Sports Betting Hack: 32 Ways to Improve

Sports Betting Hack: 32 Ways to Improve
Perfection is a fanciful idea; there is always a scope for improvement. Sports betting is also a place where improvement is possible. The bettors may have their home-grown strategies or they can follow some proven, simple hacks to find the ways to improve. Either way, the motive is to learn ways to bet profitably and reduce losses. Let’s take a look at 32 proven hacks that can make sports betting process a profitable one.

1. Pick one or two sports and excel in those

Sports world offers unlimited choices. And with such multiplicity, comes the confusion. If you choose to bet on sports, make it a point to focus on just one or two. Knowing all the twists and turns in matches help spot weaker odd, or predict an upset.
 2. Don’t fix your gaze on favorite only

Choosing a favorite simply means bookmakers don’t want to pay more when the team wins. You may find an underdog fighting tooth and nail to overpower favorite and create an upset. Hence, be flexible in your approach.

 3. Learn value betting

Value betting expertise emerges naturally from good knowledge of teams and sports’ trends. If you find that the bookmaker has given an extra edge of 3-4 points in deciding odds, you may pick it as value bet.

4. Be wise in budget management

Betting works when you are master at self-control among many other things. Spot the opportunity, weigh it and stake on the bet only when all pointers are inclined to your favor.

5. Plan long term strategy

It is better to devise strategies keeping long terms perspective in mind. It means that you may accept the loss graciously and don’t keep on betting the same day.

 6. Learn hedging

Hedging works in amazing ways for bettors, if they have learnt it completely. It works great when the difference in odds is really high and the bettors also have chosen to bet a large amount on both outcomes.

 7. Keep eye on multiple sports bookmakers

If you go for 4-5 bookmakers at a time, you get access to multiple options in odds. Also, you get to understand whose algorithm is closer to your liking. Further, you can find opportunities for value bets and hedging easily.

 8. Take failures in positive stride

Winning and losing are part and parcel of the sports betting. Scoring a win should not overexcite you nor should registering a failure make you desperate.

 9. Benefit from live betting

Live betting is where the events are happening real-time, so you can get the actual feel of the bet’s outcome. Second, there is no concrete house advantage at display. Also, these have low odds. All this make it easy to score multiple profits of small size.

 10. Give in to thrill but within limits

There are certain moments where odds are too lucrative, and that may thrill some bettors. As far as fun is on mind, it is okay, but making it a regular practice is not.

 11. Be your own Expert

Your research cannot replace anything. An Expert on anybody’s board is also a human at the end of the day. So, don’t trust blindly and do your own research.

 12. Don’t stick to your chosen side

First of all, don’t attach yourself with any team in any way. Be real friend only to your cash register. Some people make it a point of prestige and keep on boosting their chosen side. It translates into losses and ultimately loss in interest.

 13. Go with better odd

Just like sticking to a team is not advisable, choosing just one site’s odds is sheer waste of opportunity. Have screenshots of odds from different betting sites and then pick the one that is most close to giving a bigger profit.

 14. Take time understanding payout condition

Among many things to study, payout condition is an important one. You must try to find the conditions of sites for payout. It helps in avoiding undue locking of winning amount.

 15. Keep freebies’ knowledge updated

Betting sites offer lot many freebies and other types of promotions. So, have all alerts in place so that you can have your bank account active always.

16. Understand your liability in bonus bets

When offering a bonus bet, the bookmakers don’t return the stake amount. It may not be mentioned explicitly. So, read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Also, look for longer odds to make good from bonus bets.

17. Keep record of wins and losses

Maintain record of winning and losing bets. It helps find the best strategy to work upon, and keep those ‘lucky’ bets in consideration always.

 18. Bet sober

Bet only when you are in right frame of mind. Apart from avoiding going high on drinking, don’t bet when you are high on wins or losses too.

 19. Learn Lingo

Be thorough with betting terms to find what you are bargaining for. Betting has some standard terms; learn them to make correct decisions.

 20. Don’t make betting your life

You need to reinvent yourself always to be good at betting. So, keep shifting to other recreational activities also to give brain a break.

 21. Avoid desperation of covering loss

Investing double amount as lost does not affect or alter the match’s facts. So, bet only what the odd deserves and not for trying to recover the loss.

 22. Make small-sized parlays

A combination parlay bet works better and secures money better when you keep the bet number to 2-3 only. Having lot many meetings increases chances of losing too.

 23. Don’t depend too much on last result

Sometimes, a team may have scored a win purely out of a lucky turn. If a win is being decided by a golden goal, then analyze next bet while considering both teams as equals in talent and capacity.

 24. Don’t overindulge in sports watching

Having lot of information stresses out the mind. It may create lot of confusion. So, limit watching time and indulge more in learning betting strategies.

 25. Give less popular sports a try too

Only a few sports are crowd-pullers. Hence, the other less popular games have less competition in betting. Thus, there can lie your chance of winning bets.

 26. Analyze location’s facts

Find about teams’ records at chosen location. Weather, crowd and travel time affect the match’s outcome.

 27. How about knowing your luck

Though weird, but getting reading done of your stars also helps you find lucrative opportunity. After all, luck is the most important factor in betting, isn’t it?

 28. Don’t forget to enjoy

Happy mind makes better decisions. So, take things as fun and not as a matter of prestige.

 29. Cash loyalty offers

You must not miss picking promotion offers; it helps to have money always to bet.

 30. Choose correct tipsters

A proven tipster with high winning rate can make your betting record better. So, visit the tipster profiles too to get the required help.

 31. Choose sites after studying track records

Many sites make tall claims and don’t offer good services as promised. So, enquire about the reputation instead of falling for lucrative offers that are too unrealistic.

 32. Don’t bet for a while

Yes, lastly, when nothing works, it is better to take a break from betting. It may help you understand and give you a better perspective. May be betting is not your forte, and so, you can spend your energy doing things you are meant for.


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