How to recognize a top soccer prediction site?

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Recognize a top soccer prediction site

Could you find sure wins soccer matches and win bets on these matches? When you see a weak team playing with a strong team, you at once vote for the strong team without giving a second thought to your opinion. But when it comes to betting, there is no strong or weak team. There is a bookmaker and a bettor.

When you bet on a football match, you actually play with a bookie. Your objective is to beat the bookie in the game of sports betting. And you can do this magic only with the help of an experienced tipster. Without tipper, you will risk your bet and the money you punter on the bet. It is better to share profit with a top soccer prediction site instead of losing the entire amount to your bookie.

Who should be your tipster?

Just like you look for a bookie or betting site, you need locating a tipper. Time spent on locating a tipster would give you rich dividend in terms of betting profit. Finding a tipster is nothing less than an expedition as you have to clear many obstacles. There are many tippers and every tipster claims to be the best. You will be bombarded with offers and claims but you need to be careful in your selection of a tipper.

Let’s see how tippers target bettors

1# Guarantee of success

Every bettor needs guarantee of success. You will want to see you winning bets and the only way to become a winner in soccer betting is to take help of a tipper. But you need a reason to rely on a tipster. A guarantee is a reason to rely on a tipster. When you have a guarantee, you will want to buy tips from the tipper. But you need to be careful as the guarantee could be fake.

2# High winning rate

A tipster is known by his strike rate that is the percentage of winning bets. A tipper with a high rate of winning seems more reliable and for this reason tipsters forge their strike rates. They increase their numbers to look reliable. If you don’t know that a reliable strike rate is between 50% to 80% then you will certainly rely on the words of a fraud.

3# Discount

Some tipsters encourage bettors to buy tips in advance and they offer lucrative discount on advance booking of tips. They give advertisements regarding discounted tips prior to start of tournaments. But a top soccer prediction site would never do such thing. It would offer reliable tips at a very affordable price. It would provide all the info necessary for making an opinion. Also, it would offer real guarantee of success in the bets.


There is nothing like sure wins soccer matches as it is sports betting where bettors play with bookies that are smarter than the punters. If you want to win bets then you have to find a reliable tipster that can break tips for you and make you a winner.