How many games in Spanish La Liga

La Liga  is one of the utmost professional football division of the Spanish soccer league system and has seen a great fan following through Spanish La Liga predictions. Since its inception total of 62 teams have competed against each other. Nine of them have been declared as champions among which FC Barcelona has won 26 times and Real Madrid has won 33 times. Spanish La Liga is basically contested by 20 teams with lowest placed three teams of every end of season relegating to the Segunda Division. They are replaced by a play-off winner and two top champion teams in that particular division.

La Liga is a top league and has always been in Europe according to the UEFA’s league records. The Spanish La Liga follows a 20 team league format, and plays 38 matches in a season. UEFA’s league coefficient claims that the La Liga is the top league in Europe, and has been for over the last five years. It has led the European games and teams for the maximum number of years as well- as compared to any other country.

It has not only entertained the viewers, but also produced the top rated club in the continent more times than any other league, far outnumbering the second placed Serie A, almost by double. The La Liga clubs have won most of the famed titles like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA World Cup and UEFA Super Cup. Moreover, its players have achieved the highest number of Ballon d’Or awards along with the best FIFA Men’s Player as well as FIFA World Player of the Year, UEFA Club Footballer of the Year and UEFA Men’s Player of the Year.

Obviously, La Liga is one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the world and attracts lots of fans during Spanish La Liga predictions. It generally boasts of an average attendance of 26,933 for all league matches in the previous season. It is the third highest of any professional association football league in the world, right behind the Bundesliga and the Premier League. It’s also the six highest of any domestic pro sports leagues in the world.

As mentioned above, the Spanish La Liga follows the twenty team league format. In the first season, each team has to face nineteen other teams at least twice. The matches are then held in a home and away format. In other words, a team will face each opposition twice in a season where one match is held in their own stadium, known as Home Fixture, and the other one is held in the opponent’s stadium, known as the Away fixture. This means that each team in La Liga plays 38 matches per season. Finally, the team with maximum points emerges as the Spanish Champion. On the other hand, the bottom three teams with least points is relegated to Spanish Football Division 2, known as Seguanda Division.


Games played in La Liga

The matches of the La Liga are played on two separate occasions at two different venues. A fixture team alpha vs team beta is played twice; once at home away venue and once at home venue. Hence, a team is supposed to play 38 matches per season (19×2). This depends on many factors and differs from league to league. Like for instance Bundesliga or German League plays few matches like 17×2 with just 18 teams in the league which is lesser than that of La Liga  with respect to Spanish La Liga predictions.

La Liga and English premier league both have 20 teams and must play 2 matches each all the while maintaining the points table. Thus, making it very much similar to each other and profitable keeping Spanish La Liga predictions in mind.

So, every team playing 38 matches where 3 points for winning, 1 point for draw match to both teams and 0 points in case of a loss. The goals scored by the team are recorded as GF and goals conceded are recorded in the form of GA. The goal difference is calculated by GF – GA. The team with more points takes away the crown. While looking out for Spanish La Liga predictions keeping these points in mind can fetch extra credits.

Spanish La Liga


LA Liga:

The La Liga has a very straight forward way of declaring the winner which works for most of the Spanish La Liga predictions. It’s rule states that the team with the highest number of points wins once the league matches come to an end for the season. If one team has better goals than it is calculated in the below manner

Goals Scored – Goals against

But if there is a tie between two teams then the head to head count of the two team is calculated. This makes it easy for Spanish La Liga predictions to be made.


Important points for Spanish La Liga predictions

  • They have at least 20 clubs fighting for the trophy. One team has two matches against all 19 clubs.
  • One game will be at away ground whereas, other one will be at the home ground.
  • The losing team will obviously get a zero point whereas the winning team scores three points.
  • In case of a draw each team gets one point.
  • At the end of the matches the team scoring most points will be the winner of the league. This makes it easy for Spanish La Liga predictions.
  • It may happen that the two clubs acquire same number of points too. If that is the case, then the goal difference is taken into account which is Goal scored – goal conceded. Hence, team with the best goal difference is declared the winner.

This league grabs a lot of attention with Spanish La Liga predictions as it entertains large fan following. The teams fight fair and square to make it to the top after defeating strong and weak contenders. That is what makes it an important league for Spanish La Liga predictions.