to be a key player in soccer predictions which even comes with a management strategy exclusively meant for high risk games thus securing its position in the list of the most accurate soccer prediction site.


  • Oddslot which is known to offer extremely good prediction for upcoming scheduled soccer matches,


  • 365tick.com is famous for its sure 4 odds predictions which have a high accuracy percentage; the betting stories, football tips and game updates that they provide are also in very high demand,


  • Vitibet is an extremely versatile and one of the most accurate soccer prediction site which offers prediction for over 100 soccer leagues taking place around the globe,


  • Victorspredict is a free football prediction website whose free analysis, league table standings and analysis of latest results are in great demand among fans situated around the world,


  • Soccer verified is a Nigerian based prediction website which ensures a good profit for its investors by providing good and accurate predictions for the results of the wagers placed and the outcome of the game etc.

With many more websites striving to achieve a position in the list of the most accurate soccer prediction site across the world, it is the punters which gain in the process. This is because today the above mentioned websites ensure the employment of people who are experts in their fields and have the required experience to ensure a high level of accuracy in their predictions. Thus, they get the maximum number of clients and investors. On the other hand new websites also striving for a position in the list of the most accurate soccer prediction site are also trying to offer accurate predictions to lure important clients their way. Thus, today there is no dearth of good tipster websites making it much easier to get a win than it was before.