Italy Serie B predictions

The Lega Nazionale Professionisti B is referred to as the Italy Serie B League with italy serie b fixtures. It is the body that is in charge of the 2nd tier professional soccer competitions throughout Italy. It’s relatively new as it emerged following a split off that occurred between the Serie B and Serie A clubs in 2010 which caused the lega Calcio to be dissolved. 2 new leagues were created which were, the Lega Serie A and Lega Serie B. From April 2011, the Lega Serie B has been a member of the European Professional Football League. italy serie b fixtures are an important part of the team’s programme.

22 clubs in Serie B for italy serie b betting tips

During the season that takes place between August and May each club will play the other club twice in italy serie b fixtures where italy serie b betting tips are wagered regularly. One of these matches will take place at a home stadium and the other at the opponent’s stadium. The total number of games is 42. The teams earn 3 points for 1 win and 1 point when they draw. There are no points awarded when a match is lost. italy serie b fixtures and italy serie b prediction allow better italy serie b betting tips. Teams are ordered by the total points earned. The club which earns the most points is the champion and this happens at the finish of each season.

If two teams score equally they are ranked by the points they have scored in any head-to-head games, followed by goal difference in the games, then by the differences in goals in all of the games and finally by the total number of goals that have been scored. If the teams remain equal, the teams are said to have the same position. This makes italy serie b fixtures and italy serie b prediction interesting.

Promotion to Italy Serie A is a possibility for the best Serie B teams

However, if after applying the criteria for a tiebreak a tie is still apparent when it comes to the championship, for determining relegation, or to qualify for the play–offs, lots will be drawn in order to decide the final positions. italy serie b betting tips can be used to wager on these outcomes.

Promotion to the Italy Serie A take place for the 2 teams that have got the highest places. Also the winner of the play-offs involving the 3rd to 6th placed clubs may be promoted too. The bottom 3 teams in Serie A are in the end relegated. Those clubs who find themselves on the table in the 3 bottom positions will find their teams will end up in the Lega Pro Prima Divisione which is in fact relegation. The teams which lose the play-offs that have taken place with those teams that were placed 18th and 19th also end up being relegated. The Divisione Lega Pro Prima is the recipient of these poorer performing teams.

There are young teams in Lega Serie B

Lega Serie A organises youth teams for Lega Serie B. These young teams of Lega Serie B clubs play in the Campionato Nazionale Primavera and the Coppa Italia Primavera, which are organized by the Lega Serie A.These are italy serie b fixtures for youth teams and italy serie b prediction.