Half Time/ Full Time Predictions

In Britain, the football pools are well known as a betting pool. Every week before the Saturday matches bettors can fill in a football coupon where they guess on the outcomes of soccer matches. The bets are placed on the top teams of association football. Almost anyone would have the money to take part in this type of betting as it costs very little. Despite the low amounts betted if you guess correctly you could win an awful lot of money. Don’t expect to be able to bet on half/full time predictions after half time/ full time bet tips have been sold to you as pools betting only wants the total outcome of a series of matches played at weekends.

half time/ full time predictions and half time/ full time bet tips are not possible on the pools

One of the commonest games to enter is called the "Classic Pools" game. This is when players select either ten eleven or even twelve soccer games from the particular weekend's list of fixtures. This is quite a tricky game as the bettor has to predict which teams will draw and the score must include Z goals in order to win. The top prize is a share in £3 million. You can’t bet on half time/ full time predictions so that means there are no half time/ full time bet tips.

Several famous pool companies dominate the betting environment

Vernons, Littlewoods and Zetters used to be the best known pools companies. Littlewoods was the first business to do so. It started selling the score sheets at Manchester United’s grounds in Manchester, called Old Trafford. This was way back in 1923 when half time/ full time predictions and half time/ full time bet tips were never heard of.

These days Sportech is the owner of what used to be called ‘The New Football Pools’, but is now called just ‘The Football Pools’. Their betting system is based on offering small stakes, big prize games like Jackpot 12 and Premier 10. Overall companies which deal in football pools make plenty of money so they are well known on the charity circuit. They recently donated £1.1 billion to causes that had something to do with sports. They don’t need to worry too much about earning money from half time/ full time predictions and half time/ full time bet tips

The internet is the place to find half time/ full time predictions

Today many soccer pools games are available to be played while on the internet. This includes classic pools games that usually include a massive number of fixtures which take place over weekends. The new pools game like Premier 10, Jackpot 12 and Soccer 6 require the bettor to forecast correctly draw, home win as well as away win for 6, 10 and 12 soccer matches which are usually in the Premier League. There is no chance of making half time/ full time predictions or make bets from half time/ full time bet tips