What is the best site for in depth soccer statistics?

soccer statistics sites

The best site for in-depth soccer statistics covers minutest details in the analysis. It provides information on all fixtures country-wise. Also, the bettors can benefit from the tips available there.

Soccer statistics form food for thought while making betting decisions. Hence, these should be accurate as well as updated timely. The tipsters who provide tips professionally keep a close eye on all the off-field and on-field events that happen around a football match. Hence, the tipster sites that have extensive coverage and hire experts from all parts of the world can be best-suited for consulting soccer statistics.

What are in-depth soccer statistics worth watching for?

Simply referring to the winners and losers of the match does not account for in-depth statistics. A team can win out of sheer luck but may lag in technique. Hence, consistency in wins and performance when the key players are absent are two major indicators of a team’s strength. Other statistics about a soccer duel worth watching for are:

  1. Number of home wins and away wins: Home wins have are result of crowd’s support too, among many other things. However, if the team wins in away matches also, that shows mental endurance levels, fitness and form levels. Thus, you must consider both home and away wins to ascertain invincibility of any team.
  2. Number of times ball possessed during the match: A goal covers only a few seconds of the game. It is the performance between the goals that speaks of a team’s technical finesse in the game. How many times and for how long the team dribbles and keeps the ball in possession displays strong defense of the team. Such teams will not allow big scores to appear on the board or may end the match in a draw.
  3. Clean sheet matches: It is an indicator of the goal-keeper’s performance. The strong defense and technical soundness of the goal-keeper prevents goal to happen. Thus, the team’s chances of succeeding in keeping the opposing team in control are high. This can help make correct soccer predictions about upcoming match.
  4. Current form and situational factors: Key players’ injury or suspension or any turmoil faced by the team off-the-field form situational factors that may affect the outcome of the match. How the team has emerged in the current season in terms of class and character shown in the field can determine its chances in the upcoming matches. Previous history between the teams and the dependence of match’s results to stay in the tournament also influence the team’s performance in the next meeting.

Best site for in-depth soccer statistics

The best site for in-depth soccer statistics is soccertipsters.net. This tipster site provides statistics on different aspects of soccer matches. You can find blog here that talks about the trends in various events and how to bet on those with confidence, while minimizing risk.

While searching for sites to keep record of soccer statistics, you must consider the following points:

  1. The site should cover all the matches happening in various parts of the world. Thus, visitors can know about all events’ important incidents and make an opinion.
  2. In-depth analysis of the match should be available. How the match unfolded, which players performed at the start, the type of defense or attack, etc. are some of the important points provided in the statistical records.
  3. Accurate insider news accessibility is another factor to look for. Rumors are prevalent around, but the correct outcome can be predicted only based on the confirmed news. The assessment of the mood in the dressing room, relationship with the coach and manager, and interpersonal relationships of the players can set an authentic tip apart from a rumor.

Apart from the match’s and players’ records, the soccer tipster records are also available at authentic in-depth statistics providing sites. The site owners may buy tips themselves first to check the accuracy and consistency. You can find tipsters related records, such as:

  1. Number of tips provided
  2. Hit rate
  3. Avg odds
  4. Number of hits, wins and losses
  5. All-time and three-month profit
  6. All-time and three-month yield

Types of matches covered in soccer statistics

Almost all matches belonging to various tiers of the countries’ soccer have their official sites. Going through each of them can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Thus, the best site curates all tournaments’ details at one place for the subscribers’ convenience. It provides updated information to help soccer followers make betting decisions or just to be aware of the new trends.

You can find at sites like soccertipsters.net the following events’ details:

  1. English Premier League
  2. Europa League
  3. Euro Cup
  4. FIFA World Cup
  5. EFL Cup
  6. Super League
  7. Super Cup
  8. Italie Serie A
  9. Italie Serie D, etc.

In fact, all fixtures happening in various parts of the world are talked about in the best site that offers in-depth soccer statistics.

Types of betting services covered

Why stop only at providing statistics when a lot can be done with those numbers? Perhaps, it is the idea behind providing tips on the football matches. The soccer statistics provider like soccertipsters.net offers regular tips to the punters for the following betting services:

  1. Correct Score
  2. Mix Parlay/Combo bet
  3. Asian Handicap
  4. 1×2 Fixed Odds
  5. Over/Under Goals
  6. Half-time/Full-time
  7. Fixed Draw

All these bets are not so easy to play. These bets need in-depth research, a lot of luck on your side and the unmatched expertise and experience in soccer. Tipsters are tested on the grounds of accuracy and consistency before putting their tips up for the sale. Thus, the bettors can have a chance to win the bet and make money while enjoying the developments of any soccer match.


Statistics help understand a lot many things about soccer match. It needs a critical eye and love for details to provide in-depth statistics. The experts are hired at soccer statistics sites, which employ statistics, hunch and experience to provide best-quality tips to the punters.